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William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Holy bear cave, Batman!

This is last year's bear...we didn't name her/him. Better to not get attached to bears. This isn't a really good picture either...sorry. I would update the pic to show this years bears (yes, plural) but they showed up at 3:08 this morning and I just didn't have time to grab the camera and take a family photo. Darn.
Steve got up because he somehow heard something outside even with his gas mask on and the CPAP whooshing away. Penelope managed to miss the sound. Steve hissed at me "Honey, get up; come here." And I did and there they were.....two little black bears rolling around the few fallen seeds under the north and east trees having a great time mangling the suet baskets and laying on their backs just looking oh-so-cute.
They are small bears so they are probably two year olds. The three bears from hell we had a few years back would be much bigger by now and they stayed really close to each other and were not fun loving.
It is not a good idea to encourage bears to have fun in our yard, so Steve in his undershorts got the shotgun out, tiptoed to the balcony door, opened it ever so quietly and let go of two cracker shots both aimed beautifully at the babies. 3:10 in the morning. I can promise you we will be in the police blotter in a few days ..."Shots fired in the area of Blah Road at 3:10AM." He also managed to scare the one closest to the house so badly it went straight up the tree and it stayed there while the other one looked at the house and got ready to charge at us. When the second shot went off out of the tree and up the path to annoy the neighbor's dogs baby black bears went. They are cute....what do you think of Jack and Jill? Fred and Ethyl? Romeo and Juliet?


CRAIG & DIANE said...

Looks like this is the week for bear sightings. I much prefer watching them from the safety of our big truck! I vot for Archie & Edith, keep it "All in the Family"

Lorraine said...

We had a racoon in our back yard once.

Nope. Doesn't compare.

kenju said...

I'd vote for Fred and Ethel, but I hope they don't come back again.

gina said...

Tom sees more bears than he cares to on his route. I think they're so cute. The closest we get to bears is a meandering moose every now and then, but we live in the city compared to you. I vote for Bert and Nan, the oldest set of Bobbsey Twins. They were the dark-haired ones.

Chandler said...

Wow, it must be very awe inspiring to have such creatures at such close range. Though I imagine it has the potential to be fairly frightening. I suppose my thoughts are in terms of those people out here who would have no better idea about bears than to run up and try to pet them hahaha. And though I am sure you would love to peer out at them it's true, probably not best to encourage them to hang out. That is very cool on the other hand about skunks being back they are adorable as well. It sounds like you guys are having the perfect weather. :) Enjoy!!

Sandy said...

Are two-year old bears young enough to have an angry mommy nearby?

Paul said...

Pete and Repeat?