There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Monday, March 26, 2007

It's Monday and I am, not bored...I am boring. No cartoons today, no outside pics, nothing.

Steve hit the road about a half an hour ago.....on his way to Pittsburg but he will be back tomorrow night. He was supposed to be home almost all of April but he is already talking about another consultation early April.....told you he was a workaholic. He got up at 5:30 a half an hour before the alarm, took a shower and put on sweats and a t-shirt as travel clothes weren't needed until 10. After breakfast he was walking out of the kitchen and I read the back of the t-shirt he had on...I'M NOT ONLY PERFECT I'M NORWEGIAN. The shirt was on backwards.

Speaking of showers....I have no time alone in the bathroom. No matter what I am in there for....tooth brushing and water pick, dabbing Rogaine on my pretty pink scalp, showering...anything...there is a pet in there with me. Each of the 4 cats eat a different special food...three of them are fed in the whenever they see me go into that special room it must mean feeding time right? If I am sitting on the throne there is a cat at my feet, stepping out of the shower a cat on the bath mat, tooth care a cat on the sink, first thing in in the morning a dog wanting to go outside. If I ignore them I either get a dog paw in my lap or a kitty claw ever so carefully placed on my leg. We used to have an outhouse....really.... before the building was finished in 1990.....I'll post a pic of that....yes, there were critters in there but as soon as I stepped into the house, they left. Much more private. I know it is my fault for starting the whole feeding in the bathroom...but it is too late and they would have a hard time changing now.

The sun is out, the temp is around 40 and the bambis are back in full force. When it was corn time this AM there was a doe and three yearlings. One of the smaller ones was backed into the forest when I approached. The others just stood their ground and waited until my back was turned to eat. They also were nasty to the single yearling when she tried to get a nibble. So, I just filled another pan and put it to the far side of the three piggies and she got her share too.

Off to listen to the report of how Anna Nicole died....MY GAWD....accidental overdose. Sorry if I spoiled it for those of you that didn't know.


kenju said...

Looks like she died like her idol (Marilyn) - at least the official version.

I always have a cat in the bathroom with me; sometimes two.

Middle Child said...

And I believe in the tooth faery too!

Ex-Shammickite said...

That's a funny card you sent showing the outhouse. No doubt you really appreciate the comfort of indoor plumbing now!
I enjoyed your stories of the cats... I am pet-free at the moment. Perhaps I'll give a home to another cat one day in the future but not right now.