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William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Sunday, April 05, 2009

A meme from Jennie in the hood....

How to operate this meme:
Post six (or four or three...whatever) random funny things about other people. Like I've done.
Then tag six other bloggers to complete a meme of their own (see below).

Your random funny things MUST be funny! Make us laugh! We don't care if we really shouldn't be laughing...but that will earn you extra points.

1. Steve always blames the dogs for making smellies. Steve travels a lot. He always falls asleep at take off. He finally admitted that he once made a smellie while falling asleep at take off as he sat next to a fairly attractive woman but he was not so very asleep that he didn't know that he did make a smellie and he woke up. The fairly attractive woman looked for and changed seats as soon as the seat belt light went off.

2. Steve and I always took Charlie with us in the car.... to the market...anywhere. On a trip to Staples, Charlie got to ride shotgun because I stayed home. We always leave the windows partially down for air for the dogs (and never leave them in the car for long and never take them in hot or really cold weather). Steve goes into Staples...buys whatever.....goes to the check out desk and there is a dog behind the desk that looks a lot like Charlie. Steve comments that the dog looks like his dog, checks out, goes to the car, drives all the way home, comes inside and I am laughing because while Steve was shopping, Staples called and left a message saying they had found our dog and would hold him until we came to get him (we have our phone # embroidered on all of the dog's collars). Steve had totally forgotten he had taken Charlie.....had to drive back and pick up the dog that looked a lot like our dog...because it was our dog!

3. I gave Steve a fish tie for some occasion. He absolutely raved about loving it so I packed it for a business trip thinking it could be a conversation piece. No fish tie when he came back from the trip, I asked him where it was, he lied and said he must have forgotten it but eventually he admitted he hated the tie didn't wear it and left it in the hotel room!

4. We don't have trash service where we live. We have to go to the refuse station...commonly called the dump! At our dump there is a recycle/free table/shed that someone labeled The Colburn Mall (because the dump is off of Colburn-Culver Road). They even have a sign above the tables/shed with that name. When Sachi was visiting last year she got to go to the dump with her Papa and Daddy. I think we over talked the mall stuff, because as soon as they arrived at the "Mall/dump" she went shopping. Gil said she latched onto a puffy woman's jacket that had the added features of stains and smell and was insistent she wanted was pretty and free according to Sachi. She didn't bring it home, but we all got a good laugh hearing about her shopping trip.

I won't tag anyone specifically. Every time I do that no one does the meme. Please do visit Jennie though....her 6 things are really funny.


kenju said...

#2 made me laugh!! It sounds like something either I or mr. kenju would do if we had a dog!

yellowdog granny said...

i fecking love steve..

Paul Nichols said...

Good stuff. I came over here from Jenny's. I liked the one about your dog, Charlie. Something I would do.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

LOL - especially about the shopping trip!

Jennie said...

LOL especially the dog behind the counter. That's too funny! I like to imagine the housekeeping lady at the hotel taking the fish tie home to her husband...her husband leaving it in a hotel...that housekeeper taking it home, etc. Kinda like a fruitcake.

sageweb said...

Steve is funny...oh and leaving the dog at staples..I probably would have kicked his ass..but laughed while I did.

Miss Healthypants said...

Your hubby seems like a freakin' funny guy! :)