There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Monday, March 30, 2009

A day in the life of a......

....hospice dog. Sweet Penelope.....sad, sweet Penelope. The light is going out in her eyes. She has so few days left to enjoy going outside and damn if it didn't snow six inches overnight. It is wet, slippery snow and we have to hold on to her so she doesn't fall. Not fun for her at all.

She likes to eat thanks to the Prednisone...regardless of the reason, breakfast and dinner are the high spots of her day! She can't put weight on her right front leg at all....mainly because the tumor is so large and has pulled her leg up and there is no shoulder movement at all.

I did the black squiggly line thing around the area of tumor. Osteosarcoma in canines does not "jump the joint." If there is cancer in one part of the leg, it does not spread to the rest of the will metastasize to another body organ. There is a long hard line of something moving up and away from her shoulder. Rib? Lung? Neck cancer? Time will tell. She is not in much pain. We take care of that fast. She is on 90 mg of codeine.....yes, she sleeps a lot but still enjoys time with Steve and that is what matters now. I have told Steve he will be the determiner of when it is time to put her to sleep. She spends pretty much all of her time with him; he takes her out to potty, she naps almost exclusively in his office and where ever Steve is there is Penelope.

She can only lay on her left side and I bet that is annoying. If I had to lay on one side only I would be beyond irritable.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

He eventually shook his hand.....

There he is....look in the upper left hand corner.....I doodled black circles around his face....MY GRANDSON sharing oxygen with the President of the United States!!!! This photo was actually in my local paper, on Yahoo and I bet it is in your paper too!

Was Christopher excited? Yup. Was he inspired? You betcha! Will this be a pivotal moment in his life? Eventually I think it will. Did Christopher call his Gigi before and after this great opportunity and experience? He did.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Guess who is going where.......

My pro active, vegetarian, green, save the planet and people, wonderful, intelligent and handsome grandson Christopher is gonna rub elbows with his old bud The Prez, Barack Obama.......pretty cool I think!!!

Hum, do tattoos count as "saving art" when it is only one sleeve? I bet Christopher didn't think I knew that term! Have a wonderful experience my sweet grandson...and save that ticket stub. Someday it might put my great grandchild through college.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Secrets revealed

Several facts about rosemary...some of these are not secrets.

Numero uno: Steve spoils me...I am a spoiled brat. There are moments every day when I wonder why he loves me. He did know right from the start that I was moody, whiny, crabby and plain old bitchy. He saw and found something in me I can't seem to see or find...anyway, he loves me and that is all that matters.

Due: Steve often buys me large gifts.....large as in costing more than we can really afford. Example: Louie. Second example: My anniversary ring. When he does this big purchasing the deal is: The gift is for the year, every single event we might celebrate; birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's day etc. Louie covered Christmas '07 and all of 2008. The anniversary ring covered 3 years. Steve bought it for our 10th anniversary but the ring had 12 stones. So it covered anniversaries 10, 11 and 12. Steve allows me to choose these gifts and a lot of the time I buy/order them myself. I ordered this secret myself after Steve kissed me and said "Honey, why don't you order the secret?" This arrangement works out well for both of us.

Three: For my entire life...yes, all 64 1/2 years of it......I have loved books and music. My mother gave me the opportunity to nurture that love....I spent more hours in the Library growing up than I did at home much to my mother's pleasure. I continued to use the Library until that time when I was working like a fiend, raising three kids, didn't have time to go to the Library......and had enough money to buy books. I am a book purchaser elitist. I traditionally only buy hardback fiction books...oh, of course I have bought paperbacks and non-fiction but only if I managed to miss buying a hardback and it was no longer available in that format. Book stores stay open late...and of course there is now online shopping, my BFF.

And that brings me to my secret....a secret that is not without drama of course. The first secret arrived last week. The secret was opened, plugged in to charge and I was beyond excited to use this secret. By now you should all know what the secret is....after reading the previous paragraph.......but I will keep up the illusion of telling my secret.

So, after unplugging the secret to make a long story short because I can go on and on the damn thing didn't seem to want to work. I immediately emailed my friend and support family here.

Emails flew over the Internet, questions were asked and the situation became more puzzling. I finally emailed the supplier directly after my friends came to a conclusion and sure enough the secret had experienced a stroke and had left sided paralysis. This was all my fault. I caused the stroke by choosing free shipping that involved 10 scans and handling. The secret is tender, young and new....not use to scans, big hands and getting thrown into a, all my fault.

Two guys later, Carlos and Steven, the decision was made to return the secret and a new one would be sent overnight. This was last Thursday but delivery overnight in Sandpoint meant Monday not Friday. Well, fooled me because the secret2 arrived right on time Friday.

This time I only opened the secret. I did charge it but did not turn it on. I printed out the manual from my computer and started studying as if I had a final on Monday and was cramming. The secret was packed up in its cute black box with letters all over it and accompanied me to the Library Board meeting Monday night. The secret....which by now was appropriately named Candy.....was turned on, all of its features were available for use, was registered and ready for me to enjoy.

The following are understatements:
1. I am so excited about Candy I can hardly contain myself.
2. Candy is worth twice the purchase price.
3. My secret friends were beyond supportive and helpful and didn't complain once about how annoying I was.
4. Steve is the best husband a woman could have, loves me for sure and wants me to be happy and at the moment I am that.

Here is the secret: Tada, drum roll and clang those cymbals:

May I present Candy, my Kindle2!!!!!

This is the most amazing device I have ever had.....surpasses my laptop and even my hand held can opener. It can do tons of stuff beyond having the capability of electronically providing books. It is sold by, is the second generation of Kindle and I love her. My friend Madeline gave me tons of information and her husband Jimmy actually works on the Kindle project...see....told you they were invaluable! I "bought" two books but am saving that reading pleasure until I finish reading the manual which is the most fascinating non-fiction I have ever read!!!!

Does this mean I no longer want a new handbag? Uh, no. Did I forget to mention in paragraph 2 that I am also selfish, want what I want and am determined to get it? So, the handbag will eventually arrive, perhaps a tote to carry Candy as well and that will count for all of 2010....but, I'm flexible.....I wouldn't turn down a handbag in 2009.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

See this adorable little boy....

...this is Tyler. He is a much loved son, brother, nephew, cousin and best of all my grandson. He is a California boy through and through. He lives a stone's throw from the beach and surfs, loves to snowboard, play football and just be an All American boy. But, wait a minute.....he isn't this little boy anymore.....he is officially a man. Tyler is 18.

He loves his mom and brother.....

Just look at that handsome face!

I can't even begin to tell you how proud his dad is of him.

Here he is at the prom.....pretty cool looking isn't he?

He will always be his mother's baby.....but he is getting ready to take on the world, figure out his future and make that first big step into adulthood. I am so proud of Tyler's accomplishments. Happy Birthday sweet Tyler.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I got by with a little help from my......

.....Emma Lee.

Painting of upstairs living room finished: check

Room put back together: check

One bag of Hershey's Cherry Cordials gone: check

Pan of Pillsbury Cinnabons gone: check

Every bone and muscle in my body hurts: check

Didn't fall off of the 6 or 8 foot ladders: check

Color of living room looks great: check

Making cupcakes today: yup

Here is my little helper, Emma Lee. See the ceiling fan pulls? See the fan going round and round....probably not. Anyway, Emma was determined, absolutely determined to get to those pulls and ride on the fan. It took a lot of effort for her to climb up the 8 foot ladder....and a lot more effort for me to climb up there, pry her claws off the top and haul her down. After trying again immediately after I got her down....she was banished to the snorage room for the rest of the painting. I was merciful and let her out in the evening.

Exhibits A: new, clean, not mustard colored walls.

Exhibits B: nasty, old mustard color....blaghhh.

The living room is mostly put back together. Everything that could go wrong with putting stuff back into the room did.......stripped screw heads, missing the stud to put up the heavy stuff, picture holder falling off, breaking screws with Steve's drill, having holes showing requiring Spackle and re-painting small name it, it went wrong. Took me from 10 AM until after 2 Pm to get it together.

The heavy work done, time for a nap.....Emma the Ladder Queen and Mimi Louise the Director of Operations.