There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Monday, October 01, 2007

High noon....scattering leaves

Here it is noon and I have done close to nothing, zero, nada, just nothing. My thinking is a bit scattered, kind of how the leaves look on the lawn.

It has been raining, it is still overcast, the kittens slept all night long right on my face, the bear came through and while there was nothing in the squirrel feeder he (has to be a male) had to tweak it just a bit so when I do put a few seeds in it they slide right out onto the ground. Thanks Bubba.

I haven't gone anywhere since we got back from California. Steve flew out yesterday and I absolutely had to go to the market. Normally, I could con him into going to the General Store a mile away where they charge $5.59 for a gallon of milk. I was forced to go to WallieWonderWorld with a bowel issue.

As I turned our street corner I thought "My goodness, look at what I have been missing!" The trees are glorious shades of yellow, orange and deep red. There are pine needles scattered across the roads. The temps have been in the 20's every morning and yesterday it barely got up to 50. Cows are huddled in bunches in the fields to keep warm; although I would think even a cow might reconsider cow breath as a main source of warmth.

All of the home For Sale signs put up in the spring that looked like starched aprons are hanging onto their stands by a string. PRICE REDUCED is slapped across the agents name. Pretty soon the signs will be gone only to re-appear next April. There are three homes on our road that have been up for sale for four years in a row without a nibble I've been told.

It is time for fall clean-up but I don't have any desire to do any of the required outside chores; put away the hoses, rake up the fallen seeds, pick up pine cones, turn on the pump house heater, take the mower in for service, haul out the snow thrower and yell until Steve fixes the damn chute that will only face to the left. I know there must be other necessary winter prep things to be done but I don't really want to try and think of them now.

This is the time of year we used to come to our little piece of heaven for vacation. Steve would be up here several times a month, but I was restricted to vacations only; April and October. Our anniversary is this Friday and every year we would spend it snuggled up in Idaho in clothes that I would never have a use for in California, visiting with friends that have now scattered in the wind, planning a big night out in celebration. It was a special time for me; for us I think. Now, if Steve is home at all it is special no matter what the day or month for that fact.

It rains in April and October in Idaho. I actually like the rain. It is soothing, maybe too soothing today. I like the tappytiptap sound on the metal roof of the house, I like feeling the stove heat, seeing the cats all curled up in a big O or in ying yang positions with each other.

This is the kind of day to be on the couch with my cats and kittens, reading, sipping a cup of hot chocolate. Sounds special. But, litter boxes are calling in their kitty cat scented way, the laundry hamper is full, there are dishes to wash and dusting to be done. As necessary as that sounds do you know what I would rather be doing; shopping with my daughter for a handbag, sitting in my son's living room watching Sachiko dance and sing or laughing at Spencer trying to do a somersault. Seeing the back of Steve's head in his messy office would be nice too.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I had a lazy morning too. It was nice. I would be doing laundry and dishes now - except our water has been out for some reason.

I hope you enjoyed your down time. Everyone needs that every so often. :-)

cs said...

Wow, we have only been in the low 40's at night but we hear the 30's are coming to our area. Cool!

We too have had houses in our area with "Price Reduced" as well for several years. People were trying to sell at price gouging CA prices and got no where. Now they dropped it ( byat least 200k) to a reasonable price but zip! Too late.

I wish I could come up and have tea or coffee and meet your kitties and chit chat...we are trying to go camping the next 2 weekends so as to get one or two last get-a-ways sanity weekends....someday sweet northern friend we will chat in person..sounds like you could use a HUG! Sending hugs!

Yes, kittens and getting face draped at night with purrs and sometimes hair kneading...:) FAB!

kenju said...

We have barely had a taste of fall yet, and today it was 80 and will remain like that for the week.

Sounds like you are depressed, Rosemary. I hope you feel better soon.

rosemary said...

ETW: I read blogs, talked to the cats and kittens, just spent some time thinking.

cs: I would love it if you could come up. Steve will be gone for almost a month starting the 18th....maybe?

kenju: Not really depressed just tired of being alone. I can only clean so much. Sometimes I have too much time to think.

Nunnie's Attic said...

I hear ya, sweetie. There are a million - no make that a million and one things I should be doing. But, I'd rather bake.

My anniversary in on Thursday. So let me extend to you a Happy Anniversary dance and we'll clink our glasses together!


Anonymous said...

I'm hugging you right now.

Sandy said...

We once lived in Bellevue, overlooking Lake Sammammish. In the fall the colors across the lake were the bright red vine maples, oranges, gold, and of course the evergreens. If it would have been a painting, it wouldn't have looked real. The wonders of nature. Wish all your family was there to enjoy the colors with you.

JessnBekahsmom said...

1765, 1766...your views of your user profile. When I first found you, you were counting the half dozen people who had visited you! Look how far you have come! Lady, there are a whole lot of people out there in blogland who love you! You are not that far away. Only as far as the computer in your office.

And if you email me, I will give you a call and we can chat. It's free. I have Vonage. Then the miles will seem even closer!

I totally understand about having so many things to do. School with Jess is taking a lot of time for me!

Just smile and know that there are kitties who need you and blogger buddies who are anxiously awaiting your next pearls. You are loved!

Here: @@@@@@@@
Some roses to make you feel loved!

JessnBekahsmom said...

Yeah, stupid blogger. The roses messed up. Well, you get the point!

Lorraine said...

Rainy days can be very good things.