There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Burn baby, burn.... cat talk...and Arrrghh, a pumpkin!

Luke, our forester, set about a dozen slash piles on fire yesterday afternoon. Fire scares me....we live in the forest. But, he has a deadline for here are a few of the piles in full flame. I couldn't believe the heat and wind these fires create.....yup, scary. Luke stayed until about 9 PM with his tractor running, moving the fires closer in and watching all of the surrounding areas. He is a good forester. This morning? Smokin'!!

The Players as usual: Fuzz and Mimi

I got your heated bed while you were stuffing your face.


I'm warmer than you are.

You have more to get warm.

Yah, well, you're stuffed in that bed like a snasuage.

It's sausage, snausage is a dog treat.

Is not; Mom says snausage.

When she is talking to the dogs snausage butt.

Am not a snausage butt......


Mom, Mimi said the "S" word......

Stevie and his pirate pumpkin......he had fun, I cleaned up.


Jennie said...

Your cats are hilarious.:)

Steve, Steve, Steve. Don't you know about the JP Scraper 5000?

yellowdog granny said...

that would be mistake and poof, it's all over with..eek!
love the cats..
annie refers to everyone as 'my subject'

jan said...

You've never shared Steve's pumpkins sculpting talents before. And the cat dialogue is great.

sageweb said...

Great Pumpkin! I would have been freaking out with fire that close to me.

I love the adorable.

kenju said...

Good pumpkin!

We saw fire last night, but it was in a pit. I'd be afraid of that fire in the woods.

Miss Healthypants said...

*hee hee* The cat talk makes me laugh! :)

Mom said...

Those fires would make me feel uncomfortable. All those what if thoughts keep popping up in my head. Guess they are necessary to keeping the forests healthy.
Steve is just a big cutie pie. I do love a man with a beard.

Sling said...

I hope you gave Luke a little extra candy for his efforts!..
The cat dialogue is hiarious!

Joan said...

Considering we just got done with a Southern California brush fire only a few miles away, those flames give me the willies.

Oh...and I never knew Steve had such pumpkin carving talents. Bravo!!!

Kimberly Ann said...

Those fire pix scare the kindling out of me. But I'm sure all was well.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that the fires would make me more than a little nervous O.O

Middle Child said...

This pumkin carving thingie - whats this all about...we aussies are not big on halloween - is it a proddie thingie??? Steve looks complete...did he carve the pumkin?

sexy said...