There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Monday, September 22, 2008

I've been on a special mission to.....

........find Autumn....and capture one of the rights of passage from summer to Autumn.

But first.....let's just get this out of the way. Yes, I live in the town where Sarah Palin was born, but she moved when she was 3 months old. Yes, she went to Idaho institutions of higher learning. Yes, I have a pair of rimless glasses but they are old enough to not have my current prescription in them. Personally, I think her particular pair of specs resemble Steve's safety glasses without the side clips. Her hair? Not going there. And yes, I am perfectly be-speckeld, coiffed and poised. She is entitled to her views, I am entitled to my choice for candidates.

Now, to the business of tracking Autumn. I have been in the forest A LOT these past 2 weeks. The Chain Saw Project of '08 continues. We walk the forest every day with Luke our forester whose credentials include a 4 year degree in forestry from U of I, and 9 years with the Forestry Service. We have had about 6 loads go out so far. One load was Cedar. We have an over abundance of Cedars towards the back of the acreage. We did lose 2 Hemlock trees to fungus. When the trees were finally down and the trunk exposed, the inside looked like the underside of a mushroom. Sad. CS described the Lodge Pole's perfectly. They look like Q-tips. So, OUT fungus and gone!!!

Here are some of the sure signs Autumn is here: This tree is along the driveway of the Burning Tree Ranch across the road from us.
This fire bush was seen on a back road while we were out investigating.

These ferns are directly across the road from our place.
This sweet little Tamarack is in our west "yard."
This shrubbery is along the trail heading south on our longest trail.
This tree was also discovered while being Autumn sleuths.
Here is a close up of a Cedar. Beautiful.

This is a Hemlock. Breathtaking. The needles look like lace.

One of the biggest downsides to logging: DUST. This is one of the staging areas where the trees are limbed and the tops cut off. Slash piles are made from the "refuse" to be burned when the logging is finished. The trees are pulled by Luke's tractor to these areas along "skid trails." Next summer these skid trails will be walking trails and we will finally be able to fully enjoy our property. About time.

Here are two of the slash piles.....HUGE.

And now for one of the rights of passage of Summer to Autumn ......the end of summer yard sale held at our house the weekend of the 13th. A week of damn hard work cleaning out closets, attics, garages and nooks and crannies to make about 150 bucks. This was the worst yard sale I have ever had and is probably the last one. I think the price of gas kept folks away. We are 12 miles out of town and that is a long drive when gas is 4 bucks a gallon. There must have been 30 yard sales in town the same why drive 24 miles round trip to look at my junque? The things I thought would sell did not. My own rule is stuff that doesn't sell goes to the animal shelter store; period. We have bags and bags ready to go.

Here is the longest running not sold item. This is Steve's for sale item and thus exempt from the shelter store....not that there is one other person on the face of the earth that would want this old Dentist Chair minus the hydraulics. Steve has a vision of someone using it as a patio chair. Umhumm. The working non digital TV sold. The non working digital TV that was a victim of a lightening strike that hit the east side of the house did not sell.
Here are the three tables of really cool junque, lovingly arranged and priced for a quick sale. There is Steve in the first picture, I'm in the second. Do you see any potential buyers? That would be a resounding NO. Penelope and Violet gave their best welcoming barks to each and every person that did show up. I had free bottles of water and cookies for attendees (my daughter the queen of nice at yard sales buys donuts) but that made no difference. Food bribes did not encourage anyone to buy anything. What $$$ we did make will help pay for my airplane ticket to California in November because Unit*d, Alas*a and Del*a will allow Steve to use his airzillion miles for a ticket for Steve, BUT HE CAN'T USE THEM FOR A TICKET FOR ME.


Mom said...

It has been busy is your part of the world. It will be interesting to see how your woods will look in the spring after all the thinning.

jan said...

Great pictures of the vegetation. The last picture looks like Rosemary's e-bay.

kenju said...

I like seeing pix of your surrounding area and I love cedar and hemlock. They are wonderful in flowers arrangements for the holidays!

Sorry about no buyers at your yard sale. I need to have another one, but I am dreading pulling out all the stuff to sell and even though I have 8 long tables in my garage, it isn't enough space. Believe it.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

The Evil Twin was dead set on doing a yard sale earlier in the year. One weekend in June, our city offered the free city wide yard sale option (otherwise, you have to pay a fee to have a yard sale). Plus, they put your address on a list, so everyone knows you're having a sale. He did a lot of work. He only sat out there on Friday - made $50 and said "F*** it, it's going to Goodwill." Meanwhile, I slouched in the house with the kids and pretended I wasn't home. LOL.

Miss Healthypants said...

What beautiful autumnal pictures! That bright red tree is awesome! :)

Sorry your yard sale wasn't so successful. But I must say, I don't think I would have bought the "Dentist Chair minus the hydraulics." The fact that it's a dentist chair itself would creep me out too much. *grin*

Chris said...

Love the pics of Autumn. I was telling my kids this morning, on the way to band practice, that today was the first full day of Fall. My 4 year old wanted to know where the pretty leaves were, we have been doing seasons for science class. I explained to her that in CA it doesn't get that cold. But as we looked around while driving we did see several tress with pretty colors.

Sorry about the garage sale. But I agree, the cost of gas would keep me in town. Plus I think everyone is just tightening up thier purse strings lately. You still made a good haul, I think,

Glad to see you back, I missed you.

Kimberly Ann said...

Your photos are lovely, particularly the hemlock. Enjoy those gorgeous fall colors. Do you guys have local apples nearby? I'm on a quest for heirloom apples because I'm sick of apples tasting like nothing.

Jennie said...

It's nice to live in a place where you can see all the changes happening right in front of you. I'm having a hard time feeling fall-y this year. Need to go buy some mums. Anyway, how much you want for that pink and blue lawn chair?

madretz said...

I've always wanted to do a garage sale but they look like soooo much work.

Sling said...

Beautiful fall photos Rosie!
We haven't seen much color yet around these parts,but it will come soon.
Look at all the cool junque you got!..Wish I was closer to I-Dee-Ho.

Barb said...

I know your land will look better for the thinning next spring. Year after will look even better.

You know I would have come to your garage sale:)if I still lived there. Can't say I would have bought that dentist chair though LOL. Have you tried giving it to the museum yet??

Keep an eye on those slash piles when Stevie gets them going. I remember the last ones you had.

Cazzie!!! said...

I just simply love the images of the nature...simply lovely colours

Blogarita said...

Visiting via The Lemonade Stand. Your part of the world looks beautiful. And you can bet if I lived there, I'd have driven the 12 miles to your sale. :)

Middle Child said...

Some lovely worries re the sale....shit happens while magic also happens

Middle Child said...

The trees/ scenery are beautiful - know all about the junk sales....