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William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Friday, August 31, 2007

Alerts.....crap literally.....they are coming out of the woodwork

First: These are the headings of the alerts my daughter has gotten while in India. I can't copy and paste the actual alert for some reason. They are bright yellow and come from the government office of the Grand Poobah.

From: GM International Security Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2007 10:42 AMTo: Subject: International Security Alert: Cholera Outbreak - Orissa, IndiaImportance: High
Status: Watch

From: GM International SecuritySent: Sun 08/26/2007 8:05 PMTo: Subject: International Security Alert: Terrorism - Andhra Pradesh, India
Status: Watch

So, first there are terrorist bombings, now there is a Cholera outbreak. The Prez of the foreign country left today....his guards were sleeping on the floor in the hallway when my daughter got back to the hotel from work.

I have tried and tried and tried some more to upload a newspaper clipping from the Letters to the Editor in our local newspaper....won't work. I keep getting some weird damn code crap from blogger and I am tired of trying. I am just going to type the part of the letter that made me LMAO and embarrassed me....after all I live in Idaho. I knew someone if not many Idahoans would come out of the woodwork in defense of Larry Craig's toileting habits. I don't think I have ever posted a political blog and I just couldn't resist this one time. The Larry Craig scandal is right here in our backyard and it is well known how Republican and conservative Idaho is. The best part of the letter reads "IN THE FIRST PLACE MR. KEYES (he's the editor of the paper in Sandpoint, The Daily Bee)YOUR INFORMATION HAS NO DOUBT COME FROM THE REST OF THE LIBERAL MEDIA WHO ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR A REASON TO SLAM CONSERVATIVES IN GENERAL. TO ME THIS FIASCO SMACKS OF A POLITICAL SETUP. I WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED IF THE COP INVOLVED IS GAY HIMSELF AND WAS HIRED BY THE DEMOCRATS TO INVENT THE WHOLE DARN THING."

I hope I don't offend anyone, but this person is a shining example of why Idaho has the reputation of being a backward state.

The doctor appointment made for a really long day yesterday.....gee, news flash, I have asthma. I have 2 scripts; one for a pill and another for an inhaler. I won't them fill until Steve and I can do some research on drug interactions, effects on patients with HBP, and blocking Calcium uptake. Ya, that's right, I am a "bad" patient, want to run my own show and be involved in my own care...what a concept. Besides that, the doc I saw was the age of my son and a bit full of himself.

My oldest son turned 45 today. To say that I love this boy more than words can express is making small of my feelings for him. He is struggling. He is trying to raise his children alone...his daughter is with her mother at the moment due to a HUGE mess last summer but she may be coming back soon. He is trying to pay his bills, keep his home, have some sort of a social life if possible and just be responsible. It is tough for him. I love him.

PS: The 2 YouTube videos I posted have gone POOF....maybe they didn't want me representing them.


Jennie said...

Well, you've said a post-full. I guess I didn't realize your daughter was out of the country. I hope she is safe...yeah, the gay cop set-up thing...uh huh, that's prolly what happened there...asthma, yikes. That scares me. When I first met my hubby he had allergy induced asthma and it was scary! For him and me! But good for you for checking it out, those things happen a lot - med reactions....happy birthday to your boy. Sounds like a fine fellow. I'm sure he is, with you as a mom.

Nunnie's Attic said...

Sorry about the asthma thing...I have it, my son, my dad, my brother, my nephew. It sucks. Be on the lookout for your inhaler to go bye-byes. The FDA in their infinite wisdom, has decided that the propellant in the inhaler, while not bad for the environment, still poses a risk to the ozone layer. So they may stop manufacturing it. You're familiar with the ozone layer aren't you? You know the one that makes it hard to breathe...

Cazzie!!! said...

Happy birthday son.

Scary stuff those emails to your daughter.

I laughed reading what you copied from the article, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where the videos poofed to? Maybe it's another gay conspiracy.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Happy Birthday to your son. I'm sorry he's battling custody issues. That just stinks... as does the fact that your daughter is out of the country and in a (sounds like) dangerous area.

I don't read the news much, so I'll have to look into the Senator thing. Sounds interesting...

kenju said...

Too bad you have asthma, rosemary. You'll have to quit cleaning so much, won't you? Or wear a mask?

Larry Craig is probably guilty as sin. He looks it.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh wow, Rosemary sounds like you and i have the same problem when it comes to our son's, mine just moved here and is really having a terrible time.
Sorry about the asthma can't be fun.And yes be sure to research as much as possible. one pill requires another one for the effect it has on the problem they are giving it to you for in the first place.

more cowbell said...

Rosemary, don't worry too much about the email alerts from the consulates/embassies/etc. They have to send those partly as a CYA. Of course, caution is always advised, but it's really normal for those to go out quite often. We used to get them all the time in Hungary, and even in Germany. If we lived according to the alerts, we'd have never left the house. We were safer there than here.

A gay conspiracy, eh? Damn liberals. Always messing up the Republican values system.

Good thoughts to your son -- it ain't easy.

cs said...

Hey Rose:
Take care with that asthma stuff. As you well know, nothing to sneeze about!

I hate to say it but the state of I-DON'T-KNOW is not much unlike where your sweet daughter is at the present moment. They are both a land of their own that's for sure, although the countryside is what brought us up has its +'s and -'s that's for sure!

Prayers for both of you girls...hugs

Joan said...

Hope your daughter stays safe and healthy and I hope life gets easier for your son. It's never easy being a mom, is it?

Sorry to read about your asthma. My nephew and BIL have mild cases but I know they have to be very careful. And I dont blame you for wanting to investigate things for yourself. We all need to be our own advocates when it comes to medical issues. Good for you!

Sling said...

Happy birthday to oldest son!

Way to stay on top of the whole asthma treatment thing rosie.Don't let 'em practice that "turnstyle" medicine on you.

Lorraine said...

Happy birthday to your son. Your pride and love are evident. Such a good mommy you are.

The Child's godmom is going to India in a few weeks. She can barely move her arms for all the shots she had to have to travel.