There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Friday, September 14, 2007

The facts of life according to rosemary

How does that saying go? God doesn't give us what we can't handle, He gives us help with the handling. I'm sure I've got it wrong, but you know what I mean.

Every so often I need to get my stuff in a pile and sort it out. I get so caught up in the bull shit minutia of day to day and so stressed about things that have no importance that I forget to keep my eye on the big picture. If I don't get my house work done by noon I stress. If breakfast gets interrupted by Steve's office phone I get upset. Gawd forbid I don't do my housework for one day.....I am absolutely positive if I missed a day the planet earth as we know it would turn into a bunch of dust ball planets that spell ORECK.

Fact: Vacuuming is the way I earn my place on this earth. It is the way I make amends....I clean my environment because that is all I can control.

Fact: I am a bitch. I bitch a lot. Steve was warned when he met me; I told him straight up.

Fact: I have not mellowed one single bit. Not even a teentsy eentsy bit.

Fact: I have some growing up to do. The world does not revolve around me.

Fact: Life gets in the way of living. If I don't get some living done and soon, I will no longer be living.

Fact: Everything that goes wrong is not my fault. It is most of the time but not every time.

Fact: I agreed to move to Sandpoint. I jumped on the wagon and said giddayup. I really, really, really need to deal with that because we are not going anywhere.

Fact: I'd live anywhere Steve was.

Fact: One moment in time should not define the rest of our lives. We've let it.

Fact: No amount of saving and loving kitties will make up for not protecting my children.

Fact: I've grown old and I don't like it. Feeling 30 does not make a 62 year old body act like it is 30.

Fact: Regardless.....the sun will rise and set, the moon will hang high in the sky and I will continue to wish we would win the lottery.

Fact: This too shall pass and the importance of loving, sharing and bickering will return.

Fact: We leave on a week long driving trip tomorrow (picture a big red Ford-250 with a bed-over-cab camper towing a 16' trailer; yup, Ma and Pa Kettle or the Clampett's).

I think the time together and seeing our kids will do us both a lot of good. I'll be back Sunday the 23rd. Will you all keep an eye on the place for me and check on the kitties every once in a while? There are 6 of them and they are experts at diversion, finding hiding places and sadly destruction in many forms.


gina said...

Fact: You are not as bitchy as you think/claim you are.

Fact: Your friends in Sandpoint are ecstatic that you agreed to move here, so deal with it, because we hope you never do go anywhere.

Fact: You're so right about the feeling 30 doesn't make an aging body act like it's 30. I wish that were not true!

Fact: My house always needs vacuuming, so if you run out floors to vacuum at your place, please, please come on over!

Fact: You are the "awesomest" person I know and I love you to death!

Now, have a really safe trip. I'm going to miss you gazillions! When you get back, I will have had my Lasik enhancement surgery, and will be semi-blind in one eye for a month or so, so come visit me, okay?

Mom said...

Wow1 I am going to start vacuuming. I did not know that this simple bit of cleaning would atone for all my sins. What a wonderful thing to know.
I do believe you are the nicest bitch I know.
Your children love you.
Steve loves you.
When the sun comes tomorrow you will be on wonderful trip.
Have fun. Enjoy all the people who love you.
Come home safe and tell us of your adventures.

PS Sandpoint sounds beautiful. Someday I am going to come visit! you!

Jennie said...

1) Sheesh, you're lucky if you can vacuum away your personal problems.
2) I wish I could send you a shirt like my son's friend always wears. It's bright yellow and has an arrow on the chest pointing up at his face and under it in big letters it says, "Center of the Universe". It cracks me up every time I see it.
3) If it makes you feel any better, my hubby feels a lot about NJ like you feel about Sandpoint, evidently. It really does keep things slightly "off" when one of you doesn't want to be where you are...but I don't know what to do about that.
4) It doesn't seem like you like "bitching" and I understand that. I don't like it when I do either. It makes me feel like crap. I like better to be the source of joy and peace and that does take a concerted effort. lol
5) I hope you have a wonderful trip. Come home safely, we'll miss you.

Michele said...

Have a terrific trip. Stay safe, be good to each other and treasure the moments. Will look forward to all of your posts when you get back!!!

Dan said...

Fact: I am a bitch. I bitch a lot.

Stop bitching about being so bitchy!! :)

Auld Hat said...

hah hah to Dan. Also, I love you. So there.
Call me when you get home.
(me = demanding. See? We all have our shhhtuff)

Sandy said...

Fact: Life gets in the way of living - best laid plans of mice etc. Yep, we're learning about that one.

Fact: I have not mellowed one single bit. Hooray - I equate "mellowing" with giving up, giving in. Keep right on bitching and vacuuming. Everything will sort itself out.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Have a good time amazing what a trip can do for you.

more cowbell said...

I've heard Road Trip Sex can do wonders for one's outlook.

Rhea said...

I liked this a lot. You're so up front and honest.

Nunnie's Attic said...

Everyone needs to vent. Some just do it better than others. Have a great trip and relax. See you (read you) when you get back.


Sling said...

I've never really noticed that you are particularly bitchy.Maybe because I'm such an insufferable bastard.
Have fun on your Ma & Pa Kettle journey.It sounds wonderful to me!
..wherever you go,..we'll be here when you get back.

kenju said...

I hope you have a womderful trip, Rosemary, and don't bitch while you are gone...LOL

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Hope your trip is wonderful (like this post!). I finally got my replacement hose for my vacuum and am once again loving life, but jonesing for the $1500 Electrolux I was shown at the store when I went to get the new hose. Fact: I am sad for loving a vacuum like that. LOL. Love ya!

Lorraine said...

Have a good trip, Rosie! I love ya, bitchy or no.

jp said...

The kitties are in good hands. In fact, right now I can see all 5 of them.

What? There's supposed to be 6? Crap.

rosemary said...

I love every single one of you beyond words.....thank you for keeping an eye on the place and counting the kitties. I posted just a few minutes ago, but won't again until we get home....I am being rude I am told to be on the computer just 2 hours after arriving.

madretz said...

Fact: You crack me up!

Please don't change a thing!

Middle Child said...

Fact I like is the one about the sun rising and setting...etc thats it