There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring is broken and.....

....I'm thinking Mother Nature is still in the Bahamas. Hello, Mother, time to come home....we have snow in Idaho, floods in the Mid-West, cold temps in the east....Hello? Are you there?

I have tried to be really good the last few weeks and have not crabbed about the snow; and yes, we have had snow 6 days this month. See, I didn't even use a bad word ...crabbed is not a bad word. But, what did we wake up to this morning; THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING? S.N.O.W.

We should be thinking of hunting for Easter eggs in the grass, spring dresses and hats, frilly socks and peep toe shoes, getting the mowers ready, taking the thrower off the tractor......but, no, we are shoveling snow, other folks are using boats to leave their homes and winter coats are still hanging in closets.

See? See? SNOW!


jan said...

You must have a very full water table by now.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

We were told to expect snow today here, but it was 60 degrees - still chilly by my standards, but at least not snowy. Thanks for all the wonderful comments today. I thought it was too cute!

madretz said...

Oh dear. Well, i wish you a very happy easter regardless of the weather.

Middle Child said...

Our nights are getting a little crisper here down under (or are we rrreally on top...we just assume that the globe has you lot on Space is there and up and down rally? Just a thought train sorry)
But the days are still quite warm. I love Autumn and our winters are snow and only sometimes a frost... I am much more alive at this time of the year...your summer will be there son enough... but I don't think I could handle the long lasting cold you have.