There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Monday, December 31, 2007

Oh, the weather outside is frightful....and a goodbye.

New Year's Eve, a time to reflect, bitch a little and say good bye to an old friend. Yes, it has been snowing for days. Outside our door here is what we see......white stuff everywhere. At the moment the sun is showing its shameful face but there are dark clouds all around us holding what? SNOW.

Steve did a good job of clearing the driveway. Where did he put all of the snow? Across the street in the is public land not private in the culvert. He was discrete and you can hardly tell anyway.

Yep, we can and did climb up to the roof just for fun; and to check the half of a light string that seems to not want to stay on.

The stuff closest to the house if roof fall off, the rest of it is fallen snow. We figure we have about 5 feet standing in the yard and the neighbor agreed with us.

These are the last pictures I was able to take with my HP PhotoSmart 733; it died shortly afterwards. I tried to take a picture of Violet sitting in Drake's old bed as she was gazing into the fire, but nothing happened. I have replaced the batteries a zillion times to the tune of 2 zillion dollars and it has just worn out. I don't know if it is the dock or the camera itself, but it is 5 years old and is ready for retirement or a quiet burial. So, I used Steve's reward certificates from Staple's and bought a Kodak EasyShare Z885 and will start taking pictures with it as soon as I read the how-to book and download the software. I am going to bow my head and have a moment of silence...because the old camera is silent too.


Rhea said...

I guess I'll stop complaining about the snow now, here in Boston. Yours is a lot worse.

more cowbell said...

Now that's some snow! And you know how I mourned my camera's untimely death -- i'm sorry for your loss, and the requisite loss of funds that comes with acquiring a replacement.

Can't wait to see pics from the new camera.

Auld Hat said...

Farewell sweet HP PhotoSmart 733...we hardly knew ye.
heh heh
Happy New Year Mama! It's going to be filled with good things, I just know it. (:
Also, I may be calling you tonight with a kazoo. Cuz thatz jest wut I doo!

Joan said...

Rosemary...I now know why it is I don't live in snow country. It may be beautiful but it also takes far too much work to live there!

I want to wish you, Steve and your entire family a very Happy New Year. I hope 2008 brings you all happiness, health, love and laughter.

kenju said...

Whew! I am so grateful that I don't live there! It was 56* here today.

Happy New Year, Rosemary!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I hope you got our snow, too. Looks like you might have. Happy New Years!

gina said...

I need to post the pics from our street and driveway. Even down here at our lower elevation (what is it, about 100 feet lower than you?) we have TONS of snow! The Spouse spends hours snowblowing and shoveling. It's crazy. Happy New Year, Rosemary... I miss and love you tons!!!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh my goodness Rosemary, that is a lot of snow, i sure hope it stops soon for you. I sure hope you have a back up camera.
I hope that you have a Happy New Year even with all that snow.
Looking for to 2008 with you

Jennie said...

Wowee. I'm feeling clausterphobic just looking at it. But it is so beautiful as well.

Happy New Year Rosemary!!

Ex-Shammickite said...

R.I.P. HP PhotoSmart 733, he lived a long and productive life, but his time has come, and after all.... everyone is replaced eventually. His shutter speed has slowed and his aperture is permanently closed....

What lovely snow!
It's been snowing all night here, it started just as we left the neighbour's house at about 2am. I've spent the morning putting Christmas back in the big cardboard box and I'm going to dig out the driveway now!

Mom said...

Wow! Beautiful snow, but i think you may be overdoing it a bit.
Fifty degrees and sunny in Maryland.
Happy New Year my friend.

Sling said...

Holy Crap!..Don't worry though..I'm sending the Donner party to come rescue you!
Happy snowbound New Year Rosemary!

jan said...

We have a storm moving in but I won't complain now that I've seen the snow you have. Brrrrr.

jp said...

A better president would be declaring a national emergency for you guys right now. I haven't seen that much snow at one time in my entire life.

madretz said...

lordy that's an insane amount of snow. I agree with jennie about feeling claustrophobic just looking at it. well, i hope you're dancing to that cool music you got cuz it looks like it'll be awhile before the melt begins.

Middle Child said...

That is snow. Never seen snow like that...amazing.