There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Have I mentioned how annoyed I am....... the Asian character spam I got on, oh, maybe 5 blog posts? The blogger name says sexy. Ummmm, don't think so. I do wonder what the comments say.....bad words? Bedroom talk? Whatever it says...not liking it.

Have I mentioned.....

....that it was 30 degrees this morning at 6AM?

....that the water softener was leaking and badly and it cost an ocean to fix it?

....because we leave tomorrow on another graduation trip Fuzz decided to get sick this morning and barfed up all of his breakfast?

....we have another cat living (sort of) in the pole building where SweetPea lived for those of you that remember The Kitten Chronicles? We are NOT rescuing her. She is NOT pregnant (I can't be sure of that statement).

....I was elected vice-chair of the Library Board? I think I should have a crown to wear....platinum with sapphires....royal jewels you know.

....the cottonwood trees are dropping pollen the size of nickels but the pine trees seem to be finished with that miserable dust they spread all over the place like on our window sills....and my Zyrtec isn't working so well. baby will be 40 years old soon. He will always be my little boy.

.....I miss Penelope the most in the evening when she would share her time with us....on the couch with Steve or laying on my feet in front of my rocker.

.....we are actually, for real, honestly growing onions in our garden. Really. There are a few on death row, but for the most part....they are doing well. The tomato plants? Not so much. I also managed to kill three pink plants and the sweet Williams in the rosemary pot came back with only one, little, frail plant.. but we have onions.

.....the hummers that were here by the dozens two weeks ago have not come back. I hope they are just on vacation at the lake or making babies somewhere close by.

.....the bear has not been back since the 18th of May.

.....that I hope that man from New Jersey gets his son back from Rio and the two women sentenced to hard labor in North Korea are released soon.

We leave back Sunday. On a happy note, here is a photo of the two boys that live across the road...Derek and Alex......with their 4H projects for the summer....Dot and Spot. They are already sad that they will have to give the lambs up at the Fair (sniff, usually for well, you, so I guess not a happy note after all).


jan said...

For all the annoyances life sounds pretty good for you in Idaho this spring, better than the little future lamb chops. Why I could never stay in 4-H

Mom said...

Life is so full of so many emotions and so many ups and downs.
Are you the one who sent Sexy to my blog? I found that annoying too and have deleted the stuff.
The kitten chronicles were classic Rosemary. Try not to rescue too many more kittens, but I bet you will.

sageweb said...

Congrats on being the library queen. I think...There are a few spammers lurking right now...I hate to put on the word verification cause I can't read half of them anyways

powdergirl said...

My goodness, you are having a busy retirement!
I think at least a tiara is order for the
Queen of the Library. : )
I've never had comment spam but I've seen the interminable chinese script on a few others, what a pain the butt.

Sling said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kenju said...

I get the Asian spam comments, too, and I delete them as quickly as possible. They make me mad!

The lambs are cute and I am sorry for where they will end up.

Sling said...

That's my deleted comment.
Damm..I hate it when I do that!
I got distracted and commented on the wrong post.
The asian spam got me all kerfuffled.

Cazzie!!! said...

What an amazingly busy time, so many ponderings, so much to do. Enjoy, ands take time out for yourself :)

yellowdog granny said...

it's in the 70's here over night and in the mornings.but it's been mid 90's for a week or so..sigh*..
my upside down tomato plant has a big ole tomato..only one so far..
i pulled up all my garlic and have 8 big ole bulbs of a total cost of less than 30cents...i have lots of lettuce...and jalapeno peppers are sprouting..but because of the lack of squash..lovely blossoms, but no melons..damn bees..come back...
bill has been gone for 17 years and i still call annie the cat 'bill' on occasion..and miss him always will...

madretz said...

it was really cold at the hideaway, too. It even snowed last week, just 2 miles up the road, at around 5000 feet. We're at 4500 ft. Weird weather, huh.
I keep forgetting to write you abt Art of Racing in Rain...I'm sooo glad you liked it so much! Wouldn't it be great if that really happened at the end of the book. How cool would it be if Penny and all the other furry loves of your life came back to say hello? Not sure it's actually possible, but I'm certainly not gonna rule it out. It's a nice thought. I miss my Billy very much, I wanted to see her sleeping on our bed when I came home tired the other night, waiting for me to scratch her and make her purr. sigh.
Safe travels back to the OC. Enjoy the weather! xoxo

Shammickite said...

Those two young lads look so Amurrican! Must be their hairdos I think.
Congratulations on your exalted position at the Library Board, I am extremely impressed, you derserve both jewels and a gift certificate to the fancy-dancy restaurant of your choice.

Miss Healthypants said...

What bear???? I think I missed your talking about that. Now I'm dying to hear about it! :)

more cowbell said...

Spammers never prosper. Especially ones named Sexy.