There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wonnerful...ahh wonnerful

Once upon a time in the Valley of Selle there lived a nice generational family....ummm, let's call them the Wonderfuls. There was a matriarch and most of her children and they all lived on the same street. Then, another family moved to the same street....let's call this new family....ummm, Thegrandparenttypes, known as TGTs hereafter. There was only a man and a woman in this family. TGTs house was right next door to (but acres away from) one of the Wonderful children. There was a Wonderful dad, mom and two Wonderful children in this family.

TGTs loved the Wonderfuls and in particular their small children. TGTs liked the sound of the Wonderful children playing in the forest, watching them ride their bikes up and down the street, and watched with a bit of fright and awe as they pulled one another in the snow on a trash can lid attached to the back of an ATV.

There was a path cut between the Wonderfuls and TGTs property so the children could easily visit TGTs. The path was kept open all year round. One winter the TGTs lady had these children over every week to make crafts and gifts for the Wonderful parents. It was a special time in the Valley of Selle......almost magical.

Nothing stays the same; everyone knows that. Eventually the Wonderful children grew up and didn't visit the TGTs as often....they had friends their own age and were turning into an outgoing, adorable young man and sweet, beautiful young girl. TGTs understood and enjoyed hearing the stories the Wonderfuls parents told them about the children.

Then the sad thing happened. The Wonderfuls decided to move into the hamlet of Sandpoint. The children were going into middle and high school and the family wanted a more versatile way of life....sniff, snork. The Wonderful house was put up for sale in the was a lovely home surrounded by tall forest trees, wildlife and a special area landscaped with native plants, flowers and shrubs. The house sold quickly.

The Wonderfuls told TGTs that another family with two children (both boys) would be moving in by October. TGTs had hope that they would again hear the sounds of children laughing and playing and even visiting once in a while.

TGTs met the woman and two children that first summer and they seemed OK. Let's start out calling them the Notoptimalneighbors, known as NONs hereafter. TGTs went over to visit and brought cookies. The woman answered the door, took the cookies and said thanks......then she closed the door. That winter the children were heard in the forest but they were screaming loudly. The path was plowed, but no one came to visit TGTs. The next summer the NONs father came over to talk to TGTs man and asked if he would mow the NONs lawn because they didn't have a mower. TGTs man said sure. The assumption by TGTs man was that the NONs man would help. As TGTs man arrived on the riding mower at the NONs home, the NONs were all leaving with their boat to go to the lake......the NONs man yelled Hey, thanks.

The grass was full of weeds and at least 3 feet tall in most places. TGTs man ran over a toy truck and a bag of trash and messed up the riding mower.

Additional information over the years about the NONs goes like this: The children scream all of the time no matter the season, the weeds have taken over the yard and are 5 feet tall in places and those native plants are dead, their door mat says LEAVE, the oldest boy has been banned from the school bus, he was seen by TGTs woman hitting (as in beating the crap out of) his younger brother, they leave trash eg: soda cans, chip bags etc. on TGTs trails (that's an assumption because they have not been seen leaving said trash, but have been seen on said trails as they cross TGTs property to go home, the oldest boy accused TGTs of stealing their cat because said cat sleeps in TGTs pole barn, has it been mentioned that they have two viscous dogs that pinned Penelope down when they escaped their kennel and left Penelope with puncture wounds?, when TGTs said hello to the NONs at a local Mexican restaurant only the NONs man said hello, the NONs man has come over twice to ask if TGTs man would mow the lawn again and was told no, the NONs man asked TGTs man to plow their driveway and TGTs man did it once but never again because the NONs man told TGTs man that he didn't do a good job by the garage door.....and so much more information that TGTs decided to call this family Theneighborsfromhell, known as NFH for ever more.

Last weekend the matriarch of the Wonderfuls had her annual neighborhood gathering....this was the 11th year TGTs had attended. While the Wonderful children were not there....they are young adults now.....the Wonderful parents were there. TGTs were so happy to see them the TGTs lady almost cried....they all hugged and there was a lunch planned but TGTs lady went to the dentist and her mouth is screwed up so it is just postponed for now. The NFH were not at the gathering. TGTs lady said a small prayer of thanks because had they been there she might have slapped someone.

See? See? Here are the Wonderfuls children in 2001. Wonnerful.

The 2008 Christmas card.....still wonnerful just all grown up. Big sniff and 3 snorks.

Note left for TGTs lady by the Wonderful boy in the lady's Sudoku book. TGTs lady says she never cheats when doing puzzles.

There will be no photos of the NFH yard, children or the viscous dogs because ......well, they are the NFH. In all fairness, the Wonderfuls are an impossible act to follow.


utenzi said...

Cute kids. As adults too. How wonderful.

jan said...

I always feel sorry for the children of neighborsfromhell because they will know no other way to behave.

FoxyMoron said...

Good grief is that a true story? We are always good neighbours but we tend to get "labelled" because we are renters.

powdergirl said...

I bet The Wonderfuls are indeed a hard a act to follow, but it would be nice if TNH could try a little harder.

I know people like the TNH, the bad-manners, the requests for favors then granted and entirely unappreciated, and the littering, oh the littering.

Well, TGT's had a good run with y'all, and its nice that you still stay in touch. Very nice.

I also agree with jan, good point.

Miss Healthypants said...

Aww, what a nice tribute to the Wonderfuls! :) I guess you can never underestimate the positive impact of good neighbors.

kenju said...

I'm so sorry that the second batch didn't equal the first.


dude! soo cute..story and pictures.

Barb said...

Maybe the NFH family will move and some nicer family like the Wonderfuls will move in again. You can only hope!

Mom said...

TGTs are good people. I would love to have them next door to me. It waould be easy to be the Wonderful with such great neighbors.
NFH are sick people and have missed one of life's greatest blessings. They should be pitied and avoided.

jp said...

I am probably a neighbor from hell, but if there were some cool TGT's in my building I would be nice to them. But they would probably still hate me for playing loud music.

sageweb said...

Oh the Neighbors from Hell..poor kids..the wunnerfuls seem so wonnerful..

Cazzie!!! said...

I feel sorry for the TGTs, and it is inevitable that somethings do change, but I am pleased to hear the wonderfuls did not change in their lovely nature.

Cazzie!!! said...

Good lookin' kids btw.

Sling said...

The Wunnerful Kids are totally sparkly and beautiful!
No doubt,the TNH offspring will grow up to be a profound disappointment.

Middle Child said...

I got so totally engrossed inside this tale...will have to go back and read it over again...a mini series or novel perhaps??