There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The little faces of love and why I'm not rich.

SweetPea. I am annoying her obviously. She has forgiven me everything. She is on her way to a new adventure, a new life (I'm thinking this will be # 4) and her little paw print will always be on my heart.

Emma. She is the image of her momma. She is playful, silly and can kick a a tennis ball. She loves me.

Guido. He miaows and miaows until I pick him up and hold him like a baby. He plays with a soft fuzzy ball. He loves me.

See this stuff? Little kitty treats that have a tiny hole in them where you tuck a pill if you need to give a kitten or cat medication. They are soft, you stick the pill in, pinch the hole closed and Wallah!! Pill taken. Why did I not think of this? I have stuck doggie pills in pieces of hot dogs for years and it worked. Damn.

My youngest son leaves today for Chicago for nationals. Gil and 5 other cyclists on his team will be competing in a 50 mile race. This is his first time competing in a national race. Kiss, kiss my boy; hear me yelling GO,GIL! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
My sweet daughter leaves today for Bangalore, India. She is going for her company to train the outsource workers. I was excited at first about her going there. She is taking a side trip to see the Taj Mahal. But, now I am worried. I love you Christine. Be safe and don't drink the water.


Michele said...

Oh my, such beautiful kitty faces... I love the black and white patchwork... absolutely stunning...


cs said...


I love it! Rose your sweetness about it all brings such joyful moments. I gotta run...last supper..will explain your blog and family---all of them!

kenju said...

Go Gil & be careful Christine.

I love your kitties, and why wouldn't they love you?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Those kitties are all so sweet! Pretty ingenious about the pill hiders, too. One way to pill a cat (w/o those) is to wrap them in a towel, like a burrito, put the pill as far back in their mouth as possible and real quick blow in their face. It triggers a swallow reaction for some reason.

Dan said...

Lulu is sitting on my keyboard, staring at the screen and purring.

OK, not really. She's asleep back there somewhere. I just thought that the other story sounded cuter.

Anonymous said...

Hi SweetPea!

jan said...

There are all kinds of definitions of rich. I'd say you were many kinds of rich.

Stephanie said...

AWWWWW I wish I could have a kitty at my house!!!! Good luck umberto....
Love you GIGI

Mom said...

A woman who loves kittens and has children who make her proud is a very rich woman.

Sling said...

*A poem in honor of Sweet-Pea*

Pussycat,pussycat,where have you been?

I've been to the city to see Doctor McQuinn.

Pussycat,pussycat,what did he do?

I've grown fat and lazy,that will give you a clue!

..sorry..It's what I got.
Oh,..beautiful animals btw!.. ;)

utenzi said...

Those are very sweet kittie faces, Rosemary. No doubt they're all planning something tho. Cats are nefarious for that sort of thing. ;-)

I've nominated you for a meme over on my blog. Participation is voluntary, of course.

Joan said...

Awwww...what sweet little kitties! If they'd only stay this cute and cuddly.

And I hope your son and daughter have wonderful times on their separate adventures.

rosemary said...

Michele: I have a 10 yr. old tuxedo that looks a lot like SweetPea...but HUGE.

cs: Yup, all those K things.

kenju: Oh, maybe because I have them locked in a room. But we put up gates so everyone can say hello now.

ETW: I will never put my fingers in a feline mouth again. If the pill holders were 10 bucks each that would be cheap for the convenience.

Lulu is beautyful..Fuzz still wants her to move to Idaho.

Hat: Sending kisses.

Jan & mom: I am rich, you are right. I just wish some days it was refelcted in my bank account. If only I could deduct the cats on my taxes!

Steph: Hi AnthonEy...fKeep good wishes for hin on Sunday. Tough course.

Sling: Your talent knows no limits...a poet!

utenzi: I am wise to most of their trix....but these two are pretty crafty I have to admit.

Joan: Guido is growing already. Emma will be small like her momma, she was the runt.

cs said...

Back from the "last Supper" had to join W. Watchers...cholesterol off the charts again...simply no discipline in my old age.First meeting last night...ughh.

Rose, the kids are right off your wonderful peach tree dahling. They will be "watched over" and do very well in their adventures. Sounds like oodles of fun.

Remember how we were in those days...full of energy, laughter, no aches adn pains...oh gawd...

Middle Child said...

Lovely cats....

your daughter will be okay...just take care with your own heart...its sooo hard sending them off...letting them go...

Anonymous said...

Aw, cute cat! Cool blog, too.