There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Friday, August 17, 2007

Can you see them?

The changes are subtle. I can see them. If I pointed them out you might think " I don't see anything. Where?"

Little by little they have crept into summer in August. Yes, it has been very hot this year and so it might seem that the heat alone is the reason of change. But it isn't.

The ferns are drooping a little. Two weeks ago they were standing tall and reaching upward. Now they are looking at their feet.

The thimbleberries have stopped offering snacks. Those sweet little buttons of fruit are gone; the berry pods are dry and the leaves are crisp at the edges.
That devil weed, spotted knapweed, has flowered and gone to seed already. We are surrounded by fields of it in neighboring forest land that no one tends. The frontage of the home across the street is filled with this silver-lavender curse. Summer breezes will huff and puff those seeds right over to our land and they will hide in places we might never see. They will repeat and repeat this invasion until they think they have won. But we are committed to pulling them out one at a time, watering them to death and throwing clover and grass seed where the seeds try to root.

The matriarch of the neighborhood is hosting her annual summer pot luck. We will visit with folks we only see at her place this one special time of year. But no matter, we will just take up the conversations where we left off last summer.

The bears have given up berry hunting in the hills and mountains. They are moving down to fill their bellies on bird seed and garden delights. We haven't seen them, but they are here. They leave big gifts on the lawn. Violet thinks they are just for her to roll in.

There were 2 turkeys in the yard yesterday. The honey bees are less in number at the hummingbird feeders. They don't annoy me quite as much when I sit outside.

We talked about getting the snow thrower tuned up before the winter rush.

The Kitten Chronicles are almost over. Everyone is settling in and only SweetPea has an adventure left.

Before Idaho my seasons were marked by warm, hot, hotter and life threatening heat. Now, seasons as mother nature designed them are checked off on the calendar, preparations for each time of year planned and life adjustments are made.

It has been in the low 40's in the early morning. A good time for spooning and pulling the light blanket up to our necks. There are still lots of hot, steamy days left in this summer of '07, but those subtle changes are there. I see them.


jan said...

I've been wondering about your bears. How nice of them to leave gifts for violet on your lawn instead of going, you know, in the woods.

Stephanie said...

So did you see where I was going in the last part of my last post?

kenju said...

Mr. kenju mentioned yesterday that the shadows are longer now. But it was 95* at 7pm as I drove home from work and it was 82* when I went to work this morning. Sure doesn't seem like fall....LOL

Sling said...

Rosie..I think that there is a wonderfully fatalistic timbre to this post.
Isn't the ebb and flow of the seasons something to marvel at?
It's how we mark the times of our life.
You have made some simple,yet comforting observations.

madretz said...

I can't really say that I see any changes in sunny California where we have 3 seasons...some would argue not even that many. :) It's still hot august days here.
have a wonderful neighborhood party!

Mom said...

What a beautiful post!
Your forest sounds like a lovely places to watch the seasons ebb and flow.
We are going to Yellowstone in two weeks. I am looking forward to enjoying the mountains and the forests.

Jennie said...

Lovely post! We must be thinking alike Rosemary. I have a similar post for tomorrow. The changes are sneaking in on us in the east too. Today is a GLORIOUS day, warm, but breezy with the slightest chill, sunny, blue skies. I love jeans weather and can't wait for autumn.

cs said...

Yes, Rose, we have noticed the longer shadows, the drooping, the turning of several bushes that paint a rich contrast of rust and dark green on the rocky hills. The cool crisp air in the morning is back as the Twinks and I watch the huge red ball of fire rise over the Selkirks at 5:15 am. We look over across the prairie to see the checkerboards of colors of green brown and yellow wheat. The mint is gone now. I will have to wait another year to pilfer some more. Alas, my favorite season is near.

rosemary said...

To all: Sling was right...there is a fatalistic feeling as each season more ways than one. I am growing older, time is marching much faster than I would like and the opportunities that younger days offered are fleeting. Such is the season of change.

Middle Child said...

And here in Australia, the mulberries are all green on the tree, grevillia trees are going crazy, the birds are so hungry and there is a lighter feeling...spring is close...

Anonymous said...

oooh, that naughty little Violet!