There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Two years ago I entered this essay in a "Dolly Tea Party" contest. I didn't win anything because I broke the rules and didn't keep it to the required word 20 or 30. The dollie had also relocated by that time. But, the essay was written with so much love for my granddaughter and I enclosed it in the dollie bed when I sent Sandy to California. Today, I am missing Sandy and my granddaughter.

Sandy was lonely. She spent most of her days in Sandpoint, Idaho in her dolly bed. She IS old (she turned 56 this year) and she earned the rest. But she missed little girl hugs and the sweet kisses only a 4 year old could give to a special dolly. So, she moved to California.

When Sandy was a new dolly, she had soft, brown hair and eyelashes and pretty pink cheeks. Her eyes opened and closed if her head was moved and she could drink water from a bottle. Her diapers were changed and she had her own flannel pajamas with feet in them so she wouldn’t get cold. She was a beautiful baby doll.

Sandy’s first mommy was Rosemary. Rosemary loved Sandy more than any other baby doll or toy she had. She played with her every day, took her on car rides and walked her in a dolly stroller. Sandy knew she was the most loved dolly ever.

But, time passed, Rosemary grew older and baby dolls were left behind for bride dolls, paper dolls with dozens of paper clothes, and bicycles. Sandy was happy to stay in her dolly bed and watch Rosemary turn into a 10 year old girl, a 16 year old young lady and then a woman and the mother of real babies.

Sandy stayed faithful. She was never far from Rosemary and every once in a while Rosemary would take her out of her dolly bed and tell Sandy how much she was loved.

Over the years Sandy lost her soft brown hair and a few of her eyelashes. Only one eye closed and she had to have her rubber body replaced at a dolly hospital. But she was still beautiful.

Sandy went to live with Rosemary’s granddaughter Sachiko this year. She was a special birthday gift. Sachiko didn’t care that she wasn’t new or perfect. Somehow she knew Sandy was special and gave her a little girl hug and the sweet kisses that only a 3 year old can give.

Sandy sends her regrets; she won’t be able to attend the tea party this year.

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