There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Thursday, December 27, 2007

What I got for Christmas in 2007...

Let's see......on the dark side of Christmas....the side where all of the bulbs burn out..... I got a tooth ache. I had a crown done right before we left for Vegas. The crown was "clicking" for several weeks after it was "installed." I was sure the tooth ache was in the remaining stump of tooth under the crown. Oh no, lets kill off the root of the tooth in front of the crown and make that one hurt. So, on the 8th I get to have a root canal and build up for yet another crown. I am really pleased to have just spent $500.00 and can now round that off to a cool thou.

Then when the bulbs went back on....We got a CD of Angela's beautiful piano music. This woman is so talented, so gifted....but I am only her adopted blog mother so I can only give her praise and not advice.

Molly gave me a silver musical snow globe with doves in it. I would have showed you a picture of it, but the camera from hell has the day off. The globe is on the table just to the left of the picture below. She baked several dozens of cookies for Steve; everything from frosted and sugar to chocolate chip oatmeal. She is a whiz in the kitchen and makes cheese cakes, fabulous dinners and everything in between. She is also my best friend and I love her.

Sachi and Spencer had their little hand prints made into a moose and a reindeer. I love these little hands and the thought that was behind the gift of them. I have a very special daughter-in-law....and of course she is married to a pretty special man. They both know how much I miss my grandchildren and go out of their way to call and have the kids call as well. To have these mementos makes my heart glow.

My sweet, thoughtful....and have I mentioned that she is wonderful?....daughter got me a compact engraved with my initials on the top and inside is a picture of me and Steve on Grouse Creek. We were younger, had blond hair and all of our own teeth. The heart shaped frame is from Chris as well. It has a special saying in it. The frame is mother of pearl and is lovely. She enclosed a special bar of soap for me too...smells delicious but I hate to use is wrapped beautifully and ....smells delicious! She also gave Steve a picture of me that was taken in 1961 or 1962. I am a happy, smiling teenager. Made him cry when he saw the picture. Steve got the newest Amy Winehouse CD from Chris. He loves it. Me too.

Steve surprised me with this note from Hong Kong. He had the concierge write Dearest Rosemary, then I love you in Chinese characters. Steve bought the frame and put the note in....he is a sweetheart. I love him.

We got a kitty calendar from Christopher...we kinda like cats and kittens so this is perfect. I already have the litter changing dates circled! Christopher gave me a wish box. It is about the size of a sugar cube and I have already written my wish on a tiny piece of paper and put it inside. The box is in Louie. We are so blessed to have this wonderful bunch of kids and grand kids. We were alone yes, but all of them called (even the JW daughter called on Christmas Eve) and told us they loved us and appreciated our gifts. We have had so many bumps in our road the last few years but all of them are tolerable as long as we have each other and our family.

Were any of you wondering about the weather? Fear not for the snow continues to fall and fall and fall. The cute little mounds of plowed snow I posted last week have grown two fold and I can't see out the upstairs window to the street anymore. The UPS truck is chained up, the substitute FedEx driver did some berm jumping in our back yard last week when he was lost and two cars have gone off into the ditch at the turn just past our house because of idiots behind the wheel. This is the most snow we have had this early into winter at our home since 1998....I keep track.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Wow! Sounds like a totally wonderful day. I'm so happy for you all. :-)

Joan said...

It's obvious that your family understands the true meaning of Christmas. Their gifts were certainly chosen with great care and each selected something so perfect just for you....especially Steve's wonderful framed note. You are a very lucky lady.

Oh...and I hope that toothache of yours is long gone. Ouch!

Lilli & Nevada said...

How wonderful your day was and i agree those gifts are so special because they were thought thru very carefully.
Steve's gift touched my heart as that is so precious cause of all the material things in life this will be more special than anything else.Please tell him he did good.

Yup snow is coming down here as well. more suppose to come tomorrow.

madretz said...

Very thoughtful gifts. The moose handprints and the Chinese characters that Steve had made are so sweet.

jan said...

What lovely and thoughtful gifts from everyone. That's what Christmas is about.

Even the snow sounds great because we haven't seen the sun for days around here.

Jennie said...

I love Steve's gift and the mooseprints. Such lovely gifts. I'm glad you got the white Christmas everyone here was dreaming of. :)

Ex-Shammickite said...

Special gifts from a special family to two special people. I'm glad you wrote this, it's a perfect after-Chritmas story!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Your day sounds so wonderful. I hope your tooth problems get better.
I only hope the best for you and all that you care for a really good new year. Stay safe.

Mom said...

I believe that somebody must love you.