There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Sunday, July 08, 2007

July in Sandpoint

Steve on the slut off to remove fallen trees from The storm of '

Why do you always have to hog the rug?

Why do you always have to annoy me when I want to nap alone?

Because it annoys you.

Oh, g.r.o.w. u.p.

I am grown up, are not, am too, are not, am too........and so it goes with kids.

(The shotgun is not loaded. The cracker shot is in a box in a drawer. The bears make it through occasionally this time of year but not enough to cause any problems)

Just FAI: SweetPea and the 4 kittens are still living in the pole building under the two junker cars that Steve swears are worth millions (a Monza and a Vega). I feed them canned tuna twice a day and there is a constant supply of dry food and fresh water. The last two days SweetPea has been acting aloof and not letting me pet her hardly at all. I think it is because Steve has been doing yard work, mowing and cutting limbs all over her territory. Then, Thursday night when I was going out to feed everyone he wanted to tag along because he wanted to see the babies. I talk baby talk to all of them and am quiet and try not to spook any of the kittens. My plan was to little by little move the plate I put the tuna on closer and closer to me until they were not frightened anymore. Steve arrived at the pole building and in his best baby-talk-I-am-smokey-the-bear-voice said " Hey cats, where are you. Come on out, I wanna take a look at you." End of plan A.


Sling said...

LOL!-..It may be prudent to explain the fundamentals of plan B to Steve,,Whatever they are. ;)

rosemary said...

sling: For sure...or maybe I need to keep him out of the pole building all together! He's a dog kind of guy anyway.

jan said...

When I read "Steve on the slut..." I was expecting a different type of post here.

Hopefully you will be able to socialize those babies. They will have a hard life if they grow up feral.

kenju said...

So, don't take him out there anymore!

You have one fat cat there!

Michele said...

Have you ever noticed that "baby talking" to pets is something that very few men do? Why do you think that is?

SweetPea and her babies have quite the feline life going for them, it is no wonder if you were an animal you would want to be one of your cats. Tuna twice a day and lots of attention...heck, I want ot be one of your cats.

Michele said...

ookay, did you just say, "slut off" ? Egads!... yep... that's one large cat, looks like my cat... happy and content... ahh... to live the life of a cat!

Anne said...

Rosemary, I just love your cat conversations!

Anonymous said...

fat cat looks like my sweet kitty.

Lilli & Nevada said...

well seeing your cat laying there reminds of my fat cat laying all over the floor, actually all 10 of them laying were they shouldn't be.

Bethany said...

cute cat

Middle Child said...

Some years back I tamed a little stray took me ages...moving the food closer as you have done, and laying on the ground for a while, gradually moving closer to the house. Then finally inside. She was such a pretty kitten with a sweet meow and I though she'd be a good mate for our older cat... But someone who I know and trusted who was staying with Don at the time as i had been with our daughters, took her I believe. Years later photos from he place showed an older adult cat which looked ltoo much like my little kitten, but it was hard to tell. I was really hurt beacuse I had grown so fond of this cat.

It had trusted me...and I had worked hard for that.
Godd luck with yours