There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Have you ever gone back and re-read some of your posts and found spelling errors even though you use spell check with every post but it is one of those of rather than if errors and you feel stupid or blind or careless? Or you use the wrong spelling for the same word like weather or whether? Or alot instead of a lot? Or the post just reads badly or you have posted the same stuff over and over and then over again like about kittens or cats, having yet another cold or tooth ache, or snow falling and berms and used bad words to describe snow but then snow is a four letter word anyway?

I have.

It's Tuesday and I've got nothing new to say. It's white outside, I feel like crap and I still have 5 cats and 2 dogs.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Same old, same old me.

It started snowing at 11 AM Saturday. It stopped last night at about 11:30. Steve and the neighbor measured 22 inches in our driveway mid morning Sunday. They helped each other clear our respective driveways and pullouts. Steve had the tractor and the walk behind, the neighbor had a truck with a blade. As they left our house to start clearing at the neighbors, they stopped at each mailbox along the way and cleared it out as well as the berms left by the plow driver. They are good men. Steve was out all day Sunday trying to get the snow relocated so we could get out if we needed to. It was a useless battle. As he would make a swipe with the snow thrower, his path was immediately covered.

We lost power Sunday morning at 6:30 as well. It's funny....we were deeply asleep but knew the moment the power was out and woke up. I know the power providers number by heart so I reached over to the bedside phone and called to notify them. Power outages are common here in all kinds of weather.

We are prepared for outages...water stored, candles ready, don't open the fridge unless absolutely necessary and wait. I can do without the lights and the TV, and our propane heaters will still flame and give off enough heat to keep us warm even without the blower. What I can't deal with is no water or the ability to shower and flush the toilets. We have well water and the pump works on electricity. The wait was 3 hours and then the familiar buzz and the fridge and heater fan powered up and I dashed to do the flushing!!

More snow is coming. The power is still out in a lot of places with lines down and transformers buried in feet of snow. A plane slid off the runway in Spokane, there are car slide offs all over the place as well. Every plow in Bonner County is out clearing the roads and they will be out 24/7 as of now. This is the most snow I have seen in Sandpoint in the 10 years we have lived here. On TV they are reminiscing about the winters of '89 and '96/97. I am thinking I have allowed the snow to paralyze me.

Unnecessary driving is a bad thing today. It is a good day to stay home. But what about all of the other days that I stayed home just because it was winter? I used to drive to work at the Library every day. I had a job, I was needed and I did what I had to do to get there. I shoveled, cranked up the thrower, sawed a tree into pieces because it had fallen across the driveway, and got on my way. Being alone never stopped me in the past. I took myself out to a movie and dinner a winter. I need a serious attitude adjustment and maybe even some serious re-instruction in driving in the snow.

I do live a small life. But within that small life should be importance. Steve depends on me for certain things and I depend on him too. The animals are my responsibility. I take good care of them and find enormous enjoyment in the daily minutia of cat and dog life.

But, I haven't read many books lately, I haven't just looked out a window and taken in the beauty of what winter brings....frost on the tree branches, the wonder of individual snow flakes, a squirrel scurrying across the berms not leaving one little track in its wake. Attitude adjustment 101, I would like to enroll.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

On the road to Idaho

Steve has left G.U.A.M. He will be in Hawaii late tonight and then flies overnight arriving in Seattle early tomorrow. He left G.U.A.M. at 7:30 AM Friday....tomorrow. He gets home Friday morning.

So, the G.U.A.M. clock is gone. The Idaho clock is still well as the temperature element...but it is a liar. It says 21 degrees. In some other Sandpoint maybe. It is 14 degrees.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

blah, blah, blog language, blah, cold feet, blah, Indians, Panasonic and Staples suck.

First....have any of you been tempted to change the language of your blog? I have. There are 3 new languages available...Persian, Arabic and another one. Just thinking.....

Second...I was thinking again last night when I couldn't sleep because my feet were absolutely freezing because Penelope decided to cruise the property on her last potty outing before bedtime and I had to go out and drag her back in because her paws were frozen and she didn't have sense enough to stay close to the door and I went out in my slippers to get her....bad sentence structure as usual. Anyway, I was thinking about the Native American tribes that lived in Idaho centuries past and how they managed to survive in the cold weather.

I studied the California Indians in college eons ago....the Chumash to be exact....but the weather problems they faced were nothing compared to what the local Idaho Indians experienced. I think the local tribe in the Sandpoint area was the Kootenai Indian tribe. They currently have a reservation located in Boundary County just 20 miles or so from us. I have to admit I have done no research on this tribe but I think they were a part of the Flathead Nation that was comprised of 3 tribes....but I could be wrong. How did they manage in this weather? It was minus 6 this morning. I have been here when it was minus 20. Minus 6 is really not a low temperature for Sandpoint in the winter.

OK, so they were wrapped in bear hides, covered themselves in bear grease to keep bugs off, had fires in their tepees and wore skins on their what. Remember the end of the movie Dances With Wolves, probably the only good movie Kevin Costner has ever made, although Mr. Brooks was a good scary movie and he could be statue man actor and talk in monotones and it fit the movie...anyway in DWW, remember when Kevin rides off on a horse with his white-Indian-raised wife (in the movie not real life) whose name I have forgotten.... up the mountain and it is the beginning of winter and they are going to get away so they can hide? So, that's what I was thinking about when I couldn't sleep.

How did the Indians manage? I can barely stay upright when I am walking in the snow or on ice or in slush and I have those gripper snow tread pin things on my boots. I can't grow squash in the summer. How in did they manage in the winter knowing how much grain or dried whatever to have on hand...and what about water? Did they melt snow? I can swear to you that melting a huge pan of snow produces a cup of water because when the well went dry in the winter of '97 I tried doing just that.

These Indians had no place close to go to get away from the winter weather....we are surrounded by winter on all sides....British Columbia to the north, Montana to the east, Washington to the west and more of Idaho to the south. In order to get anywhere, moving the entire tribe by foot and horse, would have taken all year long....I guess that's how they moved around anyway, but in the winter or even in fall......not enough time to get to Southern California and still be alive as an Idaho Indian. I think Idaho Indians became Idaho Indians because some other tribe or nation forced them into the mountains.

So, blah, blah I am a big baby whiner about winter and I'm gonna look up the Kootenai Indians.

In other uninteresting news, I am boycotting Panasonic and Staples. I spent a pile of money to replace our old Panasonic phone system. The handsets had just worn out and even $49.00 batteries could not revive them. The old system had a corded base unit and I bought the new whiz-bang cordless upgraded system. It announces who is calling like a real person, admittedly one with a speech impediment, but it has voice activated caller ID. Cool. So, I got a new system for the home number and a base unit for Steve's separate office number ......big $$$$$$. Well, the damn house phone clicks and clacks like crazy after I hang up the phone. Steve's office phone is fine. I have called Panasonic 3 times because Staples says it is not their problem if the phone system is messed up even though that is where I bought the phone system, it is a Panasonic problem. In 10 words here is Panasonic's solution.....Take the phone system back to Staples (told them what Staples said so they said) It's Verizon's problem. Last night, Hat called me and I picked up the phone to answer and the stupid handset was buzzing and clicking and said I needed to get closer to the base unit. Hello, I was standing right in front of it. So, now I have no phone service on my home line and Verizon says (I called them on the office line) the lines are perfect and because there is literally 10 feet of snow in front of the line box there is nothing they can do until spring even is it is a line problem.

Well, that's just about enough from me. I do feel better however now that I have whined about all of this.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A little lower now......

Minus 4, almost to minus 3. It got up to 12 yesterday. Got me thinking about bathing suits. The cartoon below is perfect. No snow, but I had to carry Violet back into the garage because her little paws were freezing within 30 seconds. Both of the dogs did their business in under a minute. Penelope went back into the garage and Violet turned into a statue. G.U.A.M? It is in the 70's and raining.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A visitor...

Seems we had a moose come through last night. We had seen tracks way back on the trails a while back, but with all of the snow fall we haven't been able to clear them for walking. Guess Moosie was tired of traipsing through six feet of snow too. Moosie sampled some bird seed, sunflower seeds and knocked a suet cage down. I wear a size 7 boot. Steve took this trying to show how big Moosie might be....I'd vote for big.

The snow here is about 3 feet deep, but Moosie hit ice leaving this perfect print.

Moosie moseyed down the driveway looking for a snack. Moose rarely go more than 5 miles beyond their birth place, so this Moosie is surveying familiar places I bet.

We had a furious snow storm come through last night that lasted for about an hour. This morning the glorious sun is out...HALLELUJAH!!!!!
I don't want to jink myself tooth feels better today.......I now have a cold, but that is a fair exchange for a pain free tooth.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

sophia's debut

By way of first ever video attempt. I was playing Hat's Project Runway video recap and Sophie seemed interested in what Hat had to say. So, I grabbed Myron and started is the result. I am quite proud of myself.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Of snow days and doggies

I had a root canal yesterday and my mouth hurts beyond words. I thought having this done would relieve the pain in the tooth and the root zinging, but no, the tooth still hurts and the zing is still creating static electricity (like I know how that really happens). So, just a few pictures today. Umm, yes it is still snowing. The predictions are for days and days of snow.......

Sweet, little Violet catching a few heat rays. That's Mimi Louise melding into her basket next to Violet.

Looking out the snorage room window. As the temps rise, the snow/ice on the roof slowly slides down and while I wait for the huge crashing sound as it moves and finally falls we have what I call witch fingernails.

Looking out my kitchen window. BIG witch fingernails.

Looking East. Heavy, wet snow on the trees.

I am waiting for this tree to crash through the upstairs bedroom window. It gets closer and closer with each snow fall. The neighbor said he would try to take it down but he started sliding in his skidder that had chains as he came down our sloped driveway, so it will have to wait until the driveway is safer to traverse. Have I mentioned that I am sick of the snow? I know, cranky, cranky, cranky. I need some chocolate or maybe some sweet wine.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Just because it is Sunday.

It is Sunday, it is're surprised? Blah, blah, kittens, blah, hairball, blah, blah, dog hair everywhere. Exhaling.

You know what I dreamed last night? That I visited a bunch of blogs of people I had never visited before and they had never visited me but my blog was on their blog roll. Seriously....the dream I mean. And, that I got an email from Amy Winehouse asking if she could stay at my house because she needed a break....seriously....the dream I mean.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game

So very worth watching and listening to.