There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Look to the heavens.

You know how sometimes something just happens that is right at a time when you least expect it? Those words that are just thrown around actually have meaning all at once; destiny, fate, serendipitous…..maybe even cosmic.

Like when:
You meet a blogger friend, so enjoy her daily blog and love her writing on her other blog.

Like when:
She eventually leaves and you keep going back to the blogs just in case, but then they just disappear?

Like when:
A new blogger appears and you have that feeling, the feeling you know her? Is it? Maybe? Yes?

Like when:
You email her and yup, it’s her and you know the two of you will be friends because there is something almost tangible; you can taste it, feel it, and know it is there? And, she feels the same. Maybe you will be more than friends; you will connect in a way that is family, filling in those missing feelings of something not yet defined.

Like when:
Something whispers to you….a leaf falling, an angel wing just moved, a kitty miaowed, you felt a butterfly kiss.

Like when:
She loses her kitty in an instant of wanting to be a good pet person and a kitty enters your life. The two of you know about pets. You know about kitties; pulling them into your hearts to replace whatever it is that is hurting at the moment. Letting them stay there because they are…well….just wonderful and safe and warm and comforting and …..Kitties.

Like when:
You ask her, carefully, not wanting it to be a request but more of a suggestion. You have this feeling. You know this kitty loves you but it’s not exactly love…..what is the word or phrase? She lets you love her but temporarily because this kitty is special. She knows there is someone else that she needs to give her real kitty love to. And the vet says “She needs to be a one and only pet. If you keep her it will upset your mature cats. Maybe you should consider one of the kittens.” And, yes she has kittens; four of them that she shares with you.

Like when:
The answer is yes, then bumps in the road happen, then the wait is a bit longer, then it really happens.

Steve and I took a little trip this weekend. We really needed to get away from and out of this house. We drove to a beautiful place along a coast that is blessed with trees and water and a daughter-friend. A daughter-friend that has a voice like the sweetest version of Clair De
Lune, a smile that warms your heart, a laugh that reminds you of that whisper you heard; the angel wing fluttering, the kitty miaow.

We took SweetPea. We took her to her new home and momma. We took her to Angela that daughter-friend that I knew I would love, that has left a print on my heart just like SweetPea has. Pea has been there with Angela all along. Pea knew I was temporary. She heard the vet too. She picked out this woman, this girl, this daughter of mine.

All of the stars and the moons and the suns are lined up correctly. The cosmic force has done its work and all is right in the world of kittens, daughter-friends that love me and SweetPea


Middle Child said...

Wow! And we humans think we can affect the Universe and the laws which govern it...???

A wonderful story Rosemary. The older we get the more we understand about this stuff...

some of us are blessed when you recognise something like this for what it is.

Anonymous said...

lol, I can practically FEEL the eyeballs rolling of every cynic in the world. I'm flipping them off. I know my mamma would approve.

Mom said...

God is good. what a sweet story. You a a nice lady.

Jennie said...

That's a wonderful story and star alignment Rosemary! You two (three) are really blessed.

Lorraine said...

Happy happy joy joy.

Lilli & Nevada said...

that was wonderful i liked that.

rosemary said...

Thank you have no idea how wonderful this all so many ways.

Anonymous said...

Hat, I'm the biggest cynic in the world and this has melted my heart like nothing before.

Rosemary, you were sent from above and you have made the world better.

God bless the both of you, and the magical cat that has cemented this bond. Muah!

cs said...

You're the best Rose...SweetPea was truly blessed. God put that beuiatiful little critter rigth where she needed to be and you answered. You're the bestest!

more cowbell said...

Sweet Pea is a sparkle princess, and so are you.

gina said...

This post was way better than I ever imagined it would be. I am so excited about SweetPea and Hat and you getting to meet her and vice SHE knows what I've known all along....YOU are AMAZING!!!