There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

He remembered....

Hi Mom,

I tried to post a comment but I need to have some kind of special user name or account. So I just wrote this separately and attached it.

Love you,


One of my earliest childhood memories was of going to the public library with my mom. I must have been 3 or 4 years old and not in kindergarten yet. I don't remember how often we went but when we did I would immediately head to the children's section and get my favorite book, Where the Wild Things Are. I vividly remember sitting at the small children sized tables for what seemed like hours losing myself in the world of Max and the Wild Things. I do not think I could even read at the time but the characters in the story were fascinating to me and told countless stories beyond the printed words on the pages.

I never owned the book as a child and I really don't remember checking the book out of the library but I knew I loved it and I couldn't wait to go back to library to “read” it again. I can’t remember my mom reading the book to me but I’m sure she did. She read lot’s of books to me as child. Another one of my favorites was The Monster at the End of This Book, a Sesame Steet book starring loveable, furry, old Grover.

Where The Wild Things Are is the first book I can remember reading on my own and it brings back many love filled childhood memories of times I spent with my mom. It was the first of many other book covers opened by me out of the science fiction/fantasy genre. I don’t read as much as I used to but I have been known in recent times to plow through a good book in a couple of days.

I still have the stuffed Monsters, including Max. They are now in my 4 year old son’s room, after having spent time previously in my now 7 year old daughter’s room. Both know and love the book well. Perhaps not as much as the 4 year old sitting at the short tables in the library but enough to know that getting lost in another world for a short time with your mom or dad is something very special.

I will take my family to see the movie and hope it is as every bit as wonderful as the book. But, for me, it doesn’t really matter because while everyone else is sitting in the dark watching a movie, I will be 4 again, sitting at the short table with my mom reading a wonderful story with amazing pictures and knowing without question that she loves me.

Thanks Mom,


Love you to pieces my sweet little boy, mom


powdergirl said...

You are a lucky Mom, Rosemary.

Bert, you're a lucky son, too.

My sons loved Max and the Wild Things also. I hope they remember the reading as fondly as you do. And hey, you tell a pretty fine story yourself!


jan said...

Wow, inherited his mother's way with words.

Love of books is the greatest thing a parent can give a child and you illustrate that so beautifully.

CRAIG and DIANE said...

If that doesn't just tug at the old heart strings.... You are both blessed.


Goddess bless you both

Mom said...

Do you feel my teary-eyed smile? That was just too sweet.

Anonymous said...

That was lovely. Now stop scamming to try and get other people to write your blog posts for you, and I mean it.

FoxyMoron said...

How lovely! That book was one of my daughter's (she's now 20) favourites too, although strangely she doesn't remember it, but I do, I loved it. We also loved "In the Night Kitchen" and of course the tales of Little Bear by the same author, Maurice Sendak, made into a cartoon was a favourite with all my kids.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I can't type... can't see thru the tears. What a precious gift.

Miss Healthypants said...

Awww, that's so sweet!! :) I love it. :)

kenju said...

Aw, Rosemary, that makes life worth living, right?

Random Thinker said...

Happy childhood memories have so much more to do with feelings than with facts. What a touching tribute from a son with wonderful memories to his loving mother.

Jennie said...

What a great letter! I agree with everyone here who said you two are lucky and blessed. I want one of those letters from my boys in a couple (or 30) years.

Barb said...

Rosemary, what a wonderful story and are so lucky to have a son like Gil.

It's never too late to write your book ya know! I know it would be a best seller. You have a wonderful way with words that bring heartwarming tears to peoples eyes.

Shammickite said...

Gil.... Bert.... Rosemary... and Max and the Wild Things.... great story! You are all lucky lucky to have each other.
BTW I've never heard of that book, but I will take your recommendation and I'll have to check out my local library and introduce the grandsons to it!