There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Welcome home sweetheart

My daughter is on her way home. She is in the air going to Frankfurt then California=home.

She had a good time: Co-workers, Indian working force, sightseeing, Indian food, shopping.
She had a bad time: Three terrorist alerts, one Cholera alert, two dignitaries with armed guards on her hotel floor (the guards slept most of the time), poverty the instant she stepped outside the hotel compound, children begging, homeless tents, and dogs and cows starving in the streets.

She took some glorious pictures and here are a few of them.

As if her hand wasn't beautiful enough!

One of the "better" neighborhoods.

On the drive to work.

Homeless people on the sidewalks.

Yesterday was the birthday of Krishna; a shrine to the God.

She said the traffic was beyond horrible....people on bicycles, motor bikes, walking, in the back of trucks, dogs, kids and COWS all over the place.

The Taj Mahal....for those of us that will never see it in person.

My girl with the doorman to her hotel.


Sling said...

A poem:
I'm lovin' the henna "Tatoos"..
Damm...She got to go to India..
Much jealosy ensues...

Sandy said...

The Taj Mahal and such poverty! The worst poverty I ever saw in this country was on an Indian reservation in Montana - I'll never forget those images. No one should have to go hungry - ever. I'm glad she had a good trip and is safely on her way home.

jan said...

What a great life changing experience for your daughter. Now I'm expecting those annoying people on the phone with me from India to know what they're doing since Chris trained them.

Middle Child said...

No better feeling than knowing your kids are homeward bound no matter where they went or for how long. I can see you a smilin'

Nunnie's Attic said...

Your daughter is beautiful. So happy for you that she's coming home. Let us know when she safely arrives and for that I will be praying.


Ex-Shammickite said...

Those are great pics. I'd quite like to visit India one day, but I how that the poverty and hunger are overwhelming. Glad she is safely on her way home.

Mom said...

This trip will change your beautiful girl. She will know how blessed she is to live in this country and have a growing compassion for those who live in such poverty. The world is so big with such fascinating sights!
It will be good to know that the is safely home.

kenju said...

Love the henna. I know you are so glad she is coming home!

utenzi said...

Wow. That doorman looks very impressive, Rosemary. Your daughter must have had a great time. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

madretz said...

Awesome henna tattoo, I want one. I'll bet she is happy to be on her way home. What an experience. I'm so glad you shared these photos!