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William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Let me know.....

....if we "match." Take a look at Jan's post on pets and owner's matching. Except for the fact that Steve and I don't wear collars......Steve, me and Violet could be siblings!
You get the added benefit of Gil in this photo.
Another benefit....remember SweetPea, Emma and Guido's she is with me....and my Violet-like hair!


rosemary said...

Question....when I make a spelling or grammatical error, publish, then edit and publish you readers get two notices that I if you subscribe to bloglines or another feed....if so I apologize...spell check can only help me so much.

Sling said...

Okay..Which one was Steve?.. ;)
You know,I was wondering the same thing about posting,and editing.
I usually have to edit two or three times,and I worry if it bugs people.

Mom said...

I only got one notice, so quit worrying.

kenju said...

I edit all the time after posting, so don't worry about it. If people can't deal - so what?

Since my hair went gray, I don't look like my black cats anymore...LOL

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Very cute stuff here! Love those furbabies of yours! And, I only get one notice on posting. Not multiples if you edit and repost. :-)

jan said...

I wish you had supplied captions to your pictures because you look like clones.

I edit numerous times, embarrassingly numerous.

yellowdog granny said...

hmm, all my dogs had weiners...I'm a little ballsy..but really..