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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Important information

Go get a pencil/pen and paper because this is just the kind of time saving information you will all need.

When you need an international dialing code DO NOT call 411 or regular information. If you do, the operator will talk to you like you are a hick that has never left Idaho.

BUT, if you did call 411 by accident the nasty operator will give you the correct information by saying "For future reference the international operator can be reached by dialing Z.E.R.O., Z.E.R.O.

Here it is, get your writing instrument ready:

The international dialing code for Qatar is 974. You first have to dial 011 then the 974 and then the number.....and that number will not look anything like a US phone will be something like 2-49288889.

Calling friendly Hong Kong; specifically Kowloon? Dial 011-852 and then numbers that might look like 4567-0987.

See? Helpful. Yup, that's me, helpful.


Anonymous said...

Quick, what's the code for Kashmir! Just, off the top of your head!

more cowbell said...

I still remember Germany is 011-49, Hungary 011-36, but sorry on the Kashmir.

Hey Rosemary, think he'd pop over to Oman and give the Ex a swift kick in the ... noggin? Since he's in the neighborhood and all. Relatively.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Very interesting. I still think international email would be cheaper. LOL.

Sling said...

Hey..I called Qatar,and they don't even have one single Pizza Hut!
...guess it's Chinese tonight.

rosemary said...

Hat; very funny trying to stump the old person! HA. it's 123-sweater and you spelled it wrong. Cashmere

Bell: I still remember my calif. driver's license #...strange things our minds retain.

ETW: His company is sending a cell phone that he can use to call me and his real job with. We will also email daily. This trip is for his second job that is called intermittent assignments...this one is 25 days worth.

sling. Actually the hotel has something like 11 places to eat...all nations are represented from Italian, Japanese, American buffet,and Chinese too.

jan said...

Please don't tell me one can get a Big Mac and fries in Qatar.

Anonymous said...


Mangia-Mangia said...

Well I have no reason to put this information to use, but I'm sure that I will retain it. I collect useless information in my head. Because while it's useless to me, someone else might need to know. So, thanks for adding to the collection.

Now, useful information like balancing a checkbook - NAH!


kenju said...

That stuff is so complicated. When my daughter lived in Switzerland for the summer, we had a code so we could call her every week. Email was easier and quicker!

Mom said...

Thanks. Now I can call all my friends in Qatar. where is Qatar?

Lorraine said...

I'm still working on correctly pronouncing "Qatar".