There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Local bike club. All kinds of bicycles, three wheelers, unicycles, and recumbent are all there.

Local business Hey, Cupcake. Yummiest way to add a few pounds.

The Monday Morning Hikers. Some of these folks are decades older than me. God bless 'em.

Habitat for Humanity has done wonderful things for my community.

The Bookmobile. I am one of the Trustees at the Library. Greatest place on earth.

Rhythm Pirates playing anything that makes noise, from lids to pans. Great sound.

Panhandle Animal Shelter volunteers march, doggies in tow.

It is Bonner County/Sandpoint's Centennial this year. YEA, Bonner County/Sandpoint.

Albeini Falls Pipe & Drum Corps. Pipe music makes me cry.

Classic car with the fire breathing exhaust...very patriotic!

Horsies were represented. We have a lot of equestrian folks here.

The mayor in a vintage fire truck.

Viet Nam Vet's were represented.


Jennie said...

Deja vu! I think I saw one of these yesterday! lol Your parade looks fun too. Small towns parades are a good time.

Anonymous said...

woohoo! This is what I miss about my small little home town too. The pancake breakfast, followed by the parade and the park party. Sigh...wonderful glimpse of Americana.

Anonymous said...

Also, I originally read 'equestrian folks' as equestrian FORKS and I thought, "Hmmm...that's weird. I wonder what she means by that?" lol

utenzi said...

That's a lot of parade pictures! I didn't do anything special for the 4th. Darn.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I like looking at downtown buildings of different towns and cities, so I had an ulterior motive for enjoying them.

rosemary said...

Jennie: It was fun. We 2 old geezers went home afterwards, but the town partied on.

Hat: There are probably a few horsie forks around town..maybe; could be.

Utenzi: If the stupid, cheap camera held a charge and took better pix there would have been a lot more.

JP: Next time I'm in town I'll take some pix of the old places. They really are neat, but the city in all of its wisdom is looking to the future and who wants old buildings when millions can be made by tearing them down to make way for progress?

Joan said...

Your photos are great and the parade looks like the quintessential small town celebration. These are the times I wished we lived somewhere other than a major metropolitan area.

Sling said...

Hey!...That could be downtown O-Town.
Lovin' life in the small town as well. :)

Sandy said...

Small town celebrations are wonderful - everyone gets to participate. Brings back memories of our time in the NW.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Well, we have Canada Day on July 1, and your big day is July 4, so we beat you to it in the small town parade stakes!

gina said...

Gosh, I was just down the street from you, Rosemary! We were in front of Taylor-Parker. Riley enjoyed seeing Monty on the bookmobile. But he did NOT enjoy that backfiring car. He scratched me like mad trying to climb over my shoulder and as far away from the car as he could get. It was fun, though, wasn't it? I forgot to bring my camera, though, so I'm glad you snapped some pix!