There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just a blip for now.

We interrupt this broadcast for a brief update:

The kittens at large: Luigi who went to live with one of the vet techs from our vet's office decided he wanted to live at the techs neighbor's house. He just waltzed over there one day and refuses to come back to his original home. So, Cindy has let him stay there. He is loved, an only cat and stays inside for the most part. They kept his name.

Houdini has adjusted nicely. He is an inside/outside cat and has an older female cat to pal with. He is not terribly fond of his human but does let her feed him and pet him. She kept his name as well.

Ask hat about SweetPea. I think Pea is training hat quite well.

Remember the possibility of trips to Qatar and Hong Kong? I am not going. Long story that would just turn me into a ball of flames hurtling towards outer space should I put it into words.

The kittens slept until 4:30 AM. Wonder of wonders.

The head thing when I fell out of the camper onto the blacktop parking lot...I had gone into the camper to get sodas to drink with our Sonic is less tender, but I have this nagging eye discomfort; not pain really just annoying. I will make a doctor appointment; promise.

The stress factor that I thought was the reason I was not feeling well was not the cause of said not feeling well. I am sick.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y. nuthin cuter

This is demon Emma FKA sweet Emma. She is all about making crazy. She can chase her tail for at least 3 minutes non stop. She can climb a bare wall. She can bite all of my toes through a down blanket that now has holes in it where the down is sticking out. She can sleep on my face and not notice that I am not breathing. The moment after I took this picture she jumped onto my chest holding on with her yet to be clipped nails because she won't stay still long enough for us to do that and climbed to my neck where she draped herself like a kitten stole and kissed my cheek. Umm hum, she has me just coiled around her little paws. Add to the blanket.... 2 blinds, several throws, a birdhouse, the futon cover, a throw rug....all of which now are fringed, shredded and much loved by Miss Emma Lee.

Guido taking a bath. He is getting "beefy." I think, looking at the size of his paws, that he is going to be ah bigga boy and live up to his name. He is sweet, lovable and stays as far away from his sister as he can when she is "playing." He sleeps next to my shoulder and purrs. BTW, play time is between midnight and 4AM.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stick 'em up.

You all remember Grandmother Minnie don't you? She's the grandmother that never knew my name, called me "girl" and gave me a penny every summer when we went to Ohio and Virginia on vacation. The look on her face in this picture says everything I remember about her...sour, non talkative and judgemental.

In the picture next to her is my grandfather, William Henry. He was a master carpenter and brick layer. He didn't know my name either and didn't even bother to call me girl or anything else. I don't remember him ever talking to me period. He looks really good in this picture. It was taken at my Aunt Marcella's apartment in the living room. See the shoes he is wearing? My dad always wore the same style; Romeos.

I can't imagine these two people being married and having a whole bushel of kids.

That my father loved his parents was obvious. He was attentive and affectionate with them, visited his mother every summer until she died, visited his father several times a month, paid many of his father's bills and for care in an "old folks" home when he was unable to participate in the activities of daily living.

Proof that I was a bad-gun-totin-babe at 4 or 5. This was taken in front of my grandfather's trailer in El Monte, Calif. It was parked on a huge lot with other trailers and sad looking homes made of scraps of wood and tar paper. With me are my cousins Billy and Carol Anne. They lived in El Centro. Billy had the nappy hair trait that Carol Anne and I were lucky to have missed! My dad and Uncle Pete made the "horsey" that Billy is sitting on. I spent a lot of time at my grandfather's trailer over the years. He was a smelly old man that chewed tobacco and shaved infrequently...bathing was optional on Saturdays. He had a scroungy dog named Lassie. I was never allowed in his trailer...before my dad and I would leave for a visit my mother would lecture me about how important it was to use good hygiene after using the bathroom. We would stop at a gas station before we got there and I would use the restroom and stop again after we left. I don't remember much about my grandfather....he eventually lived in an "old folks home." It was literally old three story converted home with a bunch of rooms that old people lived in . I remember visiting him one last time and he was sitting on the porch of the home in a rocking chair. He died shortly after that visit and my dad was broken hearted.
I'm the old person now.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Time and days.....

The laundry is done, the camper emptied and cleaned, kitty hair vacuumed up, Steve has already left on a business trip until Thursday, my head still hurts, the kittens moved to our bedroom for more socialization, the lawn is mowed and Dancing With The Stars was only so-so. Life is back to normal.

I really enjoyed seeing the kids even if it was a short trip. The drive was awful but the destination was what mattered. The weather cooperated but the big rig drivers did not. The grand kids are awesome but the freeway traffic is horrific. Read this statement and know I mean it with every bone in my body and every breath I take from this moment forward.....I will never take another road trip in that truck with the camper where we have to be back by a certain date or else. I will never again sleep in the camper at a rest stop with all of the truckers and their generators. I will never take another trip in that truck with the camper pulling a trailer.

Tomorrow the grandpa post.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


We are home; we are safe; we are still married, we still love each other (we decided it was too expensive to get rid of each other), the dogs feel great.... after trying hard to be neighborhood dogs and failing they were happy to run in the forest. Today is Lorraine's birthday and I am not at the party....sniff, sniff and more sniff. I have had a headache for almost a week....yes, as a result of the fall. I am home and I am alive.

I will visit everyone tomorrow.

Monday, September 17, 2007


We have arrived in California safely.....sort of.

Saturday: ETD? 10AM, actual DT, 12:20PM.

Got to Coeur d Alene at 1:30, stopped for lunch at Del Taco (CDA is 50 miles from home).

So, Saturday here is what happened. Drive, gas, dogs out to potty, drive, gas, dogs out to potty, eat while driving, drive until 11 PM sleep at a rest stop outside of Salem, Oregon. We passed along the way the turn off for Hats', Lorraine's, Cowbell and probably some other bloggers I have never met.

Sunday: See Saturday with just a few little exceptions. We got off I-5 for lunch; Sonic burger (yup, to hell with watching the ole cholesterol). I had already taken the dogs out to potty and gotten them settled back in the truck. I went into the camper which entails climbing up on the hitch of the trailer....I got sodas for I was backing out of the camper big ass first, I slipped off the hitch and fell flat on my back onto the blacktop of the bank parking lot where we had parked. I have a bump on the back of my head the size of an orange, bruised my arms, and my left hip big time....rang a few bells too. So, we sat in the parking lot for about an hour to be sure I wasn't going to have a seizure, pass out or throw up and hit the road again.

Steve wanted to try and drive straight through....he becomes possessed once he is on the road but we stopped at a rest stop in Button Willow. We passed sling's turn off yesterday.

We spent as much time on the 405 trying to get to my daughter's as we did driving from the rest stop to the 405....the traffic here is an absolute nightmare.

And here we are. We will stay here until Thursday morning when Steve wants to leave at 5AM (see Saturday's departure time) and try to be home by Friday night late. See possessed Steve comment.

I won't be able to blog again until I get home....we will be visiting and driving and trying to keep all of the dogs away from each other's throats; my daughter has 4 and then there are our 2 and it is an interesting mix. Penelope is totally freaked by my daughter's dogs for some reason (3 Boston Terriers and a Lab puppy); the same Penelope that was a former street walker, official greeter, sometimes left alone by her former owners for days and foraged deer, bear and moose poop to keep from getting hungry Penelope.

Kisses to all of you for looking in on the babies....all 6 (six) of them. Could someone just vacuum and dust a tiny bit for me?

Friday, September 14, 2007

The facts of life according to rosemary

How does that saying go? God doesn't give us what we can't handle, He gives us help with the handling. I'm sure I've got it wrong, but you know what I mean.

Every so often I need to get my stuff in a pile and sort it out. I get so caught up in the bull shit minutia of day to day and so stressed about things that have no importance that I forget to keep my eye on the big picture. If I don't get my house work done by noon I stress. If breakfast gets interrupted by Steve's office phone I get upset. Gawd forbid I don't do my housework for one day.....I am absolutely positive if I missed a day the planet earth as we know it would turn into a bunch of dust ball planets that spell ORECK.

Fact: Vacuuming is the way I earn my place on this earth. It is the way I make amends....I clean my environment because that is all I can control.

Fact: I am a bitch. I bitch a lot. Steve was warned when he met me; I told him straight up.

Fact: I have not mellowed one single bit. Not even a teentsy eentsy bit.

Fact: I have some growing up to do. The world does not revolve around me.

Fact: Life gets in the way of living. If I don't get some living done and soon, I will no longer be living.

Fact: Everything that goes wrong is not my fault. It is most of the time but not every time.

Fact: I agreed to move to Sandpoint. I jumped on the wagon and said giddayup. I really, really, really need to deal with that because we are not going anywhere.

Fact: I'd live anywhere Steve was.

Fact: One moment in time should not define the rest of our lives. We've let it.

Fact: No amount of saving and loving kitties will make up for not protecting my children.

Fact: I've grown old and I don't like it. Feeling 30 does not make a 62 year old body act like it is 30.

Fact: Regardless.....the sun will rise and set, the moon will hang high in the sky and I will continue to wish we would win the lottery.

Fact: This too shall pass and the importance of loving, sharing and bickering will return.

Fact: We leave on a week long driving trip tomorrow (picture a big red Ford-250 with a bed-over-cab camper towing a 16' trailer; yup, Ma and Pa Kettle or the Clampett's).

I think the time together and seeing our kids will do us both a lot of good. I'll be back Sunday the 23rd. Will you all keep an eye on the place for me and check on the kitties every once in a while? There are 6 of them and they are experts at diversion, finding hiding places and sadly destruction in many forms.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The order of business.

1. Last year on this date I posted about some idiot firing off a gun in the early hours of the morning. I made the assumption it was a hunter out poaching deer in our neighborhood. They fired again this morning. I know why this year and it has nothing to do with poaching deer. This is a sad day in many ways. 9/11 remembered, a war with no purpose, more American soldiers losing their lives in the war with no purpose, just a sad day.

2. Some of you may have noticed that I have not been posting every day. I also have not been visiting all of my blog friends every day. That is a great loss for me because I so very much enjoy your blogs and having all of you as friends.

There is a lot going on at home right now and will be for a while to come. I am not going to go into detail because it is just a huge mess and if I actually put everything down into actual words I might just lose it. Not that I am ever very far from the edge of the cliff....but....

Please, please if I don't post every day, don't forget about me. I will visit as often as I can.

We are going to be gone next week and I won't have computer access, so for sure there will be no posts from the 15th through the 23rd.

Love you all,

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Welcome home sweetheart

My daughter is on her way home. She is in the air going to Frankfurt then California=home.

She had a good time: Co-workers, Indian working force, sightseeing, Indian food, shopping.
She had a bad time: Three terrorist alerts, one Cholera alert, two dignitaries with armed guards on her hotel floor (the guards slept most of the time), poverty the instant she stepped outside the hotel compound, children begging, homeless tents, and dogs and cows starving in the streets.

She took some glorious pictures and here are a few of them.

As if her hand wasn't beautiful enough!

One of the "better" neighborhoods.

On the drive to work.

Homeless people on the sidewalks.

Yesterday was the birthday of Krishna; a shrine to the God.

She said the traffic was beyond horrible....people on bicycles, motor bikes, walking, in the back of trucks, dogs, kids and COWS all over the place.

The Taj Mahal....for those of us that will never see it in person.

My girl with the doorman to her hotel.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cat tales...and blogger is beyond a butthead.

This is sweet Fuzzie. He is usually every one's friend. Lately he has been a bit testy. Since the kittens arrived....and yes, we are keeping them both to make our feline household total 6 (that's as in six cats).....he and Sophie have been at each other's throats, literally. Fuzz usually tiptoes around Sophie because she is a bit on the bitchy side, but now, he has had enough and is out for fur. Yesterday, they both managed to be out in the playpen at the same time. This almost never happens. Fuzz stationed himself right in front of the kittie door and would not let Sophie in. Period. I won't go into details, but it involved me laying on my stomach on the cement in the playpen with the both of them.

This is Sophie....Fuzzie's arch enemy. She is generally a brat. She hisses at anything that moves and occupies space....flies, spiders, Steve, the kittens, the dogs, air. She will on occasion, nip at me for no reason. But she gets a sharp touch on the end of her nose from my finger and then she will apologize. She is bound and determined to make Fuzzie's life as miserable as possible. It is her job.

FINAL NOTE: I have been really good the last few days; no yelling at Steve, have only said the "F" word once today, have kissed all of the kitties.... but apparently I have not been good enough for blogger. This post will have gone up numerous times before I finished it, may partially post, may not post at all. It won't keep caps in edit mode...I have to go back and do them twice, will not paragraph, forget spellcheck and the worst thing? When I go to look at blogs I get that message screen that says I am not connected to the Internet, can't find blogger or I am just stupid and doing something wrong. So, Steve will look at my computer tonight and see what's up.....if this didn't post then none of you know what's going on and might think I died, but I didn't!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Here are the kittens. When we took them to the vet for the first time, she estimated their age at 16 weeks. So today they are officially 20 weeks old.

This is GUIDO. He is a growing boy. He eats, sleeps, potties and eats some more. He doesn't do much playing because his sister is a bully. If he has a toy and even remotely looks like he might enjoy it, Emma will run up to him and snatch it away, throw it across the room and then lose interest in it. He is still a little nervous, is not terribly lovable, but does let me rub his tummy and give him neck kisses. It will probably be a long time before he fully trusts a human again.

This is little EMMA. She is a playing machine. She is still really small.....I think she will be like her momma SweetPea that lives at Auld Hat's. She is a lovable, sweet little girl, but she also likes to rough house and throw her toys....and they are ALL hers. She lets me hold her, kiss her and rub her tummy. She also likes it when I sit on the futon...she climbs up on my ample chest and naps.

Blogger is being a butthead again. All of these pixs show up in a secret code in edit published this blog before I asked it to; blogger must be away for the long weekend or it is too lazy to behave. Sometimes I hate blogger,