There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bits and pieces....

.....from an old lady's mind.

We had a substantial snow fall late yesterday only to have it replaced by warmer temps and dense fog this morning. This is the fourth snow fall this season but no flakes have "stuck" and Thanksgiving, when it is usually white, was sunny.

This morning at 3:30 AM when I was wide awake and thinking of anything but sleep, snow angels crept into my mind. The last time I made a snow angel was in December of 2004. Steve and I were out on the long trail following bunny tracks when we were overcome by laughter and dared each other to make the best snow angel. I doubt I could plop onto the snow to make anything but a big dent now. The larger challenge would be getting up.

On the local news there was a report of calorie consumption over Thanksgiving. The average size of a dinner plate is 10 inches. We have 11 inch plates. If a 10 inch plate is filled (not piled up) with the usual holiday fare it would equal 3000 calories. So, the suggestion was to use salad plates instead. The commentator then said he would be inclined to go for seconds with a smaller plate. Yup, 3000 calories....that's what I have consumed for 3 meals in 3 days (I had turkey for lunch and dinner yesterday).

I have had this crazy thought......I want a chocolate lab puppy. I miss Charlie every day. I A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y. loved that dog unconditionally separation anxiety chewing wandering shedding and all of his other former life issues we got him from the animal shelter where they said he was a year old and he was probably 6 or 7. We talked to the vet about getting another puppy/dog while we had Penelope at her office. Penny is limping and has been diagnosed with a bad shoulder and is on Rimadyl. The vet's advice in a word? No. She thinks adding another puppy/dog to our mix of animals would be a disaster in the making. The cats have settled into a routine. There is no hissing, fighting or marking going on since Sophia died. Add a dog? Bad habits will develop. Penelope is old, Violet is only 6. Both of them are totally Steve's dog....totally. They lay/nap with him on the couch, follow him around no matter where he goes including the bathroom. He feeds them little snacks from the table; I yell at them to get back. He lets them ride in the truck; I make them stay home because the jumping in and out is hard on Penny. Add a puppy or dog? It will be mentally and emotionally hard on Penny and Violet and the puppy/dog will probably start real dog fights. So, no puppy or dog. I'm OK with that. Sort of. Sniff.

Absolute proof I am an old lady out of granddaughter has sent us 4 text messages since November 17th. Steve has no idea how to open a text message...he received 2 of the messages. I only use my phone when we travel or take it with us when Steve's phone needs charging. Neither of the phones work at the house because we have metal siding and external antennas don't help at all. I received the other 2 messages. I do know how to open and send texts and have developed my own interesting spelling/language. Maybe it is universal; I wouldn't know.

Here is what I sent to Bethany: got 2 msges cell does not wrk @ hme miss u 2. will call u 2nite on hme# luv gigi

I called her, talked to her dad....she was at a friend's home.

latr blg bds


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Well, that text message business bugs the crap out of me. Toggling around on that tiny little number pad. Maybe if I had a phone with a slide out keyboard, it would be easier. But, I try to avoid it.

madretz said...

heehee! I think it's awesome that you are texting w/ her. It's a good way to KIT with the gkids. Don't get me started, i can do a whole conversation in txt speak. And in LOLCAT speak, too.
You should do a snow angel this year. The gkids would love to see the pic. But I'm glad to hear that you can't make one yet. Keep enjoying the sunshine while it lasts.

Jennie said...

I like the name gigi, maybe I'll use it someday.
I also like texting. I can text my son in school and tell him this or that, like a doctor's appt he has after school or whatever...and once I texted him in school to ask where he put something in the kitchen.
Get a bernese mountain dog, with all the snow you get it'll be in heaven and they LOVE people.

yellowdog granny said...

2 things i have never done..text a message and use the word bling in a sentence..

kenju said...

I refuse to learn how to text! I have enough trouble with other technologies....LOL

Too bad you can't have a dog of your own, Rosemary. One of my good friends had a chocolate lab named Godiva, and she was a great dog.

Shammickite said...

I have no idea whatsoever how to send or receive a text, and that's probably cos I haven't charged my ancient cell phone up in the last month and I have no idea what the number is and it's 10 years old anyway.
Time to join the 21st century I suppose.

more cowbell said...

Bwa-ha-ha! Welcome to the hell of texting! I live with two text experts. If I didn't have unlimited texting on our plan, I'd have to get another job just to pay for their thousands of texts every month. Actually, THEY'd have to get another job. I like it to keep in touch with them, set schedules, pick up times, meeting points, etc. The kids, however, like to use it to actually CONVERSE. Like all day. And in Teen Demon's case, all night.

Actually, your gk's will probably love it that grandma texts, and it will be a good, albiet annoying, way to keep in touch with them.

Well, you know I've got my 2 Labradogs, so I'm a big fan of Labs of all colors. Mason is with you on the chocolate. So sorry to hear your vet's advice!

sageweb said...

Bummer about the dog. Have you read Marley and me? It is a great book about a lab.

I live to text message..

Mom said...

I can text. It is the only way to converse with my teen grandkids. I am very slow and they do laugh at me because i write whole words and use sentences.
I ate about 4000 calories on thanksgiving and didn't even do the cooking this year.
Too bad about the dog, but I bet God will send you another animal. You are just such an animal lover.

Middle Child said...

I had a look at the plates mum got for the wedding in 1949 - dinner plates were much smaller...they are huge these days but we have forgotten. get a dinner plate from the 1940's and compare. When they said eat everything on your plate...its not the same thing as th food on a plate today. Are the plate makers in league with the shit food producers and finally the pharmaceutical and diet companies perhaps?

Miss Healthypants said...

I swear, you just make me LAUGH sometimes!! :) I loved what you said about making a snow angel nowadays--too funny! :)

Also, I just recently discovered I could text on my phone. I actually found a text message from a friend from LAST Thanksgiving (2007) telling me to have a happy holiday. LOL! I am SO not a "texter."