There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Grateful Dead.....

Jan of left a comment yesterday mentioning a garden. No, I am not a gardener. Never had one in California and never really wanted to play in the dirt in Idaho. But, my wonderful husband not wanting to miss an Idaho opportunity did want a garden....not for him to play in the dirt but to give him another reason to ride the slut, dig up the yard, put cement posts in, wire and fence rails and plan and put in raised beds.

We started this masterpiece of a garden in 1999. The area was selected, posts and wire put up and the beds readied. I bought the book Gardening for Dummies and the bible of Idaho gardeners the Sunset Western Garden Book. The books bored me to pieces, so I asked my friends and neighbors just enough questions to not sound overly stupid and then went to the nursery to buy plants and seeds.

We started out small that year and were only going to grow radishes, tomatoes, onions and zucchini. I also bought some petunias and geraniums to put in a special place on the east side for color around our drab looking house. I have to admit I had fun putting in the plants and seeds and I was also really proud when the radishes started to sprout.

My friend came over to look at everything and said I had done OK. She looked at the petunias and geraniums and gave me a primer in pulling off dead heads. I had all of the garden stuff down.

The growing season in Idaho is really, really short...maybe 3 good months if we have a long summer. The radishes did well and I managed to thin them without losing too many. The onions never got past the green salad size but Steve loved them and said they tasted great. The tomatoes did OK too....I hate tomato worms however and cringed when I had to remove them. Brought back memories of my dad's garden....he would collect the tomato worms in a coffee can on a day when he was going to Bar-B-Q and would throw them into the fire! ICKKYYICK.

The zucchini were another story all together. The plants were HUGE. We had four of them and I thought they were aliens in disguise and were going to take over North Idaho. I just couldn't figure out why they weren't making cute little squash. I love fried zucchini with ranch dressing and my mouth would water just thinking about bringing in a huge squash to cut up and deep fry. My friend dropped by again and I told her my squash issue.....she asked what I was know, fertilizer, watering and general care and I told her. The last fact I described probably still has her laughing. I described perfectly how I had removed the dead was I supposed to know that those little shriveled up yellow flowers went on to become those delicious squash!!! I had seen tomato flowers turn into the little caps for the fruit and had seen strawberries flower and turn into beautiful pieces of art...but not squash.

My gardening has been limited to radishes and tomatoes since that first adventure. Good thing we don't have to survive on that garden....we'd be long gone by now. Here is a pic of the garden area. I am really going to give it a good try this year..... but those books are still really boring.


Linda said...

One year, I bought a house and put in a garden. Rented a tiller to get the ground going. Planted EVERYTHING...from green beans, pumpkins, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, radishes. No onions, I'm allergic. Everything grew...and grew, and grew...okay, whose bright idea was it to plant 6 Big Boy tomato plants and 6 cherry tomato plants. And 2 rows of zucchini (I don't even LIKE it unless it's in bread form). I had tomatoes and zucchini up the wazoo...even the folks at my office (and there were over 100 employees) were tired of the bags and bags of loot I brought in every day. That was the only year I gardened, though. My ex-hubby has the garden in the back yard anymore (so far as I saw 2 springs ago)

Sling said...

Lord loves a gardener don't he rosie..
I've had many gardens over the years.Like linda,I always ended up goin',"NOW what the heck am I s'posed to do with all this stuff?" can only eat so many salads.
We did raise 2 calves that dressed out to be quite a bonanza of beef while living in Colrado...That was a better payoff I think.

jan said...

I don't think you will have a problem finding a someone to help you eat your garden produce. You will be the supermarket for the flourishing wildlife around.

Lorraine said...

As you know, I love the idea of gardening more than the reality, most of the time. Which is why I rely on things like lavendar and Rosemary, that don't need a lick of attention. There's something really satisfying about the process for sure, I just can't invest too much in seed because come the end of June I'm pretty much "over it".

Gardening books are boring, mostly.

But your squash story...that's priceless.

Middle Child said...

I love fried roast chokoes, love roast sweet potatoes, love roast pumpkin...hungrrrryyyy