There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Couldn't resist

Fuzz: Did you take a bath today?

Drake: Yes! You know I did; right after breakfast just like every other day.

Fuzz: Coudda fooled me!

Drake: Oh, right; this from a guy who says he doesn't fart.

Things that go bump in daylight

A big storm, and I mean BIG, went through yesterday at about 5 PM. Trees are down, power was out and big messes all over town and into Coeur d Alene. I drove into Spokane to pick up Steve from the airport and power was starting to come back at about midnight as we were driving along Hwy 95; but not at our house.

Power came back between 1:30 and 2 AM. It is still out south of us in Sagle. We have a huge mess to clean up in the yard so no blogging until tomorrow. The wind is blowing and the sun can't decide what she wants to do, so I'm going to turn the computer off.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Patting self on back

Sometimes I just have to pat myself on the back. I slaved over this damm blog two nights in a row and this morning; slaved over just the picture and title element. That's because I had to do it all by myself, with hamster drive. UPDATE...NEWS BREAK....oh, my goodness, look at the present Gina gave me!! She put my name on my picture and made it match and I am just so happy I could cry. Thank you, Gina, my dear friend!

Take a look at the sidebar elements. Yes, I did the blogroll and can update it and I did my profile but Gina uploaded the picture of me disguised as Mimi Louise and she did my stat counter. I put in the blah about me links and that was pretty easy as was the bloglines badge and the blogger power one. I added the good reads element too.

But the snazzy stuff, why I just stole from other bloggers. The kitty clock I stole from Sling and he told me how to do links like I just did. The weather badge I took from Rook's Nest. The mood badge I saw somewhere but I have forgotten the name of the blog because it was a really long time ago and there was a waiting list to get one; sorry to whoever I stole that from. If it is you let me know so I can update this and give you credit. Then I saw the cool flickr badge at Joan's and just lifted that too. Michele over at chunky mountains has a photo badge but from another host and I don't have an account there. Paul has a nice literary one but I am not a good enough writer to display that one; Paul is for sure. Gina's blog is really nifty but she is a computer genius so I can't take anything of hers, darn it.

So, you wonderful friends just keep on working hard adding really cool stuff to your blog and I will keep a close eye out for those I really like and when you're not looking I'll just take a few here and there and make them my own. Thanks again. If any of you want to steal anything from my blog please help yourself. The hummingbird picture is a nice one to take. If you want I can email it to you.

Watercooler buzz

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Friends for the moment

Sophie: I'm hot. Wanna go get a beer?

Penelope: That sounds good but mom would probably get mad if we asked her; she's in a bad mood.

Sophie: You're right about mom; maybe we can sneak one later when she goes outside. Guess I'll take a nap.

Better? I sure hope so because this is the last time I will ever do this while I have dial up. It has taken me over 7 hours to upload the picture, change fonts, rearrange elements and get the stupid title small enough so it looks kind of proportionate. I feel the picture looks scrapbookie, not too perfect which I didn't want but I am not happy with the title...oh well. I guess I could have put up a picture of the cats or a handbag. Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It is now Thursday and 12:03 AM. I have been messing with this blog since 7:30 PM last night. I am really tired and frustrated.....I'll either finish it or throw the computer off the balcony later today. Sorry for the messy look.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hee-Haw...what an a**

Fake Donkey (stuffed), fake smile. I look like I am wishing I was anywhere else but sitting on that donkey. We were in Tijuana....check out the shoes.....early "tennies."

The a** title is an afterthought. We are in beautiful San Francisco....the view out the window breathtaking.....take a picture you say? I forgot the camera. Weather you ask? Balmy days, chilly nights....I forgot our light to shop while Steve is at the convention!

Update: Seems we are staying right in the middle of the shopping district.....Union Square. Steve has no idea how lucky he is because when I headed out the hotel door with my little map I thought I had landed in heaven. Got myself a yellow sweatshirt and slippers with bows. 3 ties, a belt and a jacket for Steve. Went into Bulgari, Dior, a 4 story Macy's, Kenneth Cole and a few small boutiques. The Gay Pride parade started at noon and it was wonderful with a little bit of everything...craziness, solidarity and a strong message to the politicians attending. Got my butt patted a few times but I think they were mistakes. Oh, and I found the Coach store. They are so uptown...they wrap everything in tissue with little Coach stickers.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Catch up and a question...other post below

We are packed and ready to go!!! San Francisco here we come. I have posts ready so I can blog while I am gone....addicted, that's right.

As I said yesterday, I am leaving this one up for votes on the question below.

Here is my question...please let me know what you think/like/prefer. Gina said it drives her nuts that I don't comment back in my blogs to those of you that visit. I have a weird rosemary reason that I won't share at the moment as to why I haven't done that....but, please tell me which is your preference. I will re-date this and leave it up while I am gone so I can get a good idea of what you all want. Thank you...for a lot.....your friendship, reading my blog, posting some of the most wonderful reads....and for coming back.

I was a klutz

My mother enrolled me in tap, ballet, acrobatics, and marching with baton classes hoping against fact that I was a klutz. I think I am wearing a little bit of all 4 outfits in this pic. I loved tap classes, loved the baton and marching, loved ballet, hated acrobatics. I tripped over my own feet in tap, dropped the baton every time, couldn't do the needed finger manipulation to twirl the baton and still remember the first three ballet positions. The last straw? I was doing a backward somersault, had a barrette in my hair, as I went feet over head the barrette cracked on my head and cut it open. THE END.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sweetpea in the morning...and daisies

The first pic is of the driveway to the west. The second pic is part of the long trail to the east of the house. Last summer it was filled with knapweed. Steve in his post op condition stood out there and used his crutches to point out the weeds to me...."Over here, honey; there's a big one!" He pointed, I pulled, and pulled and pulled. We spread red and yellow clover and grass seed and watered until our well was almost dry. The fruits of our labor are there in between the daisies......little clover leaves and grass growing. The bags of seed declare a certain amount of weeds in the mix....and these daisies are those weeds....I absolutely love them. They were everywhere when we first saw this property and slowly the knapweed killed them off. I guess if I was more of an old forest faerie I would lay in the daisies and bask in their loveliness, but the spit bugs have been here for a few weeks and who knows what is hidden on the forest floor!

Sweetpea was not in her usual spot this I went off to take pictures of the daisies. I saw her in the bushes stalking a bird.....I interrupted her hunt. When I went back later I had a dish of moist cat food for her and the....are you ready...... 3 babies. The babies came out very slowly and I actually picked one up. He/she was not particularly happy being held but I need to get them used to human touch of I ever am going to find a home for them. They are so cute.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I need to tell all of you the truth about Getting Wet. I really don't know the 2 people in the picture. But, in the collection of 23 pictures of this man there is one of the woman with "Sis in the water." on the back. 21 others are of the man in various settings in a home all with comments written by him I am sure. In another single envelope inside the bigger one with the 23 pics was a single picture of my mom and this man, their arms around each other and looking every bit entranced with each other. If this was around 1942, my mom was married to Phil Rivers but this man is not Phil....I have a pic of him and my mom and she wrote it was them on the back. She married my dad in February of 1944 after her divorce from Phil. So, who was this man? I wish I knew.

Behind the 8 ball

Auld Hat has given me the daunting task of answering 8 critical questions. This is a serious matter. These answers could change the course of politics and world peas as we know them today. I take the challenge and march forward!

#1. HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW….. that taking the flowers off zucchini plants would render them squash less????? I was/am a gardening dummy. The Sunset Gardening Bible should have said this plainly.

#2. I COME FROM A FAMILY……that was short on hugs, kisses and I Love You. I am sure when I was a baby and little girl my parents told me they loved me, but I don’t remember hearing those words until right before each of my parents passed away. My dad had special nicknames for me that were endearing and lasted throughout my life. I also remember sitting on his shoulders and on the couch watching old western movies. But overt hugs and kisses from either of them? No.

#3. I HAD A CRUSH ON…… I STILL HAVE A CRUSH ON Jackson Browne. He is still so damm good looking, makes music that bores into my little black heart, writes lyrics that can make me cry, take up a movement, and dream about him…and he says a lot of really good swear words at just the right moment.

#4. I HATE, HATE, HATE….. it when the cats potty right outside the litter box. I have changed litter daily, weekly, I scoop twice a day, bought all new boxes, moved the boxes, bought new litter, and on and on….yet Sophie and Mimi, the two pudges, just can’t seem to get their butts inside the box every once on a while. They are in the box, poised to potty and then at the last minute they shift somehow and there it goes, right on the tablecloth I have under the box. I buy plastic tablecloths and at the moment am replacing them every few weeks.

#5. I CAN UNDERSTAND……a woman’s need to have shoes and handbags in every color and design… multiples of a tazillion.

#6. I ALWAYS MAKE…. pretty much nothing if the truth be told. I am uncreative in all ways…no craft ability, can’t knit, crochet, sew or cook. I can ruin a really nice roast or steak by overcooking them. I wrap gifts horribly, can’t cut a straight line, color horribly and get glue everywhere.

#7. I REALLY DO LOVE…..time alone. A perfect day would be…..getting all of my house work done early, wash finished and put away and the dogs taking themselves out side every 20 minutes to sniff around the yard while I….sit on the couch with a good book, sunflower seeds and a glass of ice cold diet Coke. Perfection.

#8. I BEGAN AND QUICKLY ENDED….a career in cosmetology. I went to school for 18 months, cut, colored and permed a thousand heads of hair and had a great social time but was a lousy cosmetologist. I met my second husband through one of my clients and my best friend at the time married that client’s son. It was an interesting time.

That’s all folks. I don’t know how much more boredom you can all take. How about if everyone on my blogroll takes up the challenge? I don't care if you already did it or not. Do it again.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Smile for the camera

I do know who these two women are.....the one on the left was my mother's best childhood friend and lived next door to my mom in a row house in Portsmouth, Virginia. The woman on the right is the friend's mother. If ever there was a picture that captured my memory of an older Italian woman this is it. When I was a kid and attended Italian gatherings this is what I saw; a heavy-set older woman in a house dress usually with an apron over it and a tissue stuck in the pocket.....if it was a formal get together...a wedding, a baptism, St. Joseph's Table....they would be dressed in black. Their shoes? In this picture I would bet on slippers...dressed tie up shoes. Notice the roll garters.....I can remember watching my mother put on nylons using them...the nylons had seams and she would lick her fingers as she pulled them up so they didn't snag.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Time on my hands

I had a new friend leave a comment on my last blog...her name is Mom.

I visited her blog and as I usually do, I went back to the beginning to see why she blogs. Her posts are wonderful, full of family love, travels and her faith. Along with encouraging you to visit, I am making it known that I am stealing a bit of one of her posts. She wrote about her hands, their appearance, what age spots mean to her, and how she is embracing her silver years. This started the following rambling thread.....

In going through the "stuff" I came across an envelope with some things my dad had written and documented. I never thought of my dad as Einstein. He had a 7th grade education when he ran away from home. I never saw him write a letter. The most I ever saw him write was a grocery list. But I found a tender letter he had written to my mom in 1962. He had driven to Ohio and Virginia on the yearly trek across country to visit the relatives with my 10 year old brother. My mom stayed behind because I was pregnant with my first baby and she was helping me.

His letter talked of missing her and me, hoping for a grandson and all of the good food he was eating. His salutation was, Dear Mommy. While I am sure that was not the way he thought of my his my folks calling each other mommy and dad were like me calling Steve honey.

I also found a large stack of cards with the rainfall amounts for a ten year period...see pic above. He was exact in dates, times and amounts that had fallen. This got me thinking of how I resemble my dad......I am meticulous in my record keeping...I don't always rely on my computer but keep handwritten records as well. I still write a lot of checks and keep receipts forever. I have my dad's ears, his arms and absolutely have his hands.

My dad was creative with wood. He made toys, furniture, gifts and special "blocks" to wedge between the water pipes that were loaded on trucks. He renovated (actually gutted) my mom's kitchen and made cabinets, a bar and desk from cherrywood. I am not creative one little bit with my hands....but then I wonder if the creativity comes from the hands or the mind's eye?

My hands, like Mom's, are no longer smooth, have age spots and bulging veins. My fingers are short and stubby, the knuckles prominent and my nails are short...just like my dad's hands. My arms bruise easily and the skin is starting to crinkle. But I have done some great things with my hands and arms...not creative so much but just wonderful things......

Hugged my dad and touched his face

Brushed my mom's hair when she was dying

Held three of the most wonderful babies in the world

Put my grandchildren on my shoulder and held their heads close to my neck

Touched sweet violets and felt their softness

Picked up a fallen bird and put it back in its nest

Given a million pets to my cats and dogs

Turned the pages of glorious books

Made a snowball

Pushed and pulled a vacuum about 17,000 times over my floors

Typed 341 blog posts

Picked up a rusty fall leaf

Learned to tie my shoes

Started a thousand IV's, dressed another thousand wounds

Held a glass to a child's mouth

Slammed doors and opened windows

Worn a ring for 21 years that has the name of the man I love right next to my name

Touched Steve's shoulder every night just before I fell asleep

Rubbed oil on my parent's headstones

Yup, my hands are old but boy they sure have had a glorious time over 62 years

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A HUGE thank you to everyone that visited from Michele's and to all of my regular blog friends.....kiss, kiss. I hope the house was clean and the kitties and doggies didn't bother you too much. We love visitors.

Puppy dog tales

There seems to be a hair theme in my I am at 5 with Penny my first dog who eventually went to live with Uncle Bill who wasn't my uncle. Penny was copper colored and I loved her lots but didn't take care of her according to my mother.....I was 5. My hair (styled by me I think) kind of looks like a big dog ear. My front teeth are missing. My mother called me "Toothless Aggie Forkus" after my teeth fell out. She made me cry, then she hugged me. Who was Aggie Forkus?

Just a best friend Molly has a son, Aaron....he is the father of two young boys. He left for Iraq for the second time this morning. Prior to Iraq he was in South Korea at the North and South border. I wonder who it is that makes these assignments.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Do I look good in royal red? or is it purple?

One of the most awesome moments of my life.....being sworn in and serving on the Board of Trustees at the Library! I wasn't able to read any blogs yesterday because I was reading my board packet and preparing to wear my crown, robe with ermine and practicing how to carry my scepter!!! Really, that is how large an honor this is for me!!! 94 people voted for me!!! There were a total of 106 people that voted....I ran unopposed, so 94 was a GREAT number! Only one other candidate got more votes...96....wonder who I ticked off? I told Steve to stand further back so I didn't look so fat in the picture where the 3 of us newbies are standing actually repeating the oath!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Bubble head

Christmas 1961. Here I am Christmas morning showing off and smiling for once. On my head is my new portable hair dryer with a "bonnet" big enough to cover the Country Club beer cans with the ends punched out so I could clip them onto my head (the cans were as round as a regular beer can but half as tall). I used them to "straighten" my hair. Yes, the cans got hot and burned the crap out of my scalp, but anything for beauty, right? The dryer was portable as far as its size and small motor....still had to be plugged in and I had to stay in one place while my hair dried. The alternative to the hair dryer/can invention was ironing my hair which made it crisp and a little bit shorter every time I brushed broke off! Eventually I gave up the dryer/cans/ironing and used cute pink hair tape to keep my hair straight...for about 17 minutes....and I actually did go out in public with the cans in my hair and tape on my bangs. I was young.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Go ahead, laugh....I can take it!

Sophomore year, Alhambra High School; 1959-60.

Duck Tail: check

Spit Curls: check

Three Roses Pomade keeping all frizzed ends in place: check

Black Uneven Eyebrows: check

Cute White Batiste blouse: check

Religious jewelry on immoral girl's neck: check

Not Seen: Black cinch belt with gold interlocking clasp, ugly blue floral skirt with 3 "full" slips (as in net and fouff), freshly shaved legs and black flats with "peds."

I am absolutely, positively sure I thought I was looking really good that day. I rarely do the "What were you thinking?" to anyone because you know, what we wore in times past was what was "in." Far be it from me to not be a band-aid and follow, follow, follow.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

You Flap girl!

These are pictures of my dad's sister, Rowena. I am not sure how the sibling hierarchy goes, but my dad was the oldest so obviously this is his younger sister! Brilliant my dear Watson.

Isn't she the vision of a Flapper??? With the exception of my dad and my Auntie Marcella, all of my dad's siblings had nappy hair. I rarely saw my Aunt Rowena without a wig. Aunt Ruby always wore her hair tucked around a "rat" (see explanation in post below) and my uncles Pete and Jack kept their hair buzzed pretty short. My grandfather had the same nappy hair and then there is Rodley....another relative that cements the fact that we have African American/Black blood running deep.

My dad's family had some different names too....Rowena for one...she was married to LaDoyt, Ruby's married name was Diefendeifer, there was Aunt Twoohey with a son named Pole, also Treva and Carpenter were relations. My grandmother was Minnie Heiman. Another last name was Bible...all of these folks are recorded in the family bible that I have (no relation to the family Bible BTW). Ummhum. Another BTW...I don't think my grandmother Minnie ever knew my name. She called me girl and on those occasions when I saw her she always gave me a penny.....loving woman.

PS...Thank you all for the truly great suggestions....I have taken them to heart and have already started projects with some of the "stuff." I went to WallieWonderWorld and bought a bunch of black picture frames. I took the pics of our kids off the 4 shelves in the downstairs living room and put the favorites of my parents pre-rosemary in the frames and on the shelves. I am keeping all of the tin types, certain items of my mom and dad's....some letters and cards, and all of my grandmother's letters to my mom and those written to me. There are some old family pics that I love and will keep just because and will put them in a scrapbook and last night I scanned a TON of pics (thank you, Dan). I called my cousin in Portsmouth (the one that helped me so much with Mama Mia and is the maternal family genealogist) and it turns out she tossed pretty much everything of her parents a long time ago after she had scanned a lot of items. She called the local Portsmouth newspaper but they are not interested unless the items are complete and pristine...and her kids are even less interested than mine. And the unknown stuff?......a special gift to a blogger. The "stuff" will be used for art, will be seen by other people and appreciated for the generation that produced it. I feel good. I called my kids as well and they agree with my decision. My daughter noted that my mother had close to nothing of her parents just pictures from the time of my mother's birth forward. I feel like I have preserved the important stuff by scanning, scrapbooking and donating.
PSS...anyone want my Princess Diana small collection or the few JFK, Jr. items I have?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What should I do mother dear?

Who are these women? Are they sisters, twins, or from outer space as their hats would indicate? I don't have a clue. The penciled date on the back says 1942, Baltimore in my mother's writing.

Since my daughter left I have been trying to keep up with sorting through my parent's mementos. Of 4 large totes full of "stuff" I have managed to get through 1/2 of one. Almost all of the items I have looked at so far are foreign to, cards and letters from unknowns.

Here is my mother saved all of this stuff for decades. She has been gone a long time. Obviously each and every item was important to her...they are not to me in a personal way and none of my children even find them interesting. Do I just put the stuff back in the tote and leave the tossing to my kids after I am gone? Do I kiss each item for my mom and then toss it myself so at least there is some sort of respectful tossing? What do I do with all of the things that made up the heart of my mother's life?

I found her certificate of passing a corded and cordless PBX class, her air raid monitor certificate from WW ll, her air raid arm band...those items I will keep. But what about the cards from Francie, Abe and hundreds of other people? Should I send the thousands of letters from her brothers with clippings from Portsmouth, Baltimore and Norfolk back to their widows and children? There are old postcards...I'll keep them....tin-types of my dad's ancestors...I'll keep of my children that I will send on to them...but.....what about all of the rest of the "stuff" like the picture above?

I don't want to sell them and have a picture of Fricka and Fracka end up in some one's living room as a joke....I simply don't know what to do. I have found a treasure of pictures of me from birth until 1952. Once my brother was born I became background material...such was life in my Italian family. I will post some of them...but help me please make a decision.

PS...what size shoe do you think those women are wearing? A minus 1?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Big Mama and the bambinos

Remember the challenge from SLING and the 7 anythings about me? Remember my big butt and belly on the couch while some idiot with a gun let his driverless car ram my sweet 1958 Chevy Del Rey story? Here I am in my big buttness and bellyness! Dressed in a typical 60's polyester tent, the front of the dress hiked up 8 inches, legs bowed, and red hair, I was a picture of all things huge and pregnant. My oldest son is next to me with his newly buzzed hair cut that I created on the front porch with my very own clipper set...always thrifty you know. Next to him is my daughter also in polyester....she was already a fashion maven at six. I can hear her in my head, "My gawd mother, look at my hair!" They were sweet, wonderful kids. My youngest son was born 23 days later if the date on the pic is accurate.

Monday, June 04, 2007

A Rosemary by any other name would be....Mabel?

My daughter and I started the huge task of trying to sort through my mother and father's pictures and mementos. My mom kept everything from cards, letters, pictures and dried flowers to my first fingernail clippings. In my baby book we found this list. We made the assumption that it is the list of possible baby names when my mom was pregnant with me. I know that my name is a combination of my godmother's and my mom's names....Rose and Mary (I don't have a middle name.) But what if she had decided on.....Karma, Verna, MaeDel, Dolly, Denae or the best one Dema Rhae?....if I had been a boy there was the possibility you'd be calling me Duane, Junior, Preston, Dorman, Marcel or my favorite....Divite!! What were you thinking mom??? Can you see that Dennis is on the girls side?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mama's got a squeeze box....Daddy never sleeps at night.

Sorry for the title...I just couldn't resist!

Who woudda thought? Accordions making a comeback! Why I might just be discovered in my old age!!!

This was a "filler" column in today's paper I am sure because after the part I scanned it is just blah, blah, blah. But still....this could make all the difference in my silver years.

I played the accordion from the sweet innocent age of 6 until I was 16. Ten very long accordion years. My first instructor was Mr. Marconi. He lived over Petrini's Music in uptown Alhambra and taught me the 12 bass. My mom rented my first cute little accordion. After we moved to the "burbs" my mom drove me to Aretta's Accordion in San Gabriel where Mrs. Castalinni was my instructor. I loved her...she was tiny, pretty and actually loved the accordion. I hated the instrument. I wanted to play the piano BUT I was I.T.A.L.I.A.N. Italian kids played the squeezebox.

Yep, I watched Lawrence Welk and thought Myron Floren was a geek. The real hunk of the accordion world was Johnny La Padula!!! Every year there was an accordion festival/competition in Long Beach, Ca. and of course I went and he was always there....I even got his autograph one year.

I was good enough eventually to teach 6 year old runny nosed kids myself. The last year I taught, my little band of kids won first place in their category.....AND.....the senior band I played with won first place as well playing Capriccio Italian. I was the "featured" accordionist along with another girl Sue Mosher (the only non Italian in the band) and I have a 78 recording of the event.

So, I'm thinkin....I still have my accordion ....a Scandalli that my Uncle Sonny brought back for me from Italy....if I could just find major C I might be able to hit all the senior centers from here to Spokane and make a little cash on the side!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Auntie and Sam-the-man

Detroit in 1949; I was 4 going on 5. Where am I? Does anyone know? I am standing with my Uncle Sam and Aunt Marcella. They loved me beyond words...I know that for a fact because my Auntie would hug me and tell me she couldn't say I love you enough. Sam? He gave me big, wet kisses.....and I loved them both back just as much. They never had children.

Pretty spiffy cowgirl outfit don't you think? I was a Hoppy fan...well except for the SunSandals and pedal pusher pants I was spiffy, but I did have real cowgirl pants, boots and cap guns with a belt holster.

They lived in a trailer, in a trailer park, in Detroit...not a mobile home in a mobile home park in Detroit. I don't think mobile homes had been invented in 1949. It was a silver travel trailer and the whole park was full of them. It was small, had a couch that sat maybe 3 really skinny adults, a pull down table, a teensy weensy kitchen and bath and a bed that I fit in at 4 years old nicely. I thought it was like my dolly house.

My Auntie didn't work. Sam was a mechanic and from Germany. I tried to talk with a German accent and it made them laugh. My Auntie rarely laughed.....because it turns out Sam beat her regularly. My dad called him a "nasty son-of-a-bitch."

Auntie came to live with us after she divorced Sam. It took me a long time to realize how badly he had hurt her. There were times when I wished she was my mother (she was my dad's sister) because she was A.L.W.A.Y.S. on my side. I lived with her for a while between freshman and sophomore terms. I was a difficult teenager. She was a nurse, I became a nurse. She loved blindly, I loved blindly. She showered me with love and I loved her in return.

She died of Hodgkin's Lymphoma.