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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's a cat thing

Yesterday was the .....Let's take two content, napping cats to the vet and bring home two pets from

It was time for Drake to have her sutures taken out and have labs drawn again and Sophie was going in for...well...cosmetic work.

Drake was first up and eventually the vet tech had to call in the vet because she couldn't find the sutures in Drake's now growing back fuzzy furry neck. Then, she had blood drawn from her back leg.....not nice and she let everyone know. Drakie voluntarily climbed back into her crate after the labs were drawn.

The cosmetic work thing....remember when I wrote about Sophie being a bit sassy when it's time to have her nails trimmed? I didn't write about that? Well, she gets sassy, growls, scratches and has been known to bite the hand that clips. So, we have been taking her into the groomer to get those claws clipped and her butt buzzed (she has long hair and needs some butt help).
The last time we took Drake in for lab work, the vet clinic resident kitty....called CC for Crooked Cat after she healed from being injured and left for dead in basically a Z.....came out to greet us and she had green front claws! The vet tech told us she had on Soft Claws; the equivalent of acrylics on women and they lasted for several months. That was a light bulb moment. My husband and I saw a way out of the claw clip experience that injures the two of us! So, Sophie went in for Soft Paws applications. We chose the Christmas ones that CC was with green tips....I know, OH HOW CUTE!

The vet started out by holding Sophie and trying to clip her nails. That was not gonna happen. She smacked the vet. OK, next attempt was with the tech holding her snugly and the vet trying to clip the nails. That was not gonna happen either. She growled and screached and then smacked the vet. OK, third strategy, tech holds Sophie by the scruff of her neck and front paws and the vet tries to clip the nails. Not gonna happen. Sophie tried to smack AND bite the vet. Fourth strategy, sedate the cat and don't worry she will come out of it in a few hours. I guess my husband and I must have been so embarassed by our daughter's behavior (please, we are old and live far away from our human kids) that we just said "OK" because Sophie got sedated but good!

The vet easily clipped Sophie's nails and applied the Oh So Cute Soft Paws while the cat drooled and lolled on the exam table. The Soft Paws were $.60 each and the sedative? $27.00.

I held her in my lap on the way home because I was afraid she would smother if I left her in the crate....she could barely lift her head. Another light bulb moment....while she was sedated we would clip her back nails as soon as we got home. Nothing works better to bring a cat out of a drug trip than taking the cat clippers out of the kitchen drawer and doing the unthinkable to her nails......she woke up and fast. We got three nails on each back paw clipped.

Sophie stumbled around for about an hour and then spent the entire night cleaning her paws and trying to pull those cute, colorful, expensive fake nails off. She was unsuccessful. She does sound like a tap dancer however when she walks across the kitchen floor on the way to her food bowl....a sound that makes her stop and look back to see who is following her.
Never again.

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gina said...

And you will be even more frustrated when you find, in about four or five days, that her Soft Paws are most all gone. We had them put on Ali before we finally had her back claws removed too to keep her from scratching herself bloody over and over. We'd have them put on (the first time with sedation, subsequent times with me just holding her tightly as she tried to squirm away), only to find them all over the house. She got really good at chewing them off. She HATED them. It was a waste of time and money. The only solution was declawing, and since she's an indoor only cat, it was the right solution. Now, she scratches as much as she wants, but can't hurt herself anymore.

I didn't know they came in colors. Poor Sophie.