There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Random Sunday thoughts #6

Another Sunday.....minus 4 this morning so we are on an roll with the balmy weather surge!!

Steve went to Physical Therapy Friday and had stopped at his favorite gas station on the way home to get some sodas and his twice weekly power ball losing ticket. I heard him come into the garage (someday I will describe our house and all of its quirks) but not into the house. The girls and I went down to see what was up.....there he was searching the car like a frantic weirdo....he couldn't find the stupid ticket. He finally gave up but was upset. He came upstairs, got the phone book and proceeded to look up Arnie's Conoco. He was looking under Gas. He then looked in the white pages and was visibly getting more upset.....after all this had to be the winning ticket right? No Arnie's. I took the phone book away from him, looked in the yellow pages under service stations and reminded him that good ole Arnie had just bought the station maybe 6 months ago.....I looked for the address of the station not the name. There it was....a Payless Mini Mart. Steve called, yes, he had left the ticket on the counter and again, yes they would hold it for him and said Good Luck.....another loser...I checked the numbers myself. I could wall paper with the losing rooms full of wallpapered lotto tickets.

Penelope has gone back across the street three times this week because her old owners, that were going to shoot her rather than expend the energy to find a home for her, were back moving stuff out of the garage to take to their new home in Montana. She came back here...HOME....after an hour or so each time, but I don't know if I should punish her for not listening to me when I called her back or just let it go. The previous owners are seldom there but I don't want her to think it is OK to go across the road any time she gets an urge to tenants are renting and they have a dog that roams like Penelope did before she became civilized and a house dog and pees everywhere on our snow as he is out 24/7 regardless of the temps. Penny naturally follows his yellow snow road and visits I guess and add the old owners and maybe I am doomed with trying to train her to stay on our property.

I am going to look up bifidus regularis ......did I spell that right? Sounds like a crock of acid reflux and bloating to me but then.....

Steve is using the new CPAP contraption. No snoring...wonderful. I also made him go cold turkey with turning the TV off and so far no issues. The machine is quiet. He is a bit restless but I guess I would be too if I had a gas mask strapped to my head. He changes the mask every other night.....seems like he is shopping and trying them on for night the nose one the next night the nose and mouth one. The trick will be to see if he takes the machine when he travels which can be as long as a week sometimes. It isn't bulky but he already has his two max carry-ons...of course he could leave the 50 or so pharmacy journals home that he carts in his brief case every trip. He marks the ones he had read with his initials and there are few of those when he returns....that's because he SLEEPS on the plane!!!

No jury duty yet...but it is a pain calling three and four times a week....I have to call again tomorrow and then Wednesday again and then Friday as usual.

Tomorrow is the MLK holiday. There was a two page article in the paper today about how folks around here feel about the holiday....I have to say not many feel it is necessary, important or even should be a holiday....of course none of them are black....but I would like to think that even if someone doesn't see it as an important holiday it is a day to reflect for a minute at least on his message..... to make their own dream for the future....theirs, their children or grandchildren, or anyone for that fact. Idaho for so many years, in particular our little town, was associated with the White Aryan Movement. A sad time in history for this place. We have finally gotten past that and this town of all the places in the US should be a model for freedom and no racial is time.

I bought a new vacuum. My 300 buck plus, 3 year warranted, 3 year and 2 month old Oreck will not turn off.....the switch is pffuttt...will cost as much as I paid for the stupid vacuum to fix. So I got a Sears canister. I know vacuums....I have owned every brand.....really. While a canister is multi functional there is the dragging around factor. Uprights if they are light enough and easy to switch from upright to the use of the hose thingys are the best...but all of the new ones weigh too much. So, the Oreck will go into the vacuum collection hall of fame as the most light weight but didn't have an edge cleaner or a hose attachment and didn't make it but 2 months past the warranty. I think I will have to get a new upright too....will start my research tomorrow.

I bought another handbag....bad rosemary. I did tell Steve and he immediately said he has to get a new tool. It is a D&B, in camel....Annalisa leather...the Large Loc Sac. It is on back order so I will have to wait for a bit before it arrives. I also bought 5 more books....bad rosemary...but they will look really good on the coffee table. Didn't tell Steve about those yet. In in Sandpoint....there is a small group of "social" women that are concerned with looks, facials and botox....but very few. I think because of the weather dress is not foremost on anyone's mind....I have gotten some really cool clothes at Goodwill and a few other second hand stores...and I buy at Wallie World as well as online at other words I don't give a crap what I look like as long as I am clean, no stains on the clothes, match for the most part and blend in. So, I splurge on is a failing on my part....I'm over it..... and I am getting my first Social Security check this month....I am celebrating my retirement!!

I am going to start blogging about my mother soon.....she has been on my mind a lot. It will be a long telling so I will start the blog and post it then update as I can get through the story and re-date it so it comes up first in case anyone is interested.

So long for on, blog on , blog on!


kenju said...

I am surprised to hear that your Oreck didn't make it but 2 mos. past the guarantee. Mine has been going strong for at least 8 years, and I only had to replace the cord (and that was my fault). I love mine (even without an edge cleaner).

Looking forwward to the mother posts.

JessnBekahsmom said...

LOVING THE BLOG entries, Rosemary! Keep it up! I feel as though I am getting to know The Family. What a heritage!

As far as the upright goes, get a Royal. I went through four vacuums before I got it. That was two years ago. There is nothing to go wrong on it. All metal parts. It is the same vacuum my mom bought like 20+ years ago and hers is still going strong. It actually outlasted the person using it! I had purchased uprights, canisters, ones with attachments. The ones that were supposed to be REALLY GOOD. Yeah, right. Check out the Royal. It has the edge cleaner and it came with a small handheld canister vac that works great for small jobs, too. You won't be disappointed!