There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bits and pieces....

.....from an old lady's mind.

We had a substantial snow fall late yesterday only to have it replaced by warmer temps and dense fog this morning. This is the fourth snow fall this season but no flakes have "stuck" and Thanksgiving, when it is usually white, was sunny.

This morning at 3:30 AM when I was wide awake and thinking of anything but sleep, snow angels crept into my mind. The last time I made a snow angel was in December of 2004. Steve and I were out on the long trail following bunny tracks when we were overcome by laughter and dared each other to make the best snow angel. I doubt I could plop onto the snow to make anything but a big dent now. The larger challenge would be getting up.

On the local news there was a report of calorie consumption over Thanksgiving. The average size of a dinner plate is 10 inches. We have 11 inch plates. If a 10 inch plate is filled (not piled up) with the usual holiday fare it would equal 3000 calories. So, the suggestion was to use salad plates instead. The commentator then said he would be inclined to go for seconds with a smaller plate. Yup, 3000 calories....that's what I have consumed for 3 meals in 3 days (I had turkey for lunch and dinner yesterday).

I have had this crazy thought......I want a chocolate lab puppy. I miss Charlie every day. I A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y. loved that dog unconditionally separation anxiety chewing wandering shedding and all of his other former life issues we got him from the animal shelter where they said he was a year old and he was probably 6 or 7. We talked to the vet about getting another puppy/dog while we had Penelope at her office. Penny is limping and has been diagnosed with a bad shoulder and is on Rimadyl. The vet's advice in a word? No. She thinks adding another puppy/dog to our mix of animals would be a disaster in the making. The cats have settled into a routine. There is no hissing, fighting or marking going on since Sophia died. Add a dog? Bad habits will develop. Penelope is old, Violet is only 6. Both of them are totally Steve's dog....totally. They lay/nap with him on the couch, follow him around no matter where he goes including the bathroom. He feeds them little snacks from the table; I yell at them to get back. He lets them ride in the truck; I make them stay home because the jumping in and out is hard on Penny. Add a puppy or dog? It will be mentally and emotionally hard on Penny and Violet and the puppy/dog will probably start real dog fights. So, no puppy or dog. I'm OK with that. Sort of. Sniff.

Absolute proof I am an old lady out of granddaughter has sent us 4 text messages since November 17th. Steve has no idea how to open a text message...he received 2 of the messages. I only use my phone when we travel or take it with us when Steve's phone needs charging. Neither of the phones work at the house because we have metal siding and external antennas don't help at all. I received the other 2 messages. I do know how to open and send texts and have developed my own interesting spelling/language. Maybe it is universal; I wouldn't know.

Here is what I sent to Bethany: got 2 msges cell does not wrk @ hme miss u 2. will call u 2nite on hme# luv gigi

I called her, talked to her dad....she was at a friend's home.

latr blg bds

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have a Happy......

Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for all of the wonderful blog friends I have made over these last few years. You are truly a blessing.

Run free and really fast.....hurry. I hear tummy rumblings.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nine loads of wash later.....

....we are home and settling down to the old familiar routines. There are absolutely no words in any language to tell you how wonderful our trip was. Every single day was filled with family from everywhere.....New York, Oklahoma and of course California. Because we were so excited about the trip, even the flight down with its delay and hassle with luggage was just fun. is what we did......

Monday we flew to California.

Tuesday we invaded the local Quizno's for lunch. Everyone was there but my daughter and her family. Fun, fun, fun.

Tuesday night we walked the street fair in Huntington Beach with my daughter and her family. Glorious fun.

Wednesday we drove all over the place with my oldest son and granddaughter. We hit three cemeteries and I showed them the houses where I grew up. My brother still lives in my last family home and he should be ashamed of himself for letting it look like a shack. Can you tell we are estranged?

Wednesday night we had a spaghetti feast at my step-daughter's home......I don't consider her my step-daughter......she is all mine minus the stretch marks. Noodles of fun.

Thursday we drove up to Big Bear to see Steve's cousin and his wife. After that visit we had ribs and chicken at my youngest son's home. We also taped a video for Sachi's class assignment on her family history. I look fat and damn old on video. Rib splitting, full of kisses and love fun.

Friday we took our granddaughter shopping and got her a few things to make up for all of the birthdays that were missed. Friday night we went to my grandson's last football game of the season. A helmet full of fun.

Saturday I got my hair cut at the school my daughter is attending and then we went to dinner at Steve's other daughter's home....turkey and all the fixings. We gobbled our way through 12 pounds of fun.

Sunday we had a family reunion picnic. We celebrated three birthdays....Steve's, Christopher's and mine. The candle blowing was secondary to celebrating each other, the love we share and the tears we shed saying good-bye.

Here I am with my granddaughter Bethany and grandson John (last seen in 2000 when they were 8 and 10). There is my oldest son Art, last seen in 1998 at Gil's (youngest son) wedding. Absolutely glorious.

Here are ALL of our grandchildren......every single one of them.

John, Christopher, Tyler, Stephen, Bethany, Rebekah, Sachiko, Daniella, Anthoney, Spencer, and Sheyenne! They range in age from three to 25.

Here is the whole group. All but one of our children are in the picture (Tammy). Added to the group are Steve's brother Larry, our son-in-law Todd and Bobby, Sonya and Stephanie, Steve's kids. Gil, Art and Christine, my kids.

Here are my heart, breath and soul.....not necessarily in that order.

You know how when your kids are little you just want to wrap them around your heart and keep them there forever? How you want to protect them, stand guard over them, keep them from getting their feelings hurt and could do serious damage to anyone that did just that? I am now 64, my oldest son is 46, my daughter ageless, and my youngest son is 39. Those feelings have never gone away. I have admitted I was not a stellar mother, but you know what? It is never to late to love, cherish, kiss, hug and protect your kids......never too late.

The only sad part of the trip were the fires that were raging in Southern California while we were there. I took pictures but I can't post them. They need to be deleted and forgotten. The devastation was immense, the sadness palpable everywhere we went. The last night we were in California, we stayed at a hotel by the Ontario Airport. As we were checking in probably three dozen firefighters from Northern California....Tahoe, Woodland, Modoc County and other places.....rolled in on their trucks. Before half of them could check in they were called to a flare up in Yorba Linda. The next morning at 4:30 while we waited for the airport shuttle, the rest of the firefighters left.....bravery on wheels in a red truck.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Where's Willie when I need him..... sing On the Road Again.

I will try to catch up on blog posts....but, the big trip is coming up in a few days. We leave Monday and will be gone for a week. WhooYaa!!!

We will be in California where the weather is supposed to be in the high 70's and cool at night. Perfect.

We leave behind this:

If you look closely or enlarge, you can see the two lawn chairs still out there.....I brought them in, sniff.

Be back after the 17th!!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We are all......

......walking in the footsteps of history.

Steve and I were talking about those special moments in our lives, wonderful and heartbreaking, that will go down in history. We saw John F. Kennedy assassinated. We saw man walk on the moon. We watched as New York was hit by terrorists. We saw America become a place where dreams really can come true.

We have had extraordinary Presidents throughout history. We have had probably the worst President in history these last 8 years. And while Barak Obama has yet to prove himself, I think America came into the 21st Century yesterday and showed the world in Obama's words.....YES WE CAN!

Now, if California (and the rest of the US) could just get its act together and give every citizen of that state equal rights then maybe.....just maybe everything could be right in our World.

I also think:
Hershey's Cherry Cordials should be added to the pyramid of food.

Vacuums should become the US Official Machine.

Violet should be the National Scent.

Stamps should be free.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Chris? Amy? Chris? Amy?

It's Chris......and Amy....on Halloween!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Burn baby, burn.... cat talk...and Arrrghh, a pumpkin!

Luke, our forester, set about a dozen slash piles on fire yesterday afternoon. Fire scares me....we live in the forest. But, he has a deadline for here are a few of the piles in full flame. I couldn't believe the heat and wind these fires create.....yup, scary. Luke stayed until about 9 PM with his tractor running, moving the fires closer in and watching all of the surrounding areas. He is a good forester. This morning? Smokin'!!

The Players as usual: Fuzz and Mimi

I got your heated bed while you were stuffing your face.


I'm warmer than you are.

You have more to get warm.

Yah, well, you're stuffed in that bed like a snasuage.

It's sausage, snausage is a dog treat.

Is not; Mom says snausage.

When she is talking to the dogs snausage butt.

Am not a snausage butt......


Mom, Mimi said the "S" word......

Stevie and his pirate pumpkin......he had fun, I cleaned up.