There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

rosemary, rosemary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

Quite well, thank you.

Over the weekend I read a few posts about gardens; in particular Jennie's garden and Barb's garden. Let me say right up front....I like both of these women a lot. I have known Barb for years and I almost met Jennie when we were in Philly so I feel like we are all BFF's. So, on that note, let me say again, I need to be up front. I think they have somehow embellished the photos they posted or they borrowed some from another source because come on....I know gardening. OK, OK...there was that issue when I was new to gardening when I plucked all of the "dead heads" off the zucchini plants....but I learned from that experience and believe me I know more about gardening now than these two women will ever know. Four foot tomato plant's, lush squash, flowers blah, blah....ladies, really???? Let me show you gardening and then you can revise your posts.

First: Barb gave me several Bee Balm plants. I think these are Bee Balm plants. They could be just big weeds, but I don't think so. Lush, large whatever they are.

These are my Sunflowers coming up. From. Seed. See? Gardening.
Clover. Clover is very difficult to grow...seeds, scattering, wind just right, water, sun....very, very difficult. Real gardening. Green thumb.
Ferns. I will concede that these grow wild and I let God water them...but still....I love them and talk to them and that is the important part of this gardening.
Here we have the infamous spotted knapweed. Knapweed is toxic. You need to wear gloves when messing with this nasty, excuse me....the difference between a flower and a weed is in the eye of the beholder....lovely weed. Knapweed roots spew out stuff that kills everything around it and it takes over everything. Steve and I have spent 3 years trying to get rid of this stuff, but the neighbors all around us don't care so we now have a lovely growth of it. Gardening at its best.....cooperatively gardening.
Spit bugs. I admit I am not fond of them specially when I am wearing shorts.....spit on my legs.....but we have 16 acres here and getting rid of this spit bug does no we just let them spit. See? Complimentary gardening.

Here we have hawkweed. It kinda looks like an orange dandelion only really tall. We have tons this year. Prolific gardening.

Yellow weed of some kind. You can name it. New to our forest. Welcoming gardening.
Red brushy looking weed. Cleaning tool gardening?
My favorites are wild daisies. They are not as thick as in previous years. See spotted knapweed. Not nice sharing gardening.
Sweet Williams....another green thumb effort and master gardening at work.
This is Sachi last year with her dead apple tree.
See this? Sprouting from the dead apple tree.....PhD in gardening and I didn't have to do anything.

Here is Spencer with what is now a dead dwarf peach tree. See? Dead.

Here is the replacement apple tree. We have had it 2 weeks. Not dead yet. Fingers crossed gardening.
What we thought was a dead pluot tree.....sprouting. Two effortless green thumbs once again.

Here is the cherry tree we bought to replace the then dead pluot. We actually ate two of those cute cherries. The tree is still alive....thank goodness gardening.

I have not posted what is actually growing in the garden.....hurt feelings and all. We have two 4" tomato plants that have been 4" for over a month. We have three rows of onions...they have grown a tad. We have two huge chive plants that have already bloomed and a straggly thyme plant. We also planted 5 shriveled up, sprouting 6 " things that are supposed to be potatoes. Now there is a stupid plant if I ever saw one. You make a hole, put the shriveled up thing in it, pile a mound of dirt around it and water. Difficult I know; you might want to read that again. So what happens? A bunch of leaves sprout in places nowhere near the mounds...and I mean a lot of leaves.....but no potatoes in sight. What am I supposed to be looking for? Do I have to dig them up? When? Hello...potatoes, come out, come out wherever you are.

So, there you have a Master Gardener's look at home gardening. Email for tips or questions. I am happy to share everything I have learned over the years.

This photo? I just like it that's all.......two kids in the shadow of the bridge over the water being happy from nurturing and love....just like a garden but they give love back in the form of flower kisses and tree leaf hugs.


sageweb said...

Wow you grows weeds better than I do. I dont have 16 acres though.

kenju said...

I think you grow everything better than I - especially weeds. We have a new invader here; called bamboo grass (an Asian import). It is taking over the woods and who know where it will stop?!

Mom said...

I love your garden - it's a lot like mine.

Sling said...

I've had a lifelong battle with weeds.
Not that they are a nuisance,but that I have a hard time telling which is a weed,and which is a pretty flowering plant.

jan said...

"The difference between a flower and a weed is in the eye of the beholder." I like that.We have what I guess is a weed but it is making a delightful groundcover so I am nurturing it.

I heard that to grow potatoes in Idaho all you had to do was walk across a field eating a bag of potato chips.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That's too funny! I love your veggies, flowers and weeds! :-)

Delci said...

The potatoes grow under the dirt!

rosemary said...

OK smarty pants Delci Ruth...and how will I know when they are ready to come up outta the dirt?????

Barb said...

My Grandfather used to grow potatos when I was a little girl. I know they grow underground and he knew just when to harvest them by the way the leaves looked. Don't ask me how cause I don't know. I don't grow potatos for that reason.
You need good soil and water every day for your plants. Keep the weeds away from the veggies too.
There is nothing wrong with pretty weeds.

Shammickite said...

Your garden is awesome and I can tell how much love and nurturing you put into it by just listening to your description of all those plants. WOW, love that orange flower, have you thought of producing them commercially, I can just imagine 16 acres of orange blooms shining in the sunshine. And those ferns! WOW you could sell tons of fiddleheads in the spring. Green thumbs and green fingers, that's you, Rosie!

cs said...

garden? I don't even have a plot like you guys do..I have, for the very 1st time in my life, some planter boxes on the deck so the deer won't munch away...and it is quite amazing how green things are sprouting up--but I have a problem...I planted a gazillion seeds in each one and now we need to get BIG planter boxes to transplant the squash and 500 heads of lettuce ....remember ...this is city girl learning country a very late age too...


the over 100 degree heat is about to wipe everything im trying to grow but the lettuce and one straggly tomato plant.oh and my okra is doing ok...need to do a long nights soaking tonight..
i'd settle for weeds, but since charlotte sprayed everything is fecking dead...
those are the cutest kids around..

Miss Healthypants said...

I love your garden! :)

These were very nice pics. :)

Middle Child said...

Whats weeds to one country are flowers to another...and God made them all beautiful, green and prolific except for trees that die...lovely post Rosemary

gina said...

I hate to tell you, those things you called "sweet williams" are actually violas (like miniature pansies). Sweet Williams are a dwarf version of dianthus (which is the same genus as the carnation).

I love your ferns. Wish we had them, but it's too sunny on our property. Thankfully, no hawkweed on our lot, but the vacant lot behind us and the two lots over are covered in it. Knapweed....shudder. Bad stuff! Not much works on it, either. Pulling it just makes it spread. Love your pics and love you!

gina said...

That yellow flowery weed? Also a hawkweed. They come in orange and yellow. Congrats on the now-living-once-dead trees, by the way. You're good! Remember when we had the aspen tree snap in half during a windstorm? Well, it's growing like mad, and is more leafy than ever, just half the previous height. We like it that way and are considering topping one on the side of the house that looks like it could fall over or snap off in a storm. I like those kinds of happy accidents. :-)