There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tag, you're it


Lorriane, Jan, Rook's Nest, Sling and Gina......Tag you're it! If anyone else reading this wants to pick up the tag...go for it. I just don't know how folks feel about this type of I was being very conservative!

Joan of The Erstwhile Librarian tagged me and I have to come up with 10 interesting facts/habits about me. Ten is a lot...I am not all that interesting. It is called Chinese Freeze here goes.

1. I can read, eat, watch TV and have my iPod on all at the same time.....and I can tell you what I read, what is happening on the TV show, and what I was just listening to. Multi-tasking!

2. I have never smoked; never, not ever wanted to, not even to look totally cool when I was in high school.

3. I am a horrible cook. I am not cooking creative, don't like to bake and most of all I don't like the clean up involved with cooking.

4. The best job I ever had was at the Library. I spent years in school so I could be an R.N. only to find my bliss in the stacks.

5. I have had 3 sports cars...I loved them, drove them way too fast and would dump my SUV in an instant if I thought I could have another sports car in Idaho...not going to happen however.

6. I can't dance. I can keep a beat, have a good sense of rhythm, but can't follow...I want to lead and end up making a mess of my partner's feet.

7. I vacuum, dust and wash my floors every day but Sunday...on Sunday I dust window sills, my fazxillion nic nacs and super clean the bathrooms.

8. Spiders scare the bejeezus out of me and there are a ton of them in poisonous snakes here but really, really scary spiders....hobo's, violins and other big hairy crawly things.

9. I was the Duncan Yo Yo champion in eighth grade....for my school district (parochial and public schools).

10. I wish I had enough money to travel the world in a style I could easily become accustomed to. I would take my kitties and doggies with me and we would all have the time of our lives.

Pretty much all of my blogger friends have been tagged by someone and I can't come up with 10 people....but....I have one really new and interesting friend that I think is worth visiting and getting to know...... so, I tag Chandler.


Lorraine said...

No one has tagged me in ages. Pout.

"Faxzillion": my new favorite number.

Rhea said...

Are you still good at the yo-yo? I would like to see that.

kenju said...

Are you serious? Do you really dust and vacuum everyday?

Don't ever come to my house to visit......LOL

Suzanne said...

Hi Rosemary~

I'm Lorraine's SIL. I would love to trade links with you! Being new to the blogworld, I'm unfamiliar with "blog etiquette" and the protocol of trading. So, thanks for asking!

And about #7 on your list, I would actually LOVE for you to come to my house! ...if you not too tired after cleaning your home, I could use the help!


Sling said...

I was sittin' here wishing I had something to blog about and now I do. :)

Ex-Shammickite said...

Oh, so you changed your mind and decided to include me didja? I was a second choice!!! Harrumph!
So you want me to disclose 10 (that's TEN! Tee Eee Enn) interesting facts about me.... what makes you think that I'm that interesting? I'll think about it....


Chandler said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOH!! That is so exciting. If I knew exactly what this tag feature was all about I would probably tag you right back. That totally made my day :) Thank you so much!

gina said...

Okay, Rosemary, you are now getting way more comments than I am. I am so jealous! :) Maybe if I post my ten things, people will comment again. sigh...

Honestly, dust every day? I do it once every two weeks. And I'm with you on the best job ever being at the library...but you knew that.

gina said...
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Danielle said...

Whoa you can multitask, after reading Sling's entry I swiped the tag myself.

Have a great weekend.

Red7Eric said...

Hey, Rosemary -- I'm Eric; you tagged Lorraine and she tagged me, and I just tagged three others, and the madness continues! Wheeeee ...