There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Friday, August 31, 2007

Alerts.....crap literally.....they are coming out of the woodwork

First: These are the headings of the alerts my daughter has gotten while in India. I can't copy and paste the actual alert for some reason. They are bright yellow and come from the government office of the Grand Poobah.

From: GM International Security Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2007 10:42 AMTo: Subject: International Security Alert: Cholera Outbreak - Orissa, IndiaImportance: High
Status: Watch

From: GM International SecuritySent: Sun 08/26/2007 8:05 PMTo: Subject: International Security Alert: Terrorism - Andhra Pradesh, India
Status: Watch

So, first there are terrorist bombings, now there is a Cholera outbreak. The Prez of the foreign country left today....his guards were sleeping on the floor in the hallway when my daughter got back to the hotel from work.

I have tried and tried and tried some more to upload a newspaper clipping from the Letters to the Editor in our local newspaper....won't work. I keep getting some weird damn code crap from blogger and I am tired of trying. I am just going to type the part of the letter that made me LMAO and embarrassed me....after all I live in Idaho. I knew someone if not many Idahoans would come out of the woodwork in defense of Larry Craig's toileting habits. I don't think I have ever posted a political blog and I just couldn't resist this one time. The Larry Craig scandal is right here in our backyard and it is well known how Republican and conservative Idaho is. The best part of the letter reads "IN THE FIRST PLACE MR. KEYES (he's the editor of the paper in Sandpoint, The Daily Bee)YOUR INFORMATION HAS NO DOUBT COME FROM THE REST OF THE LIBERAL MEDIA WHO ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR A REASON TO SLAM CONSERVATIVES IN GENERAL. TO ME THIS FIASCO SMACKS OF A POLITICAL SETUP. I WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED IF THE COP INVOLVED IS GAY HIMSELF AND WAS HIRED BY THE DEMOCRATS TO INVENT THE WHOLE DARN THING."

I hope I don't offend anyone, but this person is a shining example of why Idaho has the reputation of being a backward state.

The doctor appointment made for a really long day yesterday.....gee, news flash, I have asthma. I have 2 scripts; one for a pill and another for an inhaler. I won't them fill until Steve and I can do some research on drug interactions, effects on patients with HBP, and blocking Calcium uptake. Ya, that's right, I am a "bad" patient, want to run my own show and be involved in my own care...what a concept. Besides that, the doc I saw was the age of my son and a bit full of himself.

My oldest son turned 45 today. To say that I love this boy more than words can express is making small of my feelings for him. He is struggling. He is trying to raise his children alone...his daughter is with her mother at the moment due to a HUGE mess last summer but she may be coming back soon. He is trying to pay his bills, keep his home, have some sort of a social life if possible and just be responsible. It is tough for him. I love him.

PS: The 2 YouTube videos I posted have gone POOF....maybe they didn't want me representing them.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Cuanto Le Gusta-come along for a ride.

On our drive to Bellingham Friday, Steve and I somehow started talking about songs from our childhood. No, the radio wasn't on so go figure. Anyway, Steve, who can't carry a tune even with a bucket on his head, remembered hearing "Cement Mixer, putti, putti" and gave me a rousing rendition. We both remembered Rag Mop, Doo-doo-doo-dah-dee-ah-da. I also remembered something that went sorta like "Why Must We Always go to Whymus?" but I can't find the lyrics to that song anywhere. I probably mis-spelled Whymus. But the one song that we both vividly remembered was this one. Have a good laugh and see how many 40's stars you recognize!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Look to the heavens.

You know how sometimes something just happens that is right at a time when you least expect it? Those words that are just thrown around actually have meaning all at once; destiny, fate, serendipitous…..maybe even cosmic.

Like when:
You meet a blogger friend, so enjoy her daily blog and love her writing on her other blog.

Like when:
She eventually leaves and you keep going back to the blogs just in case, but then they just disappear?

Like when:
A new blogger appears and you have that feeling, the feeling you know her? Is it? Maybe? Yes?

Like when:
You email her and yup, it’s her and you know the two of you will be friends because there is something almost tangible; you can taste it, feel it, and know it is there? And, she feels the same. Maybe you will be more than friends; you will connect in a way that is family, filling in those missing feelings of something not yet defined.

Like when:
Something whispers to you….a leaf falling, an angel wing just moved, a kitty miaowed, you felt a butterfly kiss.

Like when:
She loses her kitty in an instant of wanting to be a good pet person and a kitty enters your life. The two of you know about pets. You know about kitties; pulling them into your hearts to replace whatever it is that is hurting at the moment. Letting them stay there because they are…well….just wonderful and safe and warm and comforting and …..Kitties.

Like when:
You ask her, carefully, not wanting it to be a request but more of a suggestion. You have this feeling. You know this kitty loves you but it’s not exactly love…..what is the word or phrase? She lets you love her but temporarily because this kitty is special. She knows there is someone else that she needs to give her real kitty love to. And the vet says “She needs to be a one and only pet. If you keep her it will upset your mature cats. Maybe you should consider one of the kittens.” And, yes she has kittens; four of them that she shares with you.

Like when:
The answer is yes, then bumps in the road happen, then the wait is a bit longer, then it really happens.

Steve and I took a little trip this weekend. We really needed to get away from and out of this house. We drove to a beautiful place along a coast that is blessed with trees and water and a daughter-friend. A daughter-friend that has a voice like the sweetest version of Clair De
Lune, a smile that warms your heart, a laugh that reminds you of that whisper you heard; the angel wing fluttering, the kitty miaow.

We took SweetPea. We took her to her new home and momma. We took her to Angela that daughter-friend that I knew I would love, that has left a print on my heart just like SweetPea has. Pea has been there with Angela all along. Pea knew I was temporary. She heard the vet too. She picked out this woman, this girl, this daughter of mine.

All of the stars and the moons and the suns are lined up correctly. The cosmic force has done its work and all is right in the world of kittens, daughter-friends that love me and SweetPea

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Right foot, NO rosemary the other right foot!

As usual this didn't come out as clearly as I wanted. This is my winner ribbon for:


The classes were held at Alhambra Park located in Uptown Alhambra as compared to the area below Main Street. If you lived below Main you were on the wrong side of the tracks so to speak and the area where I lived, Edgewood Square, was smack in the center of the wrong side.

Alhambra Park and the area around it was beautiful. Most of the homes were at least 100 years old and sat on large pieces of land. The park was right in the middle of this area known as Lower Marino. The town just to the north of Alhambra was San Marino and very exclusive.

My folks were blue collar people. My dad was a long haul truck driver and my mother stayed at home playing at marriage and motherhood. We lived comfortably and I had everything I needed. Uptown girls came from parents that were doctors, dentists, business owners and entrepreneurial mothers as well. Many of these women owned clothing boutiques and handbag shops. One owned a car dealership with her brother, another a popular restaurant hang out for the high school kids. The 50's in Alhambra were prosperous. The children of Alhambra in the 50's reaped the benefits. There was a great deal of snobbery and competition and if you were, oh let's say, a skinny, under-developed, insecure girl, with frizzy hair and crooked teeth whose father drove a truck and her mother made her clothes, well, you were not exactly the right kind for that Alhambra. It only got worse once I was in high school, but I'll save that for another post.

I remember going to the dance classes and being one of the most popular wall flowers there. I was the only girl from below Main Street. All of the other girls were Uptown girls. I don't remember any of the boys from the class but I must have danced with one to have been a winner.

I love the names of the instructors; Mignon Callish and Bert Brooks.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A birthday

My dad would have been 104 today. I always thought of him as hard working and serious. I was wrong. As soon as I saw this picture I remembered my mom taking it. I was laughing at my dad and he was teasing telling me he was going to put tools in my purse. He has been gone 20 years and I still miss him everyday.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Go ahead, admit it all of you. You thought poor old rosemary of dial up days would never figure out how to post a video. HAH! Neener. It only took me three tries!

This is Jackson singing my song, my memories, my life.


Dave at utenzi tagged me with an interesting Meme.

Here goes, first with the rules and then with the answers and then with the tags.

1. You have to post these rules before you give the facts.

2. You must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

3. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

I don't have a middle name so lucky me I get to pick one and, while I am at it I am going to change the rules a bit. The name I am going to chose is an author's name and the name of a character from a book by Anita Shreve. Sian. Pretty name, right?

Since there are only 4 letters in this name I am going to list 4 facts that are good traits of mine and four that are not so good. AND, I am only going to tag two people. I'm old, I can change what I want.

Good stuff:

S: I am sensitive. I care about people's feelings and even my pet's feelings. I have apologized to the dogs and cats. I try not to hurt any one's feelings. I do need to be more sensitive to Steve's feelings, however. I'll work on that.

I. I am interested in other people's lives. I am not intrusive, but like to hear and read about their pasts and where they came from.

A. I am authentic. What you see and hear is what you get. No bullshit about rosemary.

N. I am a bit naughty. I swear sometimes like a truck driver and love bad (as in dirty) jokes. I think this is a good thing to have when you are over sixty. I can be irreverent and get away with it.

Bad stuff:

S: I am always stressed. A.L.W.A.Y.S. I worry about stuff that hasn't happened yet. I dream about being stressed, stress about being stressed and then stress some more.

I: I am easily irritated. It doesn't take much to piss me off. Being late irritates me, hairballs irritate me, Violet rolling in bear poop irritates me, Steve not flushing or putting the seat down irritates me, cooking, wash, dirty cars all irritate me.

A: I am prone to anxiety. See S.

N: I am noisy. I have a loud laugh, I talk loudly, I vacuum every day at warp 48 volume and slam doors a lot. The TV is always too loud when I have it on, so is the radio and when I play Cd's.

So, there you have my version of this Meme. Oh of course, there are a lot more bads about me, but I am trying to be conservative here and not show off.

I hereby officially tag two fellow Idahoans: Gina and cs. Carry on girls!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Can you see them?

The changes are subtle. I can see them. If I pointed them out you might think " I don't see anything. Where?"

Little by little they have crept into summer in August. Yes, it has been very hot this year and so it might seem that the heat alone is the reason of change. But it isn't.

The ferns are drooping a little. Two weeks ago they were standing tall and reaching upward. Now they are looking at their feet.

The thimbleberries have stopped offering snacks. Those sweet little buttons of fruit are gone; the berry pods are dry and the leaves are crisp at the edges.
That devil weed, spotted knapweed, has flowered and gone to seed already. We are surrounded by fields of it in neighboring forest land that no one tends. The frontage of the home across the street is filled with this silver-lavender curse. Summer breezes will huff and puff those seeds right over to our land and they will hide in places we might never see. They will repeat and repeat this invasion until they think they have won. But we are committed to pulling them out one at a time, watering them to death and throwing clover and grass seed where the seeds try to root.

The matriarch of the neighborhood is hosting her annual summer pot luck. We will visit with folks we only see at her place this one special time of year. But no matter, we will just take up the conversations where we left off last summer.

The bears have given up berry hunting in the hills and mountains. They are moving down to fill their bellies on bird seed and garden delights. We haven't seen them, but they are here. They leave big gifts on the lawn. Violet thinks they are just for her to roll in.

There were 2 turkeys in the yard yesterday. The honey bees are less in number at the hummingbird feeders. They don't annoy me quite as much when I sit outside.

We talked about getting the snow thrower tuned up before the winter rush.

The Kitten Chronicles are almost over. Everyone is settling in and only SweetPea has an adventure left.

Before Idaho my seasons were marked by warm, hot, hotter and life threatening heat. Now, seasons as mother nature designed them are checked off on the calendar, preparations for each time of year planned and life adjustments are made.

It has been in the low 40's in the early morning. A good time for spooning and pulling the light blanket up to our necks. There are still lots of hot, steamy days left in this summer of '07, but those subtle changes are there. I see them.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The little faces of love and why I'm not rich.

SweetPea. I am annoying her obviously. She has forgiven me everything. She is on her way to a new adventure, a new life (I'm thinking this will be # 4) and her little paw print will always be on my heart.

Emma. She is the image of her momma. She is playful, silly and can kick a a tennis ball. She loves me.

Guido. He miaows and miaows until I pick him up and hold him like a baby. He plays with a soft fuzzy ball. He loves me.

See this stuff? Little kitty treats that have a tiny hole in them where you tuck a pill if you need to give a kitten or cat medication. They are soft, you stick the pill in, pinch the hole closed and Wallah!! Pill taken. Why did I not think of this? I have stuck doggie pills in pieces of hot dogs for years and it worked. Damn.

My youngest son leaves today for Chicago for nationals. Gil and 5 other cyclists on his team will be competing in a 50 mile race. This is his first time competing in a national race. Kiss, kiss my boy; hear me yelling GO,GIL! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
My sweet daughter leaves today for Bangalore, India. She is going for her company to train the outsource workers. I was excited at first about her going there. She is taking a side trip to see the Taj Mahal. But, now I am worried. I love you Christine. Be safe and don't drink the water.

Friday, August 10, 2007

My special things

I watched The Secret DVD a month or so ago. I know millions of people have watched it, read the book or listened to the tape. It is kind of on the level of What the Bleep Do We Know. I only connected with one part of Bleep and only one comment stayed with me from The Secret. Maybe I'm not deep enough to have grasped The Secret, but this is what I remember: "Get up every morning and be grateful for what you have." And so today when I got up these were the things I was grateful for right as my feet hit the floor.

Three children and husband that love me in spite of me.

A granddaughter that loved the tea set I gave her and made violets her favorite flower. She just lost her first tooth and the Tooth Faerie left a Susan B. Anthony dollar for her that she took to the bank.

The man that loves me enough to bring me a red slipper from Kansas and a pot of delicate glass violets. (I need to dust that slipper!)

For a snow globe with a Violet inside from my daughter who gave us Violet the real doggie.

Babie my first kitten love; kiss, kiss, miss you every day sweet girl.

The iron scroll work Steve put up for me to make our metal airplane hanger look more like a home. See me in the window? I'm shaped like a shoebox!
Emma who is the image of and shy like her momma.

Two sweet boy kittens that love sitting in the window.

SweetPea who will have a new home in about a week. Yup, you read that right.

A grandson who went from street living in Haight-Ashbury (unknown female) to..
Living at home with his mom and adorable athletic brother.

When I really, really think about all of the things I am grateful for, oh my goodness how I have been blessed......Molly who calls me every day just to see how I am doing, Gina who never tires of my blog questions and has become so dear to me, finding blog friends that are angels in disguise, serving my community on the Library board, having a home that is comfortable and weird....I could go on but tears seem to be the daily experience right now and I need to stay hydrated.
BTW I read that Yasgur's Farm is for sale for 8 million. How about we all put in and buy it and start the first blog commune? I'm putting in 7 bucks right now.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Oh weary kitten stuff and wireless.

I was sitting on the couch last night, yoga legs all set to hold the laptop, read two blogs, satellite went out. It is back now but we are not sure if it was where I was sitting, if the satellite actually went down (the weather was perfect) or my laptop and all of the changes freaked out all at once. I'll catch up...just really ticks me off.

SweetPea is home all sterile and stitched. She is back to her old sweet self. She cuddled with me and forgave the dropping, the WallyWonderWorld cheap food I put out for her and the kittens, having to now use a litter box when dirt is much better for covering her business and for making her forage for dinner. She is simply wonderful. I am going to try and find a home for her rather than put her back outside. She deserves more now that she is in such good shape.

Guido is in the craft room. He is snooping all over the place and settling in. The dogs are at one door and Fuzz at another with his paw under the door feeling around for what ever it is that is miaowing. Emma and Houdini, fka four, are at the vets getting their baby makers clipped and taken out. Houdini needs a home and Emma will join Guido in the craft room. Luigi was taken home last night by one of the techs at the vet's office and I have been assured and re-assured he will be loved and will love his new momma.

So, I am crying for some stupid reason. For the first time last night I fell asleep knowing all of the little SweetPea family was safe and being cared for either by me or the vet. I just hope I can find good homes for SweetPea and Houdini. These animals have been through a lot and still can find it in their little hearts to forgive, trust me again and hopefully they will have the opportunity to give joy and love to another momma.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

More Kat C***, literally BREAKING NEWS!!!!


WE TRAPPED THE LAST KITTEN. WE FINALLY DID IT WITH A TRAIL OF KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN ON A PIECE OF CARDBOARD THAT LED INTO THE TRAP AND UP TO THE SPRING CATCH (MY IDEA)!!! One of the techs at the vet is taking three home....he is a cutie with half a white moustache looking all dapper in his tux! So, that leaves Emmie, Guido and four. If we decide to keep Emmie and Guido, then the only kitten that needs a home is four! Yippee! We did it! I feel like I have climbed Kilimanjaro!

OK, I know, you are all sick and tired of the Kitten Chronicles....and it hopefully will all end soon.

Took SweetPea howling at the top of her lungs to the vet yesterday for the surgery. We had left her in the trap is 4 feet long and almost 2 feet wide and high. I had a really hard decision to make and the vet I know was leaning against not doing the operation. She was farther along in her pregnancy than I thought and if I was willing to keep her in the garage for another month and then 6 weeks after that she could have her litter and we could get back on the merry-go-round we are on now....without exits most days. I decided to go ahead with the surgery. And it was done at noon. We will board her until Friday and then keep her in the garage for a few days, get a bell collar for her and hope she will come to trust us again before winter. We are thinking of making some sort of "nest" for her in the pole building where she will be warm and safe. Steve wants to put a heated dog house out there but the vet said it might attract a lot of other critters. He also is talking about putting in a kitty door with one of those radio collars that will only open it......very costly for a stray but we have time to figure it out.

We then hauled the quads minus one in for their checkups. The vet thinks they are closer to 16 weeks old, so SweetPea had been hiding them for a long while before letting me see them. We left the boys for their "clipping" this morning and the girl goes back tomorrow for her surgery. So, these kittens have gone from junker cars to a Mercedes. Between pre-op lab work, HIV, Leukemia and a ton of other tests, shots (3 each) and worm liquid I bet we are going to be sitting on a 4 figure bill. Excuse me but HOLY CRAP!

Steve wants to keep the female he has named.....Emma/Emmie fka one. And I want to keep the male loosely called Guido fka two. The vet thinks a male would be easier for Drake to adjust to and a female for Fuzz...but then either will be a problem for Sophie because she thinks she is a Princess and Mimi will see them as a chance to steal some really good, fattening food. What ever.....I know we will keep at least one of them.

Now, for the high speed stuff. It is AWESOME. I was actually able to watch and listen to a video yesterday without all of the jerking, stopping, stalling crud that made me give up before! Wonderful. Auld Hat left a comment that maybe now I can start re-commenting on my blog. That makes several of my friends that have told me to do that, so I will really try.

I am still having a few problems and discovered that "live chat" with HughesNet works quite well. I just log on and act like Gracie Allen and get step by step instructions to fix stuff. Takes some time but if it works then it is worth it.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Busy, busy busy....

We caught SweetPea in the trap late yesterday evening. We were shocked to see her. We have yet to entice the last kitten in. SweetPea went to the vet's this morning at 9AM, will have surgery hopefully this afternoon. There are a lot of variables......Leukemia test results, how far along she is, and other vet speak that I was overwhelmed with. The 3 kittens go into the vet's this afternoon for check ups, lab work, de-worming and what ever else it is kittens need....shots, etc. They will not be happy campers at all.

This has been a very expensive rescue-let's-do-the-right-thing-for-these-cats-that-didn't-deserve-this-kind-of-treatment. Had I known that SweetPea could have been spayed while pregnant, regardless of how adorable the kittens are, I would have done that the first week after she was dumped. As it is, she has turned pretty much wild, I lost her trust when I dropped her, three kittens have an iffy future and so much more.

I know it seems that I am intense about all of the kitty stuff and some of you may think I am silly, but you know, we are two old farts that have no family around and our pets, and now this little feline family, have been and have become our focus. Take this as a warning.......getting old miaows!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Family Pix!

Quick post...I have some news other than kitten updates.....although as you can see there is a pix of kittens! And here goes the update. One is walking towards me, two is the one watching one and three is hiding in the pink crate. I'm afraid if I name them too quickly I will become way too attached. Thank you for all of the super fantastic name suggestions. They go to the vet tomorrow and I will talk to her about the possibility of keeping one. We have yet to catch the fourth kitten, but it is still around sounding pitiful in the pole building. We have used anchovies, real tuna and kitten food. Not good enough apparently. The three of them will let me hold them; one and two are really affectionate and three still a bit afraid. They are all adorable. No sign of SweetPea.

Now for the real news. I am using wireless. I whined and whined and then whined some more about how slow the dial up had become. I could only read maybe three blogs an hour. Honestly. If there were lots of pix or graphics, forget it. Videos? Nope. So, I am sure some of you have noticed I have not been visiting. I would bring up a blog and then go do some house work, come back and there were still things to load. So, Steve called HughesNet, the guy came out, fixed something, blah, blah, router, blah, blah and here I sit. There are still bugs to work out like how to use Outlook rather than the Hughes email and I am going to call this morning and see if I can get some help. I will visit everyone as soon as I can get it all figured out! YIPPEE.

Saturday, August 04, 2007








Friday, August 03, 2007

Kitten Central: News Flash.....and another flash

NEWS BREAK # 2: 1 PM PST. WE HAVE ANOTHER KITTEN!! IT IS EITHER TWO OR FOUR. I'M THINKING FOUR. Now there are two terrified kittens that managed to hiss at me!

Seems the first trap we bought was too small and not smart enough for the kittens. It was an LT2, a Chevy model. The LT3 was sold out; a Cadillac model. The LT4, a Mercedes, just happened to be in stock, so $79.95 plus tax later, it was set up in the pole building with a plate of kitty tuna inside.

All four kittens came out to inspect it while we sat a distance away and watched. I have given the kittens number names; one is the smallest but most friendly, two is the biggest, hungriest and next in line with friendly, three has amber eyes and is skittish, four is seldom seen but when I watch them play at night, the happiest.

Guess which one we caught last night? One. It was terrified, and still is. We put it in the old laundry room and it has stayed behind the totes for the most part. It did come out sometime during the night, walked across the litter box and pooped on the bed I had fixed for it. So, I put the poop in the litter box and hopefully it will get the message. Of course, it needs to start eating and drinking first. I am worried that we will never catch the other kittens. The shelter told me that if we caught two of them we should consider our plan successful. If scaring off SweetPea and now one of the kittens with trapping and the other three are at the moment MIA is success......huumm, I wonder how badly I would have to feel at failure because I feel horrible at the moment.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Where's Mom? and a breaking story

Here is a class photo of my mother's class in grammar school at St. Joseph's Academy in Portsmouth. She is right smack in the middle of the middle row, the tallest in the line. I don't know what kind of shoes she had on or if she was standing on a mom was never taller than 5' 2". So, she was"height" enhanced somehow or had reached her full height at the age of 6. As I look at all of these girls I am reminded of the Little Rascals TV show and how those kids were dressed. They may all be in the same uniform but the shoes and socks are a totally different story.
Breaking kitten story: One HaveAHart trap; $37.99 plus tax, check. One can of kitten tuna; $0.49, check. One catnip stuffed mouse; $2.99, check. Tuna and mouse duct taped to trap pan, check. Watching one kitten steal the food in one paw swipe and run out of the trap before the door snapped shut; priceless. Damn, outsmarted by a kitten.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sweet Charile and a SweetPea update

Today marks the first anniversary of losing Charlie. I love him as much today as I did the first day we brought him home, maybe more. He was my best companion, confidant and the doggie love of my life. Kiss, kiss Charlie.

SweetPea and the kittens; what a mess. Hindsight is of course 20/20. If I had only, only, only. She is pregnant again...crap. She is getting less and less friendly. It didn't help that I tried to get her into the garage for safe keeping before the surgery that was scheduled for today and she freaked, sliced the crap out of my arm, I dropped her and she was gone for 2 days. Surgery cancelled. She came back for a snack of Pine Siskin last night and she acted almost like she was going to let me pet her and then she landed on a piece of wood the wrong way, slipped and freaked and not a fuzzy hair to be seen since.

I bought a Have-A-Heart trap and will do my best to get the kittens. I have called the Humane Society and they will do a "Pediatric Spay" for some $$$$ and then maybe they will be more attractive for adoption. I have only seen 3 babies but several hawks over the last few days. Yup, just a mess. I was so upset yesterday when Pea ran off again. But, then I sat down and tried to figure out why I was so upset. I think that this is the very first time I have not been able to charm a cat. Yes, she found us and was friendly. Yes, there was a 3 week period when I thought she was happily settled next door having maternity care when in fact she was under a junker car taking care of herself and the kittens. Yes, I let too much time go by before acting on my plan...but that is the hindsight stuff that I can't do one little thing about. So, I will set the trap tonight and hope for the best.