There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The trip.

Every once in awhile the sun and the stars and the moon are in a perfect place and something wonderful happens. They were recently lined up in San Francisco for 5 wonderful days. Trust me on this one. Aside from having the world's largest blemish on my face, the trip to San Francisco was beyond memorable. Family bonds were strengthened, hugs were shared, grandchildren were cherished and once again there was proof that friendship builds a bridge between generations.

We did the usual touristy things enjoying our way to the most amazing last days ever.

We went to China Town with Christopher the college student. I love China Town. The smells of shu mei and cha su bao permeated the air and the stores filled with trinkets and souvenirs are impossible to pass without looking inside and touching everything.

My darling Christopher. I know.....he is handsome.

After China Town, Christopher took us to the Palace of Fine Arts. Let me see how many words I can come up with to describe this place......stunning, breathtaking, beautiful, artistically unmatched, peaceful, full of nature, fine craftsmanship....well, just look at the photos; you will see what I mean.

That's some old lady that Christopher just had to hug.

Saturday my daughter and her husband drove up and we spent the day with Christopher being uber touristy. There's that old lady again with my daughter. She needs a new look in my opinion.
We visited with a few friends. I suggested they change their diet a bit because the breath on those critters is really nasty.
I saw this beautiful tall ship while I was eating a hot fudge sunday from Ghiradelli's.

Sunday morning we felt adventuresome. Did we take the Cable Cars some where? Umm, no we decided to walk...all uphill from our hotel back to China Town for dim sum.
It was totally worth the walk because we found a little closet of a place called You Dim Sum where everything was pretty much 3/$1.50. We ate like royalty all for about $7.50.

Yup, those are chop sticks because....."No chopstick, use fork."

We contemplated hopping on the Cable Car after lunch....but, we walked back because it was downhill this time.

Then Sunday afternoon......oh, Sunday afternoon. Madeline of Willow Grace , along with her husband Jimmy, drove over an hour from their home to pick us up and show us the real San Francisco. Madeline and I have been blog friends for several years and have shared emails as well. I love to read about her travel adventures, look at her amazing craft designs, and the photo transformation of their hide-a-way. Madeline is funny, caring, talented, up beat no matter the circumstance, and has a deep love of family. Madeline helped me through the crash of my first Kindle and Jimmy gave me much needed technical advice. She suggested what has become the best book I have read in years, The Art of Racing in the Rain. In short, we were good blog friends.

Then Sunday came around. I was worried I would be boring, that there would be those uncomfortable quiet times, that we wouldn't have much in common because I am old and she isn't. That friendship bridge I mentioned? It was right there the moment we hugged each other. Then....T.H.E.N.......typical Madeline, she gave us a gift...that's right, a gift. She made one of her beautiful photo albums and what was inside? Photos of our sweet Penelope. Yup, that's my friend Madeline.

Then we were off to see some of the most beautiful spots in San Francisco.

This was taken at Twin Peaks. Aren't they an adorable couple?

The Mint....Steve owns the whole left side....he collects Mint coins and bills.
Another shot from Twin Peaks.

This is the site of a former grand hotel and eatery. If I remember correctly the sectioned off part was the "baths." We took a short walk up to the USS San Francisco monument where I shivered off about 6 or 7 pounds....but I was brave and only complained a little bit......because I was stupid and didn't bring a sweater.

Another view at Twin Peaks. Yup, there we are; me and my BF Madeline. Seriously. Now, I have two good reasons to fly to San Francisco; Christopher and Madeline.

Enjoy a little music from Pier 39.


jan said...

wow, what a great trip. So glad you got your batteries charged.

You remind me that I haven't been to SF for a while. I miss it.

Jennie said...

So glad you had such a perfect trip! I really enjoyed your post and now I know who to call when I go to SF! Only I don't think you should be so critical of that lady in the pictures. She could be someone's lovely friend or loving grandmother or friendly blog visitor, you know.

Miss Healthypants said...

Man oh man, you make me want to go back to San Francisco! :)

Glad you had such a wonderful time and have a wonderful new BFF! *smiles*


when I worked in san francisco for 4 months I was misserable was icy cold winter, the cowboys were kicking the 49ers ass and i wore cowboys shirts every where so everyone hated me..ha...but i loved the city ..china town being my favorite..there was one place i would always go to but never could remember which store it was ..i'd step inside the door and if the little toy dog didn't bark i knew it wasn't the right store..they were always so sweet to me..and the best resturant was a hole in the wall down stairs up a hall and 3rd door to the left..smelled like rotten fish but was fantastic.
i loved the cable cars...the one time mojo and i walked we had to walk up one of those huge hills and i was gasping and panting and saying 'call 911 call 911' and while i was gasping for breath 2 little ole ladys about 75 wearing spike heels passed us like we were standing still....still makes me glad you had a great time..

kenju said...

WOW! What a great trip you had. I am SO HAPPY for you, Rosemary. You needed it and you deserve it.

madretz said...

girlfriend! you should see the stupid dorky grin on my face! You make me smile over and over again. It was an amazing memorable time, wasn't it? I (jimmy, too!) had so much fun and I'm so happy that you and Steve did also, even with the weird ice cream I made you eat, LOL!

I'm so glad that Christopher took you to the Palace of Fine Arts, your photos are amazing. It's such a beautiful place. And it's great that SF is close enough that your daughter could come up for the weekend, too. So many reasons for you to come back! But we will take you up on your offer if/when we find ourselves in ID!! :D
Miss you! xoxo

powdergirl said...

You look fantastic in purple!
Not a lotta people do, in my opinion, so I notice that sort of thing : D

Looks like a terrific time y'all had. Thanks for sharing, I lived vicariously through you this morning.

The details on the architecture is stunningly beautiful, they just don't make em' like that anymore.

Shammickite said...

WOW, that's all I can say, just WOW! Looks like you had an awesome trip, I bet you thought it was too short. So glad you were able to meet up with your family and how awesome it must have been to meet and spend time with Madeline and Jimmy.... I'm gonna meet them one day too!

Sling said...

Your pictures are fantastic!..I haven't been to San Fransisco in over 40 years..About time I paid it a visit.

Middle Child said...

Wow some wonderful photos - there is an Australian song called "I've been everywhere" and through these blogs it feels like I have been everywhere - well better in person - but seeing home photos of holidays and nature etc is so good - thank you for sharing