There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some pretty scary stuff......

Halloween is just around the corner....or at the end of the week, whichever I get to first. Soooooo, booooo, I am thinking orange is my color!

When I was a kid my mom and godmother aka Auntie Lulu, used to go to a shop in East L.A. that they called "The Junk Store." It really wasn't filled with junk at all. It was stacked floor to ceiling, wall to wall with bolts and bolts of fabric of every imaginable kind. My mother was quite the seamstress and made almost all of my clothes even through high school. She kept me quite stylish in poodle skirts, pedal pushers, wool skirts, a coat or two and tons of blouses. When I was in eighth grade she managed to score a huge bolt of parachute material from the "junk store" and made me and my best friend Bea matching outfits. My mother was quite pleased with the outfits; Bea and I were mortified. We wore them church Christmas morning. Of course both of our mothers were royally irritated that we refused to ever wear them again saying "They are beautiful outfits and you both look beautiful!".......or something along those lines. UmmHumm....beautiful. Here I am....the Giant Poofy-Skirted Orange Parachute Pumpkin!
An even scarier tale involves hair. Living rurally has its pluses and minuses. One thing that tips the scale on both sides is having well water. On the plus side: no water bill, no spiders in a meter box in the ground.....and that's about it for the good stuff. On the negative have to drill a well. Interpretation? Expensive. You have to have a power source, a pump house to get the water to the house, deal with no water when the power is out unless you can afford an even more expensive backup generator....and then there is the mineral content of your water and the need for a water softener and filter system like we have. Before we had that system, we had iron in our water......and I mean lots of iron. The water smelled like iron, anything white or light colored turned yellow and then t-shirts, underwear, glasses, dishes, sinks and tubs....everything. I was a blond when we moved to Idaho in 1998. I never factored in the mineral content of our water when it came to coloring my hair or even shampooing it actually. As my hair turned more and more yellow rather than a beige blond, and then a light orange, I finally realized that the dye and water were mixing in a way that was not good. Below is my hair right before I cut it all off and we installed the water system. Really, really orange and scary!!!!

And then there are the really cute witches and blue characters/goblins of Halloween!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some questions....

Here I go again asking those questions that roll through my head at night when I can't sleep because my nose and chest are snotty and by asking these in a blog post it cements the fact that I am a bit weird.....but.....

If the Indians were still around, how far would they have migrated from Idaho by now to miss winter? Would they have gone to Seattle? Do you think there are still Ishi's living in American forests somewhere? Could in the forest where that bomber lived for years.

What happened to Janet Reno?

Can you imagine what GWB's Library will look like? Will it be filled with bad press reports? Comic books? Saddles and boots? Dog pictures?

I wish I could meet the Dalai Lama. I don't know what I would say to him but I think just sharing air with him would be good. How could I make this happen? I mentioned this before...must be important.

Why can't stupid spell check catch the i and make it I. Why can't it check syntax? Why can't it fix there and their, fare and fair, tale and tail, etc.? Do people still own paper dictionaries like me?

Does anyone else remember Veronica Lake, Ava Gardner, Stewart Granger, Montgomery Clift, Robert Mitchum, Ann Blythe, Deanna Durbin, Jane Powell, Doris Day, paper dolls, using cigar boxes as a kid to hold special treasures like a candy wrapper, being safe on a bus if you are under 10, not having a TV? Am I the oldest blogger out there?

What the hell happened to my body at 50, 55, 60? I watched it every day and then all of a sudden....messed up.

Am I the only person who thinks Grammar School Reunions are a bit .....what ever the word is? I have a whole post ready on that one....coming soon.

Can I handle another dog/puppy? I really want another Charlie....and I would name him Charlie Two. I have a picture of a puppy doggie named Bosco and I know Charlie looked just like him as a puppy.......I miss Charlie every day.

I wonder if Jackson Browne would remember me....that is a dream not a real question....a fantasy actually.

Why can't I cook or garden? This is a failure in Idaho. I don't like doing either one of those tasks...maybe that's the key....tasks.

Does it mean that my cats love me when they sleep in my lap, lick my arm and snuggle against my feet at night?

Again....and the last question...anyone know if there is an afterlife and does it have a Del Taco? I know this sounds irreverent and I'm sorry....but, I wonder about death and an afterlife, if I will be able to watch my grandchildren grow from out there and if I die first can I still let Steve know how much I love him. Anyone heard from a passed away family member?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

FALLing into the......

.....Autumn season. Leaves are all over the ground and forest floor. It is a beautiful time in Idaho. The first two pictures were taken in our yard. The rest of the outside photos I took today while out on a ride with the girls..... around the bend and down the road a road.

One of the "locals."

Looking west straight down our road. The haze is from slash pile burning that is going on all over the county.

There is an Alpaca ranch about a half a mile from our house....there are hundreds of these beauties there.

A sweet little Tamarack.

OK......I am addicted. These candies are beyond delicious.....and I got the big bag!!! My butt is going to be the size of Montana before Halloween.

One little kitten is being good.....another little kitten is looking for trouble.

The end.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just sitting here's about time...

Steve is in Mexico City for a consultation and I ran out of steam yesterday. It is after 11 AM and I have barely managed to feed the pets, eat breakfast and make the bed. I have been up since 6.

Steve had a 7:30 AM Sunday flight and we were on the dark, empty roads at 4:30. The girls and I snoozed while he drove down and the girls continued to snooze while I drove home. It was a beautiful morning and I had saved a little treat for myself for the drive back home.

I have had Jackson Browne's new CD, TIME THE CONQUEROR, for several weeks. I can't just open the CD case and listen to his music when I get a new CD.....even if it is an old release that I am replacing (I play them thin and useless). I need to be alone. I need to be able to really listen to his lyrics and music. Every song, every CD has the potential to make me cry and of course think and ponder certain events.

Jackson has never professed to be a great singer. He has critiqued his own voice and feels his strength is his writing ability. Of course I disagree. He does all of it wonderfully. This CD is vocally one of his best. His voice seems stronger, clearer and he even does some falsetto rips on one of the songs!

So...has Jackson ever released any album/tape or CD and NOT voiced a strong stand about any current world condition? No. In this CD he manages to do the following:

* Pour the cement over GWB's feet about the war in Iraq
* Put GWB in the Convention Center during Katrina where he should have been not flying over the place
* Address the fact that Cuba is inhabited with all kinds of people not just the Castro family
* Correctly state that we are a world of excesses
* Acknowledge that he is lonely
* That he longs for love just like every other person on the face of the earth

This music is powerful and beautiful.

So, I was thinking that I wanted to leave my grandchildren (and my children) memories of a Gigi/Mom that was strong of mind and stated her beliefs even if they might not agree with me. I don't think I have ever kept my feelings to my self....but, I have really never been politically vocal.

>I am a Democrat and will vote for Obama.
>I think Sarah Palin (thank you Gil for the correct spelling) is scary. She is a loose cannon.
>I believe every person should be able to make their own decisions about pregnancy, death, and who they marry.
>I think hunting for sport is wrong. Period.
>I think drug use is slowly killing our best hope for the future.
>I FIRMLY BELIEVE GWB went into Iraq for only one reason and that was payback for his father.
>I think Wall Street is totally corrupt. Lying and cheating has become a way of life for many.
>Nothing matters but family....not owning a home, cars, couches or jewels.
>Pets have rights.
>If you say you will meet with a dictator without conditions, there will still be conditions....where, time, attendees, etc. But, if you treat each other like human beings regardless of sanity, beliefs or just might accomplish something.
>Everyone is afraid of dying. If they say otherwise they are fooling themselves not anyone else.
>Bras are mans way of getting back at women. Sweats are underrated.
>Sports figures, actors and politicians are paid way too much money. The real "heroes and role models" are teachers, nurses and blue collar workers.
>I have not lived my best life. I have made serious mistakes and have regrets. I can only hope now that I can teach my children and grandchildren to not make the same mistakes.
>Jackson Browne is my hero....and I am still waiting for him. Joni Mitchell is right there next to him.

There are a lot of other things I could say, but this is a good start.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

A moment in time...the woman he....

....fell in love San Simeon, Ca., 1982.

Seems to be a time for remembrance. Exactly 23 years ago today Steve and I were married.

When we met he was a staff Pharmacist, I was a staff nurse. It was April 17, 1982. We were both working extra graveyard shifts at a Medical Center in California to make money. Times were tough for both of us then.

The short version of the how we met story goes like this:

It was 5:30 AM. I was making last rounds for the horrible load of 25 patients I was responsible for that night. Mr. Rodriguez in 520A needed a new IV bag. I looked in every nook and cranny; no IV for Mr. Rodriguez. I called the Pharmacy, Steve answered......Steve Pharmacy can I help you fifth floor?

I told Steve Pharmacy what I needed, he said the bag would be sent right up via the tubes. Off I went to finish rounds. 6AM and no IV bag had arrived. I called Steve Pharmacy again. His response? 99% of the time when a nurse calls for an IV it is right there in the patient's cubby . Did you look there? Did you look on the back up cart and isn't that IV running a little fast? I. Was. Angry. My response? 100% of the time when I call for an IV it is because I have looked everywhere and it is not in the cubby or on the back up cart. Let me worry about the IV rate. I want that IV and I want it now.

Steve Pharmacy brought the IV bag up himself and I gave him a tour of cubbies, carts and all of the hiding places for emergency IV bags nurses used to make Pharmacists angry.

Steve and I had never met before that night. We didn't even remember seeing each other just in passing. But after that night it seemed that every time I called the Pharmacy, Steve answered. We saw each other in the halls, in the parking lot, at the employee bar-b-que and in the cafeteria. We talked, we became friends and at the employee trip to the Renaissance Faire we fell in love. The rest is bumpy history but what a wonderful bunch of bumps.

I was a redhead when Steve first saw me. He was blond and had thick hair. I weighed 130, he was 155. We each had two previous spouses, a team of kids, alimony and child support issues and divorce horror stories. We bought a dumpy house for pennies, brought all of the kids at one time or another into that house to live, discovered we loved cats, took wonderful trips, owned several businesses together and were wooed by Idaho.

Steve is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is generous, kind and loving. Most importantly, he is genuine. If I told him I wanted a luxury yacht, fur coat, a 10 carat diamond ring and he thought it would make me happy, he'd figure out a way to get them for me. He does not adjust to change easily. He still sees me at 130 with big goggle glasses and doesn't understand my fretting over grey hair, wrinkles and a poochy tummy. We are a good fit, a good team, friends, and the day I met Steve was absolutely the luckiest/best day of my life.

I imagine that every couple thinks they are the only two people on earth that have a love so great there are no words to define it. I love Steve, he loves me. I can't imagine life without him. He has cried at the thought of losing me. That is our greatness.

I had the sad assignment of caring for Mr. Rodriguez about a year after I met Steve. He was still a young man and he was dying. I met his wife and had the opportunity to tell her about how I met Steve. I think my story eased her hurt a little and made at least that day easier for her. I know Steve has made my days wonderful. Happy 23rd Anniversary my sweetheart/honey/yes, dear.

Yosemite, Ca., 1982.

October 5, 1985.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

One picture is worth.....

....80 years. An old stand cedar. The top had been eaten by a porcupine and it was slowly dying. Had it fallen over by itself, it would have taken out several younger cedars. Still......sniff, sad. Steve said he will make a table top out of this piece......maybe in 2020.