There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

blah, blah, blog language, blah, cold feet, blah, Indians, Panasonic and Staples suck.

First....have any of you been tempted to change the language of your blog? I have. There are 3 new languages available...Persian, Arabic and another one. Just thinking.....

Second...I was thinking again last night when I couldn't sleep because my feet were absolutely freezing because Penelope decided to cruise the property on her last potty outing before bedtime and I had to go out and drag her back in because her paws were frozen and she didn't have sense enough to stay close to the door and I went out in my slippers to get her....bad sentence structure as usual. Anyway, I was thinking about the Native American tribes that lived in Idaho centuries past and how they managed to survive in the cold weather.

I studied the California Indians in college eons ago....the Chumash to be exact....but the weather problems they faced were nothing compared to what the local Idaho Indians experienced. I think the local tribe in the Sandpoint area was the Kootenai Indian tribe. They currently have a reservation located in Boundary County just 20 miles or so from us. I have to admit I have done no research on this tribe but I think they were a part of the Flathead Nation that was comprised of 3 tribes....but I could be wrong. How did they manage in this weather? It was minus 6 this morning. I have been here when it was minus 20. Minus 6 is really not a low temperature for Sandpoint in the winter.

OK, so they were wrapped in bear hides, covered themselves in bear grease to keep bugs off, had fires in their tepees and wore skins on their what. Remember the end of the movie Dances With Wolves, probably the only good movie Kevin Costner has ever made, although Mr. Brooks was a good scary movie and he could be statue man actor and talk in monotones and it fit the movie...anyway in DWW, remember when Kevin rides off on a horse with his white-Indian-raised wife (in the movie not real life) whose name I have forgotten.... up the mountain and it is the beginning of winter and they are going to get away so they can hide? So, that's what I was thinking about when I couldn't sleep.

How did the Indians manage? I can barely stay upright when I am walking in the snow or on ice or in slush and I have those gripper snow tread pin things on my boots. I can't grow squash in the summer. How in did they manage in the winter knowing how much grain or dried whatever to have on hand...and what about water? Did they melt snow? I can swear to you that melting a huge pan of snow produces a cup of water because when the well went dry in the winter of '97 I tried doing just that.

These Indians had no place close to go to get away from the winter weather....we are surrounded by winter on all sides....British Columbia to the north, Montana to the east, Washington to the west and more of Idaho to the south. In order to get anywhere, moving the entire tribe by foot and horse, would have taken all year long....I guess that's how they moved around anyway, but in the winter or even in fall......not enough time to get to Southern California and still be alive as an Idaho Indian. I think Idaho Indians became Idaho Indians because some other tribe or nation forced them into the mountains.

So, blah, blah I am a big baby whiner about winter and I'm gonna look up the Kootenai Indians.

In other uninteresting news, I am boycotting Panasonic and Staples. I spent a pile of money to replace our old Panasonic phone system. The handsets had just worn out and even $49.00 batteries could not revive them. The old system had a corded base unit and I bought the new whiz-bang cordless upgraded system. It announces who is calling like a real person, admittedly one with a speech impediment, but it has voice activated caller ID. Cool. So, I got a new system for the home number and a base unit for Steve's separate office number ......big $$$$$$. Well, the damn house phone clicks and clacks like crazy after I hang up the phone. Steve's office phone is fine. I have called Panasonic 3 times because Staples says it is not their problem if the phone system is messed up even though that is where I bought the phone system, it is a Panasonic problem. In 10 words here is Panasonic's solution.....Take the phone system back to Staples (told them what Staples said so they said) It's Verizon's problem. Last night, Hat called me and I picked up the phone to answer and the stupid handset was buzzing and clicking and said I needed to get closer to the base unit. Hello, I was standing right in front of it. So, now I have no phone service on my home line and Verizon says (I called them on the office line) the lines are perfect and because there is literally 10 feet of snow in front of the line box there is nothing they can do until spring even is it is a line problem.

Well, that's just about enough from me. I do feel better however now that I have whined about all of this.


Anonymous said...

I did some research, and here's a fun fact for you: The average life expectancy of the Idaho Indians was 26. Most of them froze to death.

Nunnie's Attic said...

Well I for one am glad that I'm not forced to live in situations such as those. I HATE THE WINTER! I can take the cold the week of Christmas and that's it. I'm done and completely ready for the luxuries of spring and warmth!


Sandy said...

When we moved to Seattle I learned that because the climate was so mild and food so plentiful the tribes there had lots of time to develop their artistic side. And they did. But a life expectancy of 26 for Idaho area Indians? How awful. Sorry about your phone problems but if whining helps, whine away. Your blog is never dull!

Red7Eric said...

Hell, I wonder the same thing and I live in DC where 6-below would set some kind of record.

And I don't remember the actor's name, but the white woman raised in the tribe in DWW was called "Stands with a Fist." Because she was awesome.

kenju said...

Companies are always passing off responsibility for phone problems to some else, aren't they? I'm sorry about that rosemary, and I hope you get it fixed.

Anonymous said...

Greased up in bear fat? (shivers) You can just cryogenic my frozen ass, thank you very much.

jan said...

When my son lived in Idaho, he said that "spring" was the answer he got to a lot of the problems.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Ugh. All I can think is perhaps the Indians were more used to the weather conditions back then - now we have central air and heat, etc. and we're less tolerant of weather?

Sorry about the phone. I hope you get satisfaction on it. Use all your pent up winter anger on either party and I bet you get resolution.

Mom said...

For the Indians of Idaho there was no such thing as the good old days.
shame on Panasonic, Staples and Verizon. they each should accept responsibility and fix your phone!

Middle Child said...

we like to think of the Indians and our Aborigines as the noble savages...eyes proudly on the horizon...but it must have bee a miserable hell at times for the poor buggers.

utenzi said...

That damn Panasonic! (but I must admit I love my big screen tv and digital camera which both carry that nasty name)

Anonymous said...

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