There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fuzz is the black and white cat, Drake is the little black ball curled up next to him.

Our Drakie is sick. Her kidneys are failing. This is the kitty that at age 15 had a thyroidectomy. Her overactive thyroid was causing her little heart to race at 300 beats/minute, lose at least a pound and at 6 pounds she couldn't afford one unth of an ounce. So, she had it removed. She didn't want the surgery, but she didn't like the nasty meds she had to use either....not an oral medication but smelly cream rubbed on her ear that was of a questionable dosage at best.

Drake was a feral cat and it took us 10 years to get her to trust us, let us hold her and love her to pieces...which we do every chance we get. She has always been an inside kitty and healthy.

She is tiny cat; eight pounds at her max. She was my son's cat....his requested college graduation gift. She moved back home with him when his work grant wasn't renewed. We moved to Idaho and my son married around the same time. The natural home for Drake was with us and we were happy about that....she was a sister to Babie, Fuzz and Mimi even if all of the girls fought and hissed and swatted at each other.

The last few weeks she has gotten a bit more tired, napping a lot, and it is obvious she has not been grooming or eating well. Once her thyroid was removed the blood flow that had been raging through her kidneys was slowed down to almost normal and the kidney failure became obvious. She isn't critical....yet. She got some SubQ fluids Wednesday at the vet's office and I now have her on Science Diet K/D and I hope we can keep her lab values at high normal for a while. The vet said she will have a crisis at some point and then we will have to make decisions.......try giving her SubQ fluids at home, hospitalize her, dialysis....or just keep her comfortable for as long as we can. Add to all of this...her thyroid levels are way below normal. The vet thought that she had left enough tissue to generate some activity....but no. So, we will now have to give her thyroid meds...but the upside of that is it will help her kidney function. Quite the conundrum!

I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS. Drake is our Charlie-kitty. I have to admit I love her the most of all of our kitties....she is an old girl...16 in April....and she loves me. She snuggles with me on the couch at night when I am reading and watching TV, will sleep under the covers with me when Steve is gone (if Sophie doesn't beat her to the bed) and while she won't give me kisses, she will lay her little head on my shoulder when I hold her and let me kiss her. Fuzz is being the best nurse. She naps in the bend of his tummy and he will put a paw on her head. He bathes her face, ears and neck and is so patient with her when she is in a bad mood.

Our pets have become our children....a fact of empty human old age. It feels like I am losing a child and dammit it hurts....horribly.


kenju said...

Oh, Rosemary, I am so sorry. I know just how you feel. I have lost several dogs and at least 5 cats over the years and it hurts just like losing a family member because that is what they are. I hope Blakie can be comfortable to the end.

jan said...

Many of us know exactly how you feel, it is so painful to lose a pet. I can still get a lump in my throat when I remember the dogs and cats who were so special to me in my life. But those memories of them are so special. They do make our lives richer.

That may even extend to chickens. You may be right, I might becoming attached to a crazy chicken.

Jan from Poodles and dogs

Middle Child said...

Oh dear. Our old 19yr old Cat Archimedes is about at the same stage as yours. She is so thin and all she wants to do is splay out in the summer sun and thats pretty hot down under at present.

Her once shiny coat is not looking so good and sometimes she looks at me with the kindest eyes... as if she just we all must.

She's not suffering that I can see and I don't plan on intervention in her case unless it is to save her pain...she is too old.

She was a dumped cat who came and stayed...I am fond of this cat and know how it feels to realise she is at the last stage of her life... but she accepts, its we humans that have the trouble...
I have always had a cat come to me around the time an older one dies before or just after...its like they find us...

I feel for you...

celerman said...

The pain reminds us we are still alive and capable of feeling. Yes, it hurts but the alternative, not feeling, is unthinkable.

In reply to your comment, I have not lost the desire and lots of new things will be appearing today.

Give the cat a love for me (I'm allergic to them)

JessnBekahsmom said...

I have had several cats that I loved like that. Family. Scooter was one of them. He was the perfect cat. We are going to the pound tomorrow to pick up Junior (we already named him). He is black and looks and acts just like Scooter. He is 4 mo. old. I really hope this one works out! I really miss Scooter!

Carmi said...

I am so sorry to hear about this, Rosemary. Your writing about Drake reminds me of our furball, Shadow, who we had to put down almost two years ago after he became diabetic.

He was like our fourth child, and he was the only cat our kids had ever known. I still miss him, and I still wish I had more power to stop the illness that ultimately took him from us.

Please know that you - and Drake - are in my prayers. I've been there. It hurts. And it's OK to hurt. It means we care.