There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Behind the 8 ball

Auld Hat has given me the daunting task of answering 8 critical questions. This is a serious matter. These answers could change the course of politics and world peas as we know them today. I take the challenge and march forward!

#1. HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW….. that taking the flowers off zucchini plants would render them squash less????? I was/am a gardening dummy. The Sunset Gardening Bible should have said this plainly.

#2. I COME FROM A FAMILY……that was short on hugs, kisses and I Love You. I am sure when I was a baby and little girl my parents told me they loved me, but I don’t remember hearing those words until right before each of my parents passed away. My dad had special nicknames for me that were endearing and lasted throughout my life. I also remember sitting on his shoulders and on the couch watching old western movies. But overt hugs and kisses from either of them? No.

#3. I HAD A CRUSH ON…… I STILL HAVE A CRUSH ON Jackson Browne. He is still so damm good looking, makes music that bores into my little black heart, writes lyrics that can make me cry, take up a movement, and dream about him…and he says a lot of really good swear words at just the right moment.

#4. I HATE, HATE, HATE….. it when the cats potty right outside the litter box. I have changed litter daily, weekly, I scoop twice a day, bought all new boxes, moved the boxes, bought new litter, and on and on….yet Sophie and Mimi, the two pudges, just can’t seem to get their butts inside the box every once on a while. They are in the box, poised to potty and then at the last minute they shift somehow and there it goes, right on the tablecloth I have under the box. I buy plastic tablecloths and at the moment am replacing them every few weeks.

#5. I CAN UNDERSTAND……a woman’s need to have shoes and handbags in every color and design… multiples of a tazillion.

#6. I ALWAYS MAKE…. pretty much nothing if the truth be told. I am uncreative in all ways…no craft ability, can’t knit, crochet, sew or cook. I can ruin a really nice roast or steak by overcooking them. I wrap gifts horribly, can’t cut a straight line, color horribly and get glue everywhere.

#7. I REALLY DO LOVE…..time alone. A perfect day would be…..getting all of my house work done early, wash finished and put away and the dogs taking themselves out side every 20 minutes to sniff around the yard while I….sit on the couch with a good book, sunflower seeds and a glass of ice cold diet Coke. Perfection.

#8. I BEGAN AND QUICKLY ENDED….a career in cosmetology. I went to school for 18 months, cut, colored and permed a thousand heads of hair and had a great social time but was a lousy cosmetologist. I met my second husband through one of my clients and my best friend at the time married that client’s son. It was an interesting time.

That’s all folks. I don’t know how much more boredom you can all take. How about if everyone on my blogroll takes up the challenge? I don't care if you already did it or not. Do it again.


Mom said...

I should have know from the hairdryer picture that you would try a career in cosmetology.
I identified the couple in the picture by the lake. Go back to yesterday's comments to learn their story.

jp said...

Never underestimate the power of a perfectly timed swear word.

Sling said...

I like Jackson Brown too!...I mean,I don't wanna have his baby or anything,but "runnin' on empty", and "Just another town along the road" are among my faves. :)

Michele said...

Oh, I love it when when blogger friends do these as it opens up such a better relationship and we get to know each other so much more. Sorry, I had to giggle at the removing the flowers of zucchini plant, that just conjures up images of a woman waiting patiently all summer, watering, weeding, still waiting but still no squash... wonderful post Rosemary.

Red7Eric said...

Loved this. Luckily, my cats always aim correctly, because that would drive me INSANE.

Chandler said...

I will have to find out who Jackson Brown is.. *hm* But number 5 is certainly agreed with :-) I also, for all it's slight melancholy, love number 6 just the picture on glue everywhere is a little humorous. I like this one and will have to take up the challenge!