There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The blush of fine wine and men.

OK, I will tell the embarrassing comment I made to Jackson Browne. I had posted it briefly in a memememe months back but I will now give all of the boring details.

In late October 1998 Jackson was coming to Sandpoint to do a benefit for The Rock Creek Alliance, an organization against mining in the Cabinet Mountains that would cause runoff to go into our beautiful Lake Pend Oreille. I was a member of the RCA and volunteered to help with setting up the high school gym where he was going to perform. I spent the whole day rolling out mats, numbering the bleachers, dragging electrical cords all over the place and getting a free lunch of a burger and chips.

Steve and I had splurged and paid $75.00 each (in addition to the price of the ticket) to be able to go back stage and meet the man. To say I was excited is an understatement. I had just flown to California at the beginning of October to see him do a political candidate benefit with my daughter. We had 10th row side seats and I managed to embarrass her by singing "Get it up again" every chance I got (Do you remember that, Chris?). My daughter was won over that night by Jackson's charm, generosity and talent.

After the concert in Sandpoint, Steve and I and a few friends made our way backstage where I stood at a distance just admiring the man. I had joked with Steve that after the backstage meeting Jackson was going to whisk me away. I told Steve it had been fun but that I must follow my heart. He said as long as Jackson cut him a big check he was fine with my leaving.

My friend Mary Lou kept trying to push me into the line to meet Jackson, but I was already blushing and didn't want to go up alone. A friend of Mary Lou's said she would go up with me, I agreed and off we went. She was first to say hello to Jackson and she took hold of his arm and wouldn't let go. He looked at me (I was right behind her and straight in his line of vision) and said "Have I met you before? Not recently, but did I know you in the 50's or 60's?" I was dumb struck...literally...and when I did answer this is what I said, "Not unless it was in the back seat of a car."

The friend dropped his arm and moved away like I had said F*** Y** to him and he took my hand and shook it and touched my arm with the other hand and he laughed...a good loud belly laugh as I turned red and just wanted to melt into the floor. It was a good moment, a special moment and has been talked about a million times over and over again.

The morning after the concert when we woke up Steve looked at me and said "Are you still here? What happened? I had that check spent."

So, that's the story.....but for timing.


Nunnie's Attic said...

BWAAAAH!! That's great Rosemary! I love the story and to think he thought he might have known you. And I think you probably made his night.


jan said...

So do you have any more stories of your groupie days?

Anonymous said...

Holy crap I am totally your daughter.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That's hilarious. I'm not a fan of his, but there are several big names I would totally fan-club on.

kenju said...

Absolutely hilarious!

Lorraine said...

I LOVE that story. Tell it again. Seriously.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Great story

Sandy said...

I think of that story often and laugh every time I do. And I bet he's retold it about a million times over and over again too. It sounds like you've met your match in Steve though - he thinks pretty fast on his feet too.

Sling said...

So..Was it??...In the back seat of a car,I mean..
just wonderin'.

Michele said...

Oh man, that was just hilarious! Hehehe... awesome... thanks for sharing that one...!

Jennie said...

Good one, Rosemary. I bet "stars" like that kind of response, something that makes them chuckle, more than grabbing onto their arms and licking their cheeks like most! Too bad he didn't make Steve a rich man though.

more cowbell said...

hahahaha! Oh, wait, did I mean HAHAHAHAHAHA? yeah, I did.

Girl, that is PERFECT! Seriously, think about it --- all those other thousands of fans he's met over the years, all those thousands of handshakes and batting eyelashes and gushing, all those years of listening to "I'm your biggest fan!" ... and then you come along. Perfect, because hello, he will remember you, like, forever. He may even dedicate a song to you.

That was was great. This, my dear, is the stuff legends are made of.

Middle Child said...

YOU are the Queen of COOL! Can I sit at your feet (or in the back seat of your car) and learn from you... can I can I?>

I laughed my guts out, packed them back in and laughed them out yet again...don't do that for everyone!!!

PinkAcorn said...

I googled "Sandpoint Blogs" and yours came up. What a hilarious story, nothing like starting out the day with a good laugh.
I'm up in Cocolalla.

madretz said...

Oh my freaking god that is hilarious! what a great side-splitting story!!
I met a woman this past weekend who, after reading your story, reminds me of you. Six years ago she moved to Clear Lake 2 hours north of San Francisco but grew up in LA/Hollywood. She used to hang out with rock bands in the 60s and 70s and would have made a comment exactly like you did.