There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

They ......I can't find the words.

We saw Mystere last night. I had seen Quidam probably 10 or more years ago and it was magnificent. I can't find the words to describe Mystere....not that I am good at reviewing anything; I'm not.

Fabulous, amazing, spectacular, remarkable, great, colorful, extraordinary....and on and on.

I didn't understand the story of Quidan and didn't understand Mystere either.....I was so caught up in the performances, costumes and the feats of the athletes/artists/super-human performers that it really didn't matter. There were 2 men (all of the performers have 0% body fat and muscle beyond belief) that came up through smoke from the floor of the stage wearing leotards, no shirts. To say they were magnificent specimens is an understatement. They did slow motion lifts with each other, turning their bodies in ways I had never imagined.

I wonder if they have 2 sets of performers because doing this show 2 times a day, 7 days a week is beyond comprehension and tolerance of the body.

Did I mention lots of half naked men? Did I mention sweaty bodies a few times? Did I mention live music that was modern opera so beautiful the lady next to me cried?

Did I mention a 6 foot plus man in back of me coughing on my neck the whole time? Did I mention I am getting a cold and feel kinda crappy? Did I mention I am home sick and miss my kitties? Did I mention Penelope had surgery while we were gone to have growths taken off of her eyelids? Did I mention she got her teeth cleaned while under anesthesia and she had 2 fractures with pulp exposure and abscesses? Did I mention the vet said she could have died from the infection? They took the teeth out and she is still in the dogie hospital on IV antibiotics. That her teeth are in such bad shape is no surprise to me. Her former owners were not stellar dog folks. The vet asked if she chewed a lot....she probably existed on rocks some days to fill her belly before she came to live with us.

Violet cried all day yesterday the kennel girl told me; she wasn't barking she was crying probably because she missed Penny. We leave tomorrow and will pick up the girls Friday. It's time. We have seen all that we want to see in Vegas and we have only so much money to throw away......although I have not played my vouchers. I think I will just cash them in and call it even.


Jennie said...

Mystere?? Quidan??? Wha? I haven't been to Vegas since I graduated college and then it was only to stopover till Grand Canyon. It does sound like quite a time you're having. (Minus the naked and coughing men, ew.) You'll see your critters soon. My critter is outside enjoying her first snow, mountain dog that she is. Better go get the camera and post something for once!

Mom said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation! I really want tho see cirque now.
The best part of all vacations is coming home again.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I don't know which emotion to go with. Giddy, horny or terrified! Yeah, that sounds about right.

Nunnie's Attic said...

I've never heard of either show - but I'm totally intrigued now!

Poor puppies!


Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh wow those guys sound so hot, I think if its the same ones i think they were on the Oprah show once. They were good. One was real tall and the other shorter, wernt' they from Russia.
Oh i hate it when our babies get sick, and of all things there teeth, so sad too. I bet they will be so glad to see you when you get home.

Ex-Shammickite said...

I've only seen Cirque on TV, you are so lucky to see them in person. Don't worry about the kitties and doggies, they are in good hands.

jan said...

You know you're loved and needed back home if you didn't know it before. Goodbye to hard bodies and sweaty thighs and hello babies.

Kimberly Ann said...

Glad you enjoyed Mystere. Sorry to hear about the doggie though. Hang tight, you'll see them soon.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

The doggies are in good hands, waiting for your return. I'm glad you've had a fun trip - I say, take the money and run, girl!

Lorraine said...

What your kid said. I was all fixated on the half-naked men and then stranger phlegm and sick puppies got in there and now I don't know what to think.

Going back to focus on the half-naked men.

kenju said...

I saw those two guys last year. Were they blond and had on gold leotards? They appeared to have gold glitter or paint on their gorgeous bodies, and they were brothers, so they said. They did things I thought were not humanly possible!

Sling said...

The last show I went to in Vegas was Seigfried and kidding.
Did I mention full on miracles performed 5 feet before your very eyes?..
..and half naked women..

more cowbell said...

Cirque is so wonderful - so happy you got to go! I've seen Alegria and Varakai - wish I could see them all.

Poor puppy -- it had to be done, though. Save up your puppy hugs.

Middle Child said...

LIve shows are always the makes a big difference just being there, and if its excellent as really loved it I can tell

Red7Eric said...

You had me at sweaty half-naked men.

(Just sayin'.)

PinkAcorn said...

I haven't heard of either of those shows but then again I haven't been to Vegas for over 30 years ago. I can't even remember the show we saw but I do remember the strip joint we stuck our nose in, now that sticks in my mind like yesterday...boy what an eye opener for a country girl.

Hope your puppy feels better. We rescued a horse almost two years ago. It's a shame how some folks treat their animals.

Jennie said...

Hey Rosemary...just stopping in to see how you're doing. It looks like you're in the same unbloggy mood I'm in. I hope all is well and you made it home from your trip okay. Kitties having fun with the Christmas decorations?