There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Friday, July 04, 2008

Update on Mimi Louise and the happenings in Idaho..

The vet called late yesterday afternoon. She always sounds so serious when she calls...and usually for a good reason. So, she says....."Hello, Rosemary?", and I said "Yup, hello Dr. Smart (her real name)." Then she said, " Mimi's thyroid is fine. She's just overweight and has that kind of feline constitution. Let's keep her on the Science Diet MD food for 3 to 4 months and then bring her back for a weight check." Mimi was a master, and I mean a master, at stealing Sophie's food, left over dog food specks on the floor, a sliver of lettuce on the table (I know, yuck) and anything else that even faintly resembled a food substance. Sadly, with Sophie gone she can't do the largest thievery now, but this is good for Mimila. She even followed me downstairs for the first time since last summer to see if she was missing something in the laundry room that might be tasty. One less thing to worry about.

Now on to stuff......Steve is going to Mexico City Sunday and won't be back until Thursday. I am going to meet cs of Pitted Windshields (it is not linked because this is dial up after all and that just won't happen, but she is on my blog list) for lunch Wednesday!!!! She is going to drive up to my little town and we will get to talk face to face and have fun. I love her sense of humor, how she loves and humanizes her doggies and the fact that she is one of those angel teachers of special needs kids.

The final papers were signed and notarized for the accident yesterday. I already have a list of my local politicos and will do some online search stuff about insurance/civil personal injury law suits etc. before I start my letter writing campaign. I am ready to take this on. Every morning when I see Steve struggle just to get out of bed and then have to grab for a cane to get to the bathroom my resolve gets stronger.

I haven't said anything about this and I hope my daughter doesn't hate me forever, but she was laid off as of the 30th of June. Guess who she had given her life to for years as a stellar employee? WAMOOSE. But in her usual high style, professional way, she has chosen to look at this as a beginning not an end and has great plans for school, has already interviewed for several jobs (that have 1 jobzillion applicants but she got called) and has a plan. This girl of mine can do anything she sets her mind to; anything. She is not only intelligent, she has a sense for fashion, presentation, the written word and is just so....I can't even think of the right word....I know she will be OK. She does have a hard working husband and I know he will be her partner in what ever she decides to do in the future.

Emma Lee has decided she wants to live on the kitchen windowsill. She is there constantly. She is watching the barn swallow babies do their "mapping" so come next spring they will be able to find the nest in the box under the balcony. She watches the bees, wasps, hornets, gnats, doves, robins, squirrels and the occasional coyote that ambles through the yard. She misses not one wing, buzz or foot. If I could upload photos you could see her in action....oh wait, wasn't I supposed to have my satellite fixed yesterday? Yea, that's right but the guy called and said he wanted to go to Silverwood, the local amusement park, and was having a party today....I mean it is a holiday week isn't it......and if he isn't too hung over tomorrow he will come up...he'll call and let us know. Have I called betcha.

I have been able to read exactly two blogs. Two. Period. I get timed out after two. Can't do three. Two. I read Angela of Auld Hat fame and guess what she called me in a return comment.....rosemary. I am worried. Is she angry at me? Did I commit a blog faux paw? Then there is Lorraine....not a comment for weeks. OK, so she did go on vacation with Angela, but not for weeks.......I don't even want to start about Lilli, Sling or JP.......what did I do? Did I use a bad word? Too many rants? No kitten pictures? What? BarbWire.....ummhum, no comments from her either. OK, here is my global apology for being old and crabby and in a snit for several months/seasons.

And in conclusion, my youngest son, daughter-in-law, Sachi and Spencer will be here the 17th of this month for a week long visit. I am just a tad bit excited......actually a lot excited. I should have the satellite fixed by then or else HughesNet headquarters will have been......probably shouldn't say that kind of stuff.......but there will be pictures; one way or another.


Barb said...

Hi Rosemary,
I can't seem to get the hang of this blogging quite yet. I wrote a reply and went to publish it and it dissapeared on me. Sh*t I have to start over.

I am sorry about the outcome of the accident. you should write to your congressman and bi*ch up a storm till you get results. What the insureance companies have done to you and Steve is unacceptable to put it mildly. What a bunch of crooks they all are. The guy that hit you was not suppose to be driving at all. This has to mean something in your favor. Geez!

Sorry about Sophie too. She will be missed by all who knew her. I didn't get to know her that well cause she always hid when I visited.

Glad ole Mimi is fine. She's pretty amazing for her age isn't she?

Let's hope I get this comment to go thru this time.

Mom said...

So glad to hear the report on Mimi! She just likes her food.I am betting your mood will improve a bunch when the grandson is there with his parents to brighten your day.
Hope you are able to get some help from the politicos for that unfair accident settlement.
And give CS a big hug from Maryland. It would be such fun if we could all get together someday.

Middle Child said...

Say hello to CS for me - she was my second main contact when I started blogging in late 2005.

You stick with what you are doing re the insurance thing. You don't need their bastardry, and there are easier things to do in life - but there are not better things to do. What you are beginning is one of the better things you will do in life and more so because of your husband's suffering. If I can send you strength on angels wings I do - might help. Take care okay. Your daughter will be fine and it is so good that you are proud of her...

cs said...

Hey Ro:
Looking forward to our pie lunch! It will be good to laugh..we could both use it eh?
I will sign your petition FOR SURE!

Lots of lay-offs going on but God will taker care of her, no doubt about it. See you Wed sister!

kenju said...

It's good to read a new post, Rosemary, whenever you can make one. Hope your daughter gets a job soon, and that you get restitution for the accident.

CRAIG & DIANE said...

I know two little children that are going to get spoiled, spoiled, spoiled! Having been so treated in my long ago years, they will love it as much as you will love doing it. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Is Rosemary a swear word? Am I in trouble? hmpf.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Whenever I see your name, I always do a double take - even after all this time! LOL.

Kimberly Ann said...

I don't know how much weight a Washingtonian has in Idaho, but if you need anyone to write some letters to your officials, count me in. In my former working life, stern and almost bitchy letter writing was my bread and butter. :-)

Will you get any souvenir from Mexico City? Mmmmm, silver.....

madretz said...

So very glad to hear that Mimi doesn't have anything frightening.

But you are frightening me about the satellite internets connection because we're getting it at the hideaway soon. We're so sick of dial up and satellite is the only way to get fast connection in our remote area. well, hopefully yours will be back soon cuz it'll be good to see the pics of Emma Lee guarding her territory.

panthergirl said...

Hey... glad Mimi is ok. Good for you pursuing the letter-writing campaign. It's a fulltime job (as I have discovered with my one-woman campaign against the two bullies in my condo complex (who also go to my son's school). Frustrating, yes. But at least it feels like one is taking some action.

Enjoy the kiddies!!!

more cowbell said...

Seriously, call the Insurance Commissioner if Idaho has that. I did in WA, and they helped. Dial up sucks ass, I feel for you.