There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Questions, I need to know stuff, facts....

.....that crossed my mind while mowing the frickin lawn yesterday because my iPod was dead.

If I eat a bag of cherry cordials a week but have not gained weight, should I worry?

What would possess a woman to go on Judge Joe Brown and wear a Muu Muu?

Is it OK to yell at drivers going 60 down my road slow the hell down assh@!e?

If I have only one close friend am I antisocial?

Is it to late to start another law school or something?

Should I keep praying if the one prayer I say isn't getting the job done?

Did you know that age spots won't come off even if you scrub your skin raw? Doesn't work on wrinkles either.

At my age long or short hair? Makeup....more or less?

Is 65 old or late middle age?

I wonder if my mother's second hand smoke will kill me.

Do all of those fans really miss Michael Jackson or are they weird?

If I vacuum, dust and mop floors every day am I O/C or is having 4 cats and a dog a good reason?

Is there someplace on earth where it is always 78 degrees with a slight breeze, no smog, small population, economical living and no traffic? Where?

Is it wrong to hate it when people drop in?

Do you think printed on paper words will become obsolete? Ever?

Is it wrong to blame the dog if she doesn't know I am doing it?

Is low self esteem inherited or environmentally absorbed?

If I tell a fib for Steve is it my fib or his?

Why can't I just sit down and relax? Why can't I sit on the couch and read? See cherry cordials and vacuuming.

Is there really women's work and men's work or just work?

What if I need just a few more hours a day? Who do I contact?

Are kids, grand kids, cats and dogs all the same when it comes to loving them?

I hate, absolutely hate mowing the lawn. I always manage to hit a dragonfly or run over a frog. I HATE mowing the lawn. The only thing I hate worse are people that hurt my kids.

I would like to hear from my dad......Hello, Daddy? I have some questions. I need you like now, please.

My ongoing query....what happens to all of my thoughts, memories, heartaches, love after I am gone....Dad? I need you right now...come me, I have questions.


gina said...

If you figure out the answers to any of these questions, would you let me know too? Please? Thanks. As for the cherry cordials thing, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. And I'm with you on the mowing. Prayer? Yep, keep it up. Maybe change the one prayer to see if anything helps, but never stop. Short hair on you rocks. And you're middle aged, not old or late... MJ's fan that are going bonkers are just weird, IMO. If you find that place that's always 78, please let me know. Then we won't tell anyone else, at all, period, ever. Okay, gotta take a shower.

sageweb said...

Those are all good question..Dunno the answers to most of them..but the michael jackson one...those people are nuts.

kenju said...

I started writing down my answers on a 2x2 post it and ran out of room real quick. I got this far:
NO, ?, Yes, NO, NO, sometimes the answer to a prayer is NO, YES, Short and less, middle age, yes, yes.... Maybe I'll back to do the others later...but I'm not too swift about this time of the day - because I get sleepy!! LOL

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Of course, I think it's completely reasonable to vacuum everyday - and I only have a bird! LOL. And, yes, I hate it when people just drop in (doesn't happen very often where we are - thank goodness).

jan said...

Cherry cordials have no calories if you eat them under stress. The vacuuming thing is definitely a sign of mental illness.


im under the impression that if you eat cherry cordials in the dark it's ok, as the calories dont know where to go...if it wasn't for the 78 degrees, you could move to west,texas..
people that are weirded out over michael jackson are just weird..
if you only have one friend..your just picky..
pray to the goddess, she always answers my prayers.
if it's wrong to hate it when people drop in, im wrong too.
the fib is told it..
if you get hold of your daddy tell him to tell my daddy to get in touch with me too...we'll always need our daddys.

Barb said...

Way too many questions Rosemary! I can answer a couple though. First you wear your hair however it feels good to you. Same with the makeup. I know when I wear makeup I feel better. I like my hair longer cause I constantly put it up in one of those claw clips to make it short for summer. There is nothing wrong with vacuuming every day. You have lots of animals that shed. Plus I vacuum everyday and I don't think I am wierd. We are just clean freaks and nowdays that is a good thing with all the yuckies out there. So just do whatever makes you feel good and don't worry about what others think! Love ya!

Mom said...

Too many questions to answer them all!
*It's never too late to start a new career. You can do whatever you want. Retired people have more time.
*Never stop praying. Just because you don't get your way doesn't mean it isn't working. God is smarter than you and answers what is best even if you don't understand.
* Sometimes I feel old, sometimes I feel young. On the average we must be middle aged.
* If you you have one close friend you are blessed.
* All your love will be part of the universe and live in the hearts and souls of the people you have touched in your lifetime.
* I miss my dad and would love to talk to him.
*I like to think I am one of your friends.

Sling said...

Cherry cordials are one of the major food groups.
No gain, pain.

madretz said...

In college i was told that my mom's 2nd hand smoke was cause of several of my problems (blood pressure, breathing...), she was still alive and I went home almost every weekend. My asthma is worse, she's been gone 11 years...maybe my lungs were weakened b/c of her smoking and it'll just effect me forever. who knows.

I can't say that I miss MJ because it's certainly not surprising that he died. But he was a big influence in our music regardless of his oddity.

Can you come over and just vacuum my house once a week? I'd be very happy if it we could arrange something. :)

Nope, you're not anti-social. Most people only have a handful of close friends, but many acquaintances and people you care about who should be considered friends, even dear friends. But truly, my only closest friend is Jimmy.

Good luck with the rest of those life ponderments!

Miss Healthypants said...

This was a great post. And I'm still laughing at the Judge Joe Brown comment/question. He has the BEST crazies on that show--of course, Judge Judy has her share of crazies, too. :) :)

Middle Child said...

y of these are my questions also but this,
" would like to hear from my dad......Hello, Daddy? I have some questions. I need you like now, please.

My ongoing query....what happens to all of my thoughts, memories, heartaches, love after I am gone....Dad? I need you right now...come me, I have questions."
made me almost cry..sooo sorry Rosemary...

FoxyMoron said...

Hi Rosemary, I found your blog from Cazzie's but I see Middle Child also reads you, as I will be from now on. Your questions post made me laugh and cry, and relate!

Still chuckling.........