There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just a blip for now.

We interrupt this broadcast for a brief update:

The kittens at large: Luigi who went to live with one of the vet techs from our vet's office decided he wanted to live at the techs neighbor's house. He just waltzed over there one day and refuses to come back to his original home. So, Cindy has let him stay there. He is loved, an only cat and stays inside for the most part. They kept his name.

Houdini has adjusted nicely. He is an inside/outside cat and has an older female cat to pal with. He is not terribly fond of his human but does let her feed him and pet him. She kept his name as well.

Ask hat about SweetPea. I think Pea is training hat quite well.

Remember the possibility of trips to Qatar and Hong Kong? I am not going. Long story that would just turn me into a ball of flames hurtling towards outer space should I put it into words.

The kittens slept until 4:30 AM. Wonder of wonders.

The head thing when I fell out of the camper onto the blacktop parking lot...I had gone into the camper to get sodas to drink with our Sonic is less tender, but I have this nagging eye discomfort; not pain really just annoying. I will make a doctor appointment; promise.

The stress factor that I thought was the reason I was not feeling well was not the cause of said not feeling well. I am sick.


cs said...

Oh you have the lousy head cold or the fabulous flu? Either way, get rest with either one--they are real stinkers and hanger-on-ers.

Glad kitties are doing well as kitties do....

stay here--not a good time to travel overseas...not good at all...stay safe with the moose....

Nunnie's Attic said...

Well I must admit, I'm glad that you're not going to be traveling overseas anytime soon. But, I fear it's a little disappointing to you so for that I'm sorry.

Your cats-hilarious! The fact that Luigi has decided he didn't care for the home you picked out for him therefore he must choose his own - is truly something only a cat is smart enough to do. Humans can't even do that. Cats crack me up - allergies and all.

Feel better soon!!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Definitely get to the doc as soon as you're able. I hope you feel better soon.

Great updates on the kitties.

jan said...

Kittens always seem to find their own destiny. Good to know that these guys are doing that. Sorry about the exotic excursions, but as was said above, not the best time for them.

Sorry my blog is not cooperating for comments. I hope our servers are all happy again.

Sandy said...

I love these kitten updates - the saga continues. I'm so sorry you don't feel well but many thanks for making me feel better - wish I could return the favor.

Sling said...

Did Luigi make sure his new human has all his shots?..
Speaking of,..sorry to hear you are not feeling well.I hope you don't have to get a shot for your sore eye.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Good news that the kitties are all surviving and adapting to their new homes. And now you have to take care of yourself and get well. After all, we would all miss you if you couldn't blog any more!!

rosemary said...

cs: I have the belly ache flu...not fun

Julie: everytime I think of these kittens my heart melts. given their start, they have all adapted quite well.

ETW: I keep in touch with the 2 women that either had or have the kittens so I will update.

Jan: I guess I will have to find exotic in Idaho.

Sandy: Your blog returns the favor every time you post.

Sling: We "sponsored" all of the kittens/cat we found homes for. SweetPea was all fixed, shots and well, the kittens have and "account" to cover all of their shots for a year. Made the kittens more attractive. We just really wanted them to have good homes.

Ex: I will be blogging on my death bed. Not to worry.

Cazzie!!! said...

Get better soon :)

kenju said...

Rosemary, can I get you some Pepto? I am sorry you are sick.

We had a cat who chose to live with us once; had him for 14 years!

Lorraine said...

Feel better, Rosie!

jp said...

You're making my biological cat clock tick. I'll try to fight the urge for awhile longer...

Sandy said...

This message brings chicken soup and a hug - hope you're feeling better! Saltines helped settle nausea when I was pregnant, maybe that will help your belly ache flu.

Auld Hat said...

That cold from hell that I've been battling? Yeah, it's pneumonia. So please please take care of yourself and don't wait too long to get some medicine. Also, the little Peanut says hi!