There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hot fun in winter.

Tuesday Chris and I went shopping and bought nothing. The weather was perfect; sunny and cold. We had salads for lunch(Greek and Oriental Chicken) at Slates Sports Restaurant. We got home about 3PM, picked up Steve and drove up to Western Pleasure Guest Ranch. We went on a sleigh ride. After the ride we sat by the fire in the Lodge and had hot chocolate and talked about the seasons in Idaho and how great snowboarding is at Schweitzer (like I would know). We drove into town for a sushi dinner then watched Michael Clayton on Pay for View after we got home.

Chris flies home today and while I am sad about that, she might be back in a few weeks because snowboarding at Schweitzer apparently really is great.

Meet Bud and Velvet.

Monday, February 25, 2008

My snow bunny

Chris went snowboarding at Schweitzer today. She had a good time. There was some fog so we left before the lifts closed...I felt like I was taking my 12 year old snowboarding for the first time. I was worried she would fall or get lost. But, she is a big girl now and did fine; just like a pro.

Chris took Myron and here is a picture at the top of the mountain/lift drop off.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Amy Winehouse 'Valerie' Live

Love, love love this song. Amy sang this during a live interview. The Mark Ronson video featuring Amy singing is a more upbeat version but she is not seen in the video. It's still cool. Both are good. My daughter is coming for a visit tomorrow so I'll be back Thursday.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You know sometimes life the wrong time.

You know how sometimes it is easy to blame it on the snow......

.....or maybe you are just feeling sorry for yourself for all of the usual reasons.....alone, lonely, you didn't talk to a human all day......

.....and then you read someone's blog post and your name is tucked in the folds of the paragraphs.......

.....then you talk to her and you try to explain/figure out/make sense of it.....depending on what it is.....

.....and then you hang up because rather than needing a shower like you said all you really want to do is cry......

.....and you do.....

.....then you start reviewing your life and your meaning in both the small and big picture.....

.....hoping your frame has been sturdy and important and will hang in someone's mind after you are gone......

.....did you leave a print somewhere......anywhere......

.....then regrets start to poke their way into your thinking and.......

.....those chances are done, gone, are as far away as a star and your arm just wouldn't reach.....

.....and you hope that stupid death calculator is oh-so-very-wrong because 79 is too short a distance; just 15 years......why did you do that....

Can you post this? Will you? Will they think you are strange? Weird? Senile? You are......and you think f*** 'em if they can't take a joke....well, except for the part that isn't and no one is laughing.

You know how sometimes that happens?

Monday, February 18, 2008

I bow to the wow...but only one bow.

The satellite dishes are UP!! Lots of details about their re-birth but that is boring stuff. There are still a few wireless glitches to work out because we are on a new satellite and HughesNet is giving us some grief over wanting to keep the same email addresses....well, DUH we want the same addresses! But, I can bitch louder than they can be nice so we will keep the same ones in the end!

I know you all want to know what I did without DirectTV and HughesNet, right? Well, I watched the one antenna TV station we could get and it is the local ABC station, KXLY. I am sick of hearing The Lukens' husband and wife team and their laughs. All the weather person, Chris Crocker, could talk about was snow. Enough!!!!

I read 3 books, moved furniture in the snorage room and changed my computer desk from the antique pull down (because I was really causing stress on the desk top with leaning on it) to the actual computer desk. I put the antique desk in the entry. I listened to Jackson, Joni and Amy..... a lot. I cleaned the great room really well because my daughter is coming Saturday for a short visit. I was sick twice, stayed home because I am frozen with fear of driving in the snow, went to the neighbors for dinner, played with the kitties and doggies, talked on the phone, got my housework done early every day because all I had was stupid cranky dial up and an ancient computer, and ate. Pretty interesting I think.

I am going to try to read everyone's blogs tonight. I won't even attempt to catch up because it has been 3 weeks of non blog reading. I have missed all of you and am just glad to be sort of back. Here are some pictures of the great pole-water-dish event of 2008!

Here is the $981.20 water fix-it. See the white pipe sticking up? Nice.

Next is the 6x6x16 foot pole with its cute roof and the new wireless dish! We shoveled a lot of snow to clear that area. And yes, that is SUN!!!!

Here is the DirectTV dish. To the left of the new dish is the old dish arm. The TV guy tried mounting the new dish on the old arm but it he couldn't get a signal. Maybe I'll hang a plant on the old arm this summer. In the foreground is what's left of the old shelter.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Drama Queen

Awhile back I had loaded some pictures in for future posts. Might as well bring them out while I languish in computer hell surrounded by old, dirty snow and ice.

Here I am looking like I don't know what. This had to be my best attempt at de-frizzing my hair and looking stylish at the same time. My hair was auburn from a bottle. After I entered high school my hair was never its natural color until 2 years ago when I gave up trying to cover my gray. My eyebrows were perfectly plucked and pencil arched and I must have had blood red lipstick on that day. I remember the sweater. It was green and soft and I loved it. Funny because I can't stand anything around my neck now and the sweater has a mock turtle neck.

I am standing in back of my mom's car, a 1952 Powerglide Chevy that I was allowed to drive. Two years later I would become a mother.

I can't bring up blogs on this antique computer including mine so let me know if I spelled everything correctly and if the post looks OK. Miss reading all of you... 3 days to go!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's raining it's pouring my old man was snoring.....

A record: 9 minutes to log on and get into blogger. Rapid dial up today.

It's 36 degress and raining. Mixed news. The huge snow mounds have already melted a bit over the last few days. The temps have been in the 30's and it has been overcast, no snow. The mounds resemble Yurts.

We have water, we have DirectTV again but no DVR. The technician that came yesterday mumbled stuff like splitter, one line not two, idiot. Seems the guy that came in 12/06 that works for the same company as the guy that was here yesterday did a big No-No. So, we have to call Monday and get a second line put in so the DVR will work. Am I irratated? You betcha. Did the DVR work before the crash? Yes, it did.

The excavator/well guys were here Thursday. They used a backhoe to dig up the yard and dug and dug but couldn't find the main water line. Steve wanted a valve put in at the main and the line he punctured. We had the drawings from when the building went up in 89/90 and pictures of the placement but no luck finding the line. So, they had to dig up where the break was and just put in a valve there and we will have to dig up the yard again in spring. Part of the problem was where the old dish structure was standing. There was little snow under the structure so there was a frost line and the backhoe just couldn't get through it. Oh, well...literally.

The pole is in for the wireless. That guy will be here the 16th at 10 AM. We had a guy/friend/runs a business for odd jobs here Friday to help Steve get the pole up. He was a HUGE help and the neighbor came yesterday and helped with the finish work. Steve is at Home Depot with the check book looking for "pole stuff." Worrisome.

The roads are beyond a mess. I had to go to the Library and the market yesterday and we were in the He-Man truck and were still sliding and slipping all over the roads. Highway 95 is OK but the side roads are slushy, wet, and dangerous. We saw 3 cars off the road on Division Street and 2 on Cedar. We couldn't stop to help because then we would have been in the ditch right behind them.

In case you are wondering; is this spring? That would be no. It is a really early teaser....I hope. Spring needs to ease in slowly and take its time other wise that 4 letter word flood is what's next (is that 4 letters?)

The dial up desk top computer I am using is the one I used before I got my laptop. I started blogging on this computer, used it and the same printer to scan pictures and read blogs. Why did it work OK to do that stuff back then and won't now? I can't get blogger spell check, if someone has posted a picture, a video, a YouTube video or anything other than just type the blog is one big blur. I can't attach anything to an email, can't load pictures on my blog now but I could last week....what's the deal? Counting today and hoping everything goes perfectly I have 7 more days of this computer crap. It can't go fast enough.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Update # 459,552

Update to the update....yep, again. Just when I thought things just couldn't get much worse...they did. Steve was drilling the hole for the 6x6x12 post that was going in to support the dishes and he hit a water line. Sweetwater Drilling will be here at 9AM tomorrow for a $750.00 fix-it job. Fuckery, pure fuckery.

It continues to snow. We had another storm come through last night and dump about 10 inches (see, size does matter). Another storm is coming tonight into tomorrow.

We got the roof issues cleared up on the pole building but not before Steve got stuck again while making the trail to the roof area. The neighbor across the street was out plowing his driveway and we asked for help. He slid into the path, then chained up and pulled Steve out. The neighbor has what Steve calls "A real man's tractor" so you can guess what's coming next. The neighbor was able to nudge just enough snow to get it moving off the roof and then he got up onto the roof, cut up the tree that had fallen and shoveled what snow was left. Good neighbor and yes we paid him.

We have called around to price chains for the tractor and the let's get the folks with prices in the disaster is $1000.00 for the back tires and the front is $300.00 but those will have to be cut down from regular chains at $70.00 a tire. Why are we looking for chains now? Because Steve slid on the icy snow in the back of the house and the tractor landed in a window. The glass is intact but cracked badly.

Putting all of this into perspective is important at the moment because we fear the worst is yet to come. With the glory that is spring will come the melt and absolute flooding.

We have had a lot of snow. More is coming. We have really had to toughen up. I have water stored everywhere in buckets, empty litter containers and I have a trash can filled and sitting in the downstairs shower. We are well supplied with canned and dry foods like crackers and snacks. We can put our milk in the snow and probably some of our meat in a container out there as well should the power go out again.

On the positive side of this Steve was not hurt when he slid into the window. He stayed home this week because he knew it was only going to get worse and didn't want to leave me alone. Then the tornados hit Little Rock where he was supposed to be this week and we knew God had sent us a message. Really.

We have had the what-are-we-going-to-do-when-we-really-get-too-old-for-this-stuff-and-can we-afford-to-pay-someone-to-come-in-and-help-us talk. Actually, we are wondering if we are too old now. It is hard living in Idaho during the winter months even when the weather is mild. Yes, this has been a disaster year. Yes, we are alive, warm and Ok at the moment. But, this is not the worst winter in recorded history.

Yet, this is our home. No, it is not the place I envisioned living, but Idaho is Steve's bliss and Steve is mine. I have found bliss in Idaho too; the sweet violets of spring are beautiful, the wildlife magnificent, trees that can tell stories when the wind blows and moves their branches, neighbors that give without holding their hands out and a peace not found many other places. I miss my children and grandchildren but we have a place for them to visit and enjoy here and they do.

I have bitched and moaned about not having TV and wireless, but many days that is my only contact with living breathing mammals that don't bark or miaow. I miss reading blogs and emailing (you have no idea how excited I get when I see I have comments on my blog), but Steve needs the computer for work and by the time he is through in the evening I am exhausted too and just want to go to bed. Dial up is so very, very slow and I wonder now how I managed to be patient enough just to log on! Loading pictures takes 15-20 minutes and most of the time it fails. Add to that an aging computer that freezes up every 15 minutes. DirectTV will be here Saturday and we have an appointment with a flake company to come out the 16th and install the wireless dish. We had to hire an excavator to come with a backhoe to clear the area for the dishes......we do have our priorities in place right?

So, we will begin to take stock of our lives and make decisions in the next few years about our future. Hopefully the housing market will rebound and if the decision is made to sell our place it won't languish on the market for 2 or 3 years. While I joke about age and abilities, the fact is I will be 64 and Steve 62. My mind says I am 30, but my body tells the truth.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Update 3: Steve is not leaving tomorrow. The pole building where there is a ton of junk under the roof and a ton of snow literally on the roof has a sagging roof. A tree has fallen on the roof, nothing is sliding off and the ginormous beam that is the center hold of the building is groaning. Blogger takes at least a half an hour to load a picture so I am not going to take the time to try and do that. Steve is out trying to cut a path to the back of the pole building so we can maybe dig some of the snow out and encourage the roof to let the snow fall off.

We have someone coming Friday at an outrageous price to help Steve raise the post so the internet dish can go up hopefully the 16th. We are still counting on Saturday the 9th to be the TV dish installation project. But, in the meantime we have a lot of snow to move and relocate.

This weekend was help your neighbor Steve, being the best neighbor, went out to clear mail boxes. He got stuck, had to walk home (one of the neighbors whose box he had dug out drove by and waved as he trudged back home) and we drove back to dig and pull the tractor out. Yep, two old farts out in the mess with shovels, kitty litter and me driving the truck with the tow chain. Til some other day.......

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Update on the update...this is a true labor of love post

We were thinking of getting a sled.....nah, we'd probably break our legs.

Bubye DirectTv and

The leaning tree that fell on the house. Then it fell on the ground and Steve hauled it off to RIP in the snow.

Update on the update: Looks really important in red doesn't it?

The Governor in all of his wisdom has declared the North Counties in Idaho disaster areas.....DUH!!! He said we are deserving of help. I wonder what we might have done to make him think otherwise? Bonner County is out of ice melt {a mg/na combo} so there is sand on the highway and it is a MESS. We went into town to get the supplies for the new dish shelter and there is dirt, sand and slush on Highway 95.

We are at 116% of however much snow is needed to provide necessary water for the rest of the year. It is only February and depending on which of the 3 TV stations we get (two are almost pure fuzz) we are either 2/3's of the way through winter or 1/2. I just hope we have a slow melt this year.

DirectTV will be here on the 9th if no problems arise. Hughes Net is not saying when they can be here; we are waiting for a call back. Steve, the neighbor and I worked on the back where the shelter fell and I am not quite sure if we will be able to clear enough of the snow out so the dishes can go in for a while anyway.

It took one hour and 19 minutes to load the pictures and write this post...yep, I watched the clock. Steve leaves Tuesday for a 4 day trip. I'll catch up reading posts while he is gone because it is supposed to snow and I can only do so much when it comes to the relocation of white stuff.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement. I miss reading blogs and bitching about the snow and it has only been a few days. I won't be back until Tuesday......see all of you then.