There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Attention WallieWorld Customers:

Hello,, My name is rosemary and I have been on blogger timeout. Long story and I really don't want to talk about it even with those of you I am closest is weird, it hurts. Sorry.

So, attention! The thought of losing my entire blog just about did me in. I don't back my blog up and I don't post from a Word document. That has changed. I'm backing it up!!!

Moving right along....more snow in my little corner of the world, but there are a few places in the good old United States that do recognize and celebrate spring with color. Visit kenju and you will be filled with all of the glory that is spring. She even has VIOLETS!

We took a walk yesterday in between snow showers and it seems the garden fence will need substantial repairs when the snow finally does melt. Another causality of the big winter of '07 and '08 is the apple tree my son and granddaughter planted some years back. I cried about that loss. We were planning on buying a sister/brother tree this summer when they visit. Guess we will just have to buy two trees!

This is the garden....doubt we will be doing much planting this year.

Top post slipped a tad......ummhum.

A little fracture there; might need a cast or arm replacement.

See the twig in the center of the garden? It is actually laying sideways and that twig used to be the top of a Sweet Sixteen apple tree. Sniff, sniff. Can a 2 foot apple tree with the top broken off come back to life?

Garden underground where secret planting happens.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring is broken and.....

....I'm thinking Mother Nature is still in the Bahamas. Hello, Mother, time to come home....we have snow in Idaho, floods in the Mid-West, cold temps in the east....Hello? Are you there?

I have tried to be really good the last few weeks and have not crabbed about the snow; and yes, we have had snow 6 days this month. See, I didn't even use a bad word ...crabbed is not a bad word. But, what did we wake up to this morning; THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING? S.N.O.W.

We should be thinking of hunting for Easter eggs in the grass, spring dresses and hats, frilly socks and peep toe shoes, getting the mowers ready, taking the thrower off the tractor......but, no, we are shoveling snow, other folks are using boats to leave their homes and winter coats are still hanging in closets.

See? See? SNOW!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

kitty cat toes and baby noses

There has been some baby toe kissing going on in blog land....Hat is off kissing new nephew toes and Speck is kissing baby toes times three! After reading Lorraine's really sweet post about her St. Patrick's Day fun I got all snorky and started missing my kids and grand kids way too much. So, I decided to kiss the toes I had available and pretty much steal Hat and Speck's good idea. So, here is my tribute to baby toes and sweet is all in the opinion you know. I did save the best picture for last.

Emma wanted none of this toe nonsense....her toes are tiny and cute......

Dainty little Mimi Louise and her toesy-woseys........

Here are Sophie toes.....and claws.

Sweet Fuzzie peanut toes.....

Guido Fortunato's napping toes.....

And then there are these sweet toes and noses and smiles...I tried to crop the picture...score novice minus 10 for me there. Kiss, kiss my sweet babies. I miss you.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Help Wanted: Detailing, please

I stenciled this....THE IRISH BLESSING....on the wall of our entry way in 1999. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

EvilTwinsWife also known as a Glam Hausfrau, has tagged me. I need to list 5 things about me. Well folks, you all know how boring I am and the most exciting things I do on any given day is either bitch about the snow that seems to still be falling 4 days before spring, and take pictures of the dogs or cats.

So, never one to follow rules I am gonna change it up a bit. Anyone can take the tag and either go with what I do or change it yet again to make it more exciting.

I am going to list 5 things I wish I could do or someone would do for me:

1. I wish I could spend some time with the Dali Lama. I would have questions prepared, ask him about the current state of miserable affairs in Tibet and listen to his answers....maybe tape them....and try to figure out what he was really saying after the meeting. I think just sharing oxygen with this man would bring a feeling of peace to my troubled soul....and yes, it is really troubled.

2. I wish someone would send in my name and be sure it was chosen for a makeover on Oprah. I look horrible. I cut my own curly, thinning hair, have no idea how to apply makeup anymore because after all applying makeup to a smooth surface is quite different from applying it to a wrinkled surface. The only fashion taste I have is in handbags and my daughter would even question that. I need detailing.

3. I wish someone would send in my name and be sure it was chosen for a kitchen and bath makeover on HGTV. They are sad, sad places. Both are 19 years old. They contain used cabinets, cheap (and I mean cheap) floors and mis-matched appointments....I am LMAO with that phrase. We can't even begin to afford fixing these areas. Sigh.

4. I would love to drive.... not ride in.....either an Indy car (anyone remember Danny Ongias and the Interscope car/team?) or a John Force dragster.....any kind of dragster; alcohol, funny car.....whatever is available.

5. I would love to have a second home near my kids and with that I would move my oldest son back "home" to California with a nice job and his own home. Simple.

OK, now someone take the tag and use my change of a wish list or do something else....list things you did before you were 10 or 16, or list some exciting things you have done....just have fun. Please.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Simple things in life.....

...make me happy. Like jumping onto the napper in the bedroom. Mom opened the window a little so I could smell the fresh air. I look cute.

I watched a piece of lint..

I had fun playing with the blind wand.

I leaned over to see how far I could get before falling. I did pretty good.

I shared a bug with my sister.

I love my sister Emma. My mom says I am not the brightest bulb on the string, but I light up her heart. In case you forgot, my name is Guido Fortunato.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A nothing post about.....trouble

Guido Fortunato wants to start the day by getting into trouble. Let's see how high chubby Guido can climb to achieve that goal.

Trouble getting ready to jump on mom...not a good idea.

Emma Lee is always thinking of new ways to get into trouble.

A basket full of trouble. This seems to be Sophie's favorite nap place at the moment. Keeps all of the toys from the other cats too; double trouble.

PlayStation 4 to keep us out of trouble.....thank you Auntie Chris for all of the cool toys.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Nurse I need a pain shot...NOW


I am in this picture....I'll give everyone a few days and then will tell you where I am unless someone does find me.
For all of my college years I was a single mother, was living on the welfare system until I could get a job after graduation and my kids were latchkey kids. It was a tough time, but it was wonderful too. I loved learning, getting all A'S (yes I did, even in clinical), and wanted more than anything to be able to support my family.
When I was in high school I wanted to be a doctor. I started my freshman year with all of the right classes; physiology, general science, math and English 1A. By the second semester of that year I had met the man that would become my first husband and it was all downhill after that.
I was absolutely miserable in high school. Most of the responsibility sits on my shoulders, some on the social mores of the 60's and some on my parents. If it wasn't for my Aunt Marcella who was a nurse, I might not have ever gone into the medical field at all.
With the age related knowledge I have today I know I could have accomplished anything I set out to do back then. Damn, you all could have been calling me Dr. rosemary. While there is the It's never too late really is. I accomplished my goals as a nurse. I was a good nurse, in fact I was a great nurse. I know that, my peers knew it, I hope my kids know it and I was respected by the physicians I worked with. Good job, rosemary.
What's up with the paragraphing? PS it's snowing.