There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm Italian and my family's watcha you mouth

Re this post: I started this last night and have added an update towards the bottom. I know the beginning stuff is just old news rantings from an even older lady and you can skip it...but I am really fired up over something local that was in a blog yesterday and so I am posting my big-mouth-it's-my-blog-and-I-can-say-whatever-the-hell-I-want-to-comments!!

I'm not smart...I'm just OK in the brain department. I do have some common sense...and for sure I have opinions. I am an old I feel in my case I can claim senility in general. I have left comments on other blogs about the following issues and figure what the hell...I might as well get my 1/2 cent in.

I think Howard Nicole Stern is a bottom feeder. I think he saw a $$$$ trail and followed it. If he ever did have sex with Anna Nicole, he whined the whole time.

I think Larry Anna Birkhead is floating in the middle of the pond. He saw a $$$$ trail and followed it. Does he care for his daughter??? That's debatable.

I married not one, but two alcoholic drug users. Trust me, you may love them for a bit, may think you can save or cure or help them but you can't....and then it needs to be over. Sex with an alcoholic/drug user is not fun. I know how Anna Nicole got pregnant....she was shitfaced and used.

Anna's mother? Mother? No.

I have never listened to Imus. I don't like that type of radio, don't find it funny or even close to a chuckle of funny. I think what he said was stupid, stupid, stupid. Who knows what he was thinking? He was stupid. He may have thought it was fine to try being a rapper with a cowboy hat and cow shit on his boots...but it flopped and now he is really in deep shit. He has also paid....lost the TV gig now fired from radio. Someone blogged...When is the lynching?

Who is Al Sharpton? I mean, who died and left him at the microphone? Don King? Did he turn over the mic of big mouth black men to Al? What about Jesse? Is he the kind of guy I would want speaking for me? I don't think so. Do black/African Americans think they gain something from having these men in front of the TV using a stranger's name for self advancement? I guess they do because there they are. Weren't these same two big mouths in front of the mic when the Duke rape stuff was still in the lie and cover up stages yelling for justice for the rape victim? Are they now standing up for the total ass of a prosecutor who will probably be the only one facing charges...not that he should get any sympathy for what he did....but where are the mouthpieces now? Oops I spoke too soon. This guy is apologizing now....get ready. But, wait....the prosecutor is white. He'll need the other Howard Foulmouth Stern speaking for him.

I am still pissed at Madonna, Brangelina, Meg Ryan and all of the other I-want-to-look-cool- and-adopt-a-foreign-orphan stars. They are no better than Paris, Nicole, Lindsay et al who carry chihuahuas in their handbags. I know they love these kids....I am absolutely sure they do...but start looking in the good ol' USA because we screw kids up every day and leave them without a home and parents.

I am sick of the elections of 08 already. On the news there was John Edwards in a "rest home" shaving some old man. Ahem, John, they are called Assisted Living Facilities now. He said he shaved his grandfather when he would go with his grandmother to visit. OK. And...... What? Then there is Rudy....he was quoted as knowing that a gallon of milk was somewhere in the range of $1.99 and bread $1.79.....maybe his wife needs to buy a few less flatirons and they need go out into the real world and buy a few groceries and a gallon of gas.

Michael Jackson needs to sell everything he owns, buy a little condo somewhere and have enough money to support his kids and a therapist for the rest of his life.

The brain surgeons and rocket scientists that are building a 4 story, ugly, huge, not a small town kind of building right in the middle of our little town should be sent to Iraq to rebuild that country for free. And take the City Council and Mayor along with them.

Last night I was reading the blogs I love and one posted a list from some magazine about good places to retire young. On the top of that list was Coeur d Alene (CDA), Idaho. CDA is 50 miles south of my home in Sandpoint and has a population of close to 40,000. There were some general comments about the places on the list and then whammo, there was a not-so-nice one about CDA. The blogger said CDA was boring, the sister of a friend lived there and the best she could hope for was TIVO and toenail painting on a Friday, no culture and no good looking men. Naturally I had to comment because I KNOW CDA and her comments were not true. I was nice and pointed out the good features of the town. It went downhill from there and someone else called North Idaho and CDA a gun toting area filled with separatists and white supremacists and Matthew Shephard was mentioned for good measure. There were worse phrases eventually....anti semitics, bigotry, wackos...and more. I didn't make any more comments because I would have been bottom feeding like these folks and it would have been disrespectful to the owner of the blog...but this is my blog and I can say what I want to. Yes, back in the late 80's and early 90's there was an Aryan Nation faction here....17 folks to be exact. How do I know exactly? Because one of these Rocket Surgeons ran for public office and 16 people voted for him. The Southern Poverty Law Center came into CDA and took care of the racists there and did a damn good job of it. Richard Butler died not too long ago and he was the last of them. There was one creep left in our area a few years back, he was arrested on his third DUI, took off before he could go to trial and was found recently in New Mexico, extradited to our town and is currently sitting in jail hopefully rotting. We have a local Human Rights Task Force and we do a damn good job of making sure that from CDA to the Canadian border everyone knows "Idaho is too great for/to hate!" We have art, the theater, sports, and higher education right here in our little piece of paradise. There are folks that live in the woods and survive on very little; they hunt, use alternative energy and keep to themselves. They may smoke a little dope and shoot a gun on the 4th of July, but most of us like the rural aspects of living with the choice to mingle in the big city if we want to. OK, Mark Furman moved here.....but you know what? He is living a normal life, taking his kids to soccer and earns a living and pays taxes and I don't have to look at him. North Idahoans help each other out in bad situations like hauling someone out of a ditch in bad weather, or taking food to someone injured or ill, giving money to those less "regular" people. There is not one single city in the US that does not have problem citizens..not one. I am an Idaho transplant; we chose to move here and yes I whine about missing my kids and the weather. But, North Idaho is a beautiful place to live and work and play and it does not deserve the crap that was said. So there. Take that you Rocket Surgeons!

I read that hot flashes and night sweats in pre and post menopausal women may be an indicator of High Blood Pressure......millions spent when all they had to do was ask me. I am 62...and am constantly in a condition of mild warmth.....I was pre menopausal, menopausal, post menopausal and have had HBP for years....see....correlation. I also have high cholesterol...add that to the stats.

On the bright side...I get a senior discount a lot these days.


Lorraine said...

But Rosie, what do you really think?

You go!

utenzi said...

I couldn't stand AN Smith so I didn't watch any of the coverage of her or her kids, Rosemary. I've gotten to the point where I avoid the news on TV because it's anything but news. Just celebrity gossip...

Bread can be had at $1.79 a loaf here but I have no idea about milk. I don't drink it.

I think Nifong should be thrown in a pit with lots of hungry rats. Starving rats. Rats with no inhibitions! Since Duke is only 20 miles from here I was aware of how much BS was in Nifong's pursuit of the case just a couple of days after the incident supposedly occurred. For political gain that a**hole was going to send a bunch of kids to prison when he knew damn well that the charges were trumped up. Anyway...

kenju said...

Rosemary, you and Dave both said nearly everything I've thought about lately and haven't said - at least on my blog. I don't know about CDA or Sandpoint, but everything else, I agree with!

Sling said...

How the hell does anyone say what they feel these days without it being twisted and turned into something offensive to someone with an agenda of their own?..Now I'm obliged to clarify..
Imus: you poor idiot...leave the "hip" talk to the hipsters.
Sharpton and Jesse: Holy Crap!..I think I just heard an old white man say "coloreds"..
Rudy:I remember when a loaf of bread was 25 cents!..and our government knew what was best for us.
Michael: Is that a blemish near you right ear? might wanna have that looked at.


jan said...

Best rant ever.

Love your secret ingredient: common sense. So very uncommon today in the print and broadcast media.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Great rant, Rosie, but I haven't got the faintest idea who a lot of these people are. My opinion is... if these "personalities" are doing or saying stupid nasty rude unforgiveable things in public, and the news media thinks we ought to know about it, then both the reporters and the "personalities" must all be stupid useless worthless people, and I really couldn't care less about any of them.
See, I can rant too!