There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy, happy to you.... sweet little redheaded boy.

My oldest child turns 46 today. I was 17 when he was born. We kinda grew up together. Of course, there were swirls of comments about his hair was evident at day 2. Turned out his fraternal grandfather (who died in WWII) was a red head as was a maternal great-grandfather.

Art was a quiet, almost perfect baby....slept through the night quickly, never spit baby food on me and seldom cried. That sweet baby turned into a tender-hearted little boy, a sensitive adolescent and a troubled teenager. The blame for a lot of his troubles can be placed right on my shoulders.

While he is a big, grown up man now, I still see him as that sweet child that happily shared a bike with his sister, loved his grandparents to pieces, and made cards for me just because. He is a single father of two wonderful kids; Johnny and Bethany.

The last time I saw him was in 1998 at Gil's wedding. Come hell or high water, snow, sleet, or fire and brimstone, I am going to figure out a way to see him this November. Steve and I are trying to plan a trip to California for our birthdays and Art is willing to travel there to see us. We are going to save every penny we can to get tickets or I will walk the 1500 miles.

I love you , Art, with all of my heart. See you soon.

The two top pictures were taken at my parent's house....that's my dad in the background in the pix on the left. Below those are school pictures. Art always swore (and still does) his hair was brown.

This is the last time we were together; Gil's wedding. Here we are, me, Art and Johnny. John will be 18 next month. The picture below was taken in 2000.....John, Art and Bethany.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Same story different pickee.....

The players: Fuzzy, Emma Lee, and Guido in the napper.

Get off my bed. Now.

I don't have to. Mom said anyone can sleep on her bed.

Yea, well mom said it was my bed so get off. Now.

Don't have to. I'm the baby, mom said I was cute. Don't have to, neener.

You're not cute. Mom just feels sorry for you because you were born in a pole building and ate dead stuff.

Did not; you're lying.


Notice, Guido never moved on the napper during this whole argument that included hissing and a few slaps.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Where do I begin?

I'll begin with today.

No one will ever call me the plant hand of death. Lookie, lookie! I actually grew myself and Sweet Williams!!!!!

The satellite was out for weeks......from about the 23rd of July until yesterday. All we heard from HughesNet was it's a post problem, it's a post problem. Here is the post in February. Not one problem until early added two more cemented in posts and a series of cross posts to prevent "torsion and movement" as the HughesNet geek said. Yup, Steve and I did this ourselves......I think we are pretty handy and no one can blame the post ever again.
Now for the wonderful stuff....the kids visit. Seems it started with a terrific plane trip.

They landed safely and had with them luggage for all, a car seat and the coveted racing bike.
Steve and I were just happy to be sharing air space with Gil.....why are we standing so far apart? The air must have been thin that day.
Lots of events with Papa. Sachi had to explore the terrain to be sure it was a good fishin' spot.

She was excited to get started I think.
Spencer had a great time. Is he the cutest grandson in the world or what?
Papa and Spencer shared a few guy moments......Papa was the happiest this day.
There was a trip to Grouse Creek where they climbed rocks and played in the water.
A long drive to Montana to the Ross Cedar Groves.
Then a visit to the Litehouse Cheese Factory.
Their days began with bird feeding....Spencer was the man to go to for peanuts.
Pretty good peanut filler upper that Spencer.

Sachiko was the deer corn person....Papa said she was perfect with amounts in the pans. She had the whole routine down from filling the bucket the night before with the next days rations to the pan filling. A Bambi had dessert in my flower garden after a tasty breakfast of corn.

The pool was a flop....our ground water was freezing and it wasn't until the last day they were here it warmed up. But, by then the wasps had taken over and were doing laps.
Remember Sachi's Sweet Sixteen apple tree that we thought had broken in half in the snow? It didn't, but some very hungry winter creature managed to eat the bark off of the tree and it didn't survive. Sachi said goodbye to her special tree.

And then she planted another; a green delicious apple.
Spencer planted his peach tree and both of the kids helped Papa plant his pluot tree.
There were relaxing times with Violet and a variety of Webkinz.
Time spent in the hammock with Daddy.

Walks in the forest were special.
Little shoes outside the door made me cry.

They made forts with Gigi's Lincoln Logs....yes, they are mine. Seems I was denied as a child from receiving male toys.
The million dollar road/racing bike stood guard outside the door. Gil rode a lot while he was here.
And there were other rides as well. Sachi is quite the tractor navigator.....umm, Spencer...seems the vote isn't in quite yet.

There was a trip to the dump......that's a story all by itself.
And best of all there were grandchildren that danced their way further into our hearts.
That I love this family beyond words is true....and then some. Of course my heart cracked a little more after they were always does when I leave my kids. But, we had a glorious time and Steve and I are planning a trip to California in November for our birthdays. This is for you Gil, Mariko, Sachi and Spencer. Never doubt for a minute how much I love you all. I miss your voices in the morning, seeing Gil at the stove, hearing Mariko whistle with joy and those sticky hand hugs and kisses.