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Monday, October 19, 2009

It's time for the Annual Tour of North Idaho Mailboxes!!!

After receiving numerous requests (OK, Barb requested it) I decided to spend days and days (seriously) driving all over Bonner County once again trying to capture the flavor of North Idaho mailboxes.

Last year I made predictions about the pictured mailboxes surviving the winter and the plow drivers. This year will be different. I have put the mailboxes into categories mainly because I can't remember where any of last years mailboxes are so I don't know if they survived or not.

In order to be fair I have to start by showing the current state of my neighbor's mailbox. We share the post structure. I am embarrassed beyond words to have this....this to my mailbox. I will be talking to Luke and Amy. They must replace their mailbox. I have a reputation to uphold.

Exhibit one: Luke and Amy's mailbox. Yellow alert flag doesn't go up anymore.

This is a closeup......sad, sad, sad. I may have to buy them a mailbox. This is really not good.

First category: Odd ball mailboxes.

Shoes on the rail? Really? Really. They don't seem to be keeping the paper and mail boxes on the rail do they.

I can't decide if these are camo or zebra boxes. Whatever they are....they're ugly.
Who says GM doesn't make cars that last. I love this one.
The US Forest Service at Sam Owen State Park gets mail. Sam Owen is dead BTW.

Category two: Wanna be dinosaur mailboxes; self explanatory.

This is my favorite one. The box itself has flowers painted on it. It's the mailbox for a daycare. I bet the kids painted the box and I also bet they are scared to pieces by the whole structure.

Category three: Hansel & Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood mailboxes.

Cutesy wootesy.

I bet a painted gnome lives in this mailbox....I think I see eyes.

See....all wrapped up in wood so the big bad wolf can't blow this house down. Wait a minute....does that have a removable lid?

Category four: Playing nicely and sharing space mailboxes.

No, I was not holding the camera at an odd angle.

The top of this mailbox structure was raised so the mail person could reach the boxes...raised on wood blocks that are just placed there.....I can hardly wait to see this one after the first time the plow driver comes through.

The industrial look.

Category five: Mailbox structures with gizmos. You really need to click to enlarge....all of these are interesting.

This one is a dragon....very creative.

I'm not sure what all of this stuff is. The blue glass things used to be on power poles and are collectibles now.

I'm thinking this is a car thingy of some sort.

Woodsy, gizmos, little creatures.....a little bit of everything. That is the scariest angel I have ever seen.

Another car whatever I think.......but it looks too big to fit in a car...maybe it is a pump part.

Last category: The sad, unloved, forgotten mailboxes.
This box was on top of a post that was in the white bucket with rocks to keep it upright. Now....relegated to a piece of wood on top of a falling down fence....not even attached to anything. Sniff.

While this is good use of a fallen tree.....the mailbox is an afterthought. Sniff, snork.
A water heater strap used to keep this box on the cheesy is that....being a good mailbox reporter I tested this one....the box slides out of the strap because that black brace on the back of the box is not attached to the post.

A hanging chad.....

Nose dive......

Backward flip with a twist.....
Old post, new post, lopsided shelf, paper box on a bent bracket, mailbox on the way into the ditch.
Abandoned by a post in sight....I'm going to send this one to the mailbox rescue shelter where maybe it will be the lucky one adopted.

This is just an extra.....because I like it.


sageweb said...

What is the yellow flag used for?
those pictures are great..I love should do a coffee table book..

Random Thinker said...

Very interesting. I like the creative boxes with gizmos on them. Ours is a big, beige plastict thing... ugly but functional. I wonder if the USPS has some requirements for boxes.

rosemary said...

Sage: red flag up...please pick up stamped outgoing mail. yellow flag up: mail has been delivered and sometimes the mail person actually picked up the red flagged mail in the box.

random: apparently not in North least not rurally anyway.

Barb said...

OMG! I love those pics and can't wait to see how they all survive this winter. I bet each year the plowman jumps in his seat as he hits those boxes. I swear they do it on purpose. I remember how we ended up with a PO box in town. Seems our mailman had to have the mailbox a certain height in the summer and then highered in the winter to match his winter car windows. Our mailbox was anchored in a ditch and froze solid in the winter. No way! Lazy mailman just didn't want to step foot outside to put our mail in. Hard to believe they get paid so much for sitting on their A--.

jan said...

These are great. People can be so creative. makes me wish my mailbox wasn't a boring one on my porch.

Anonymous said...

Did any of the neighbors catch you taking pictures of their mailboxes? I think it would have been especially funny if you had gotten busted while checking that one for sturdiness.

rosemary said...

jp: I haven't gotten busted yet...mainly because Steve drives and we make a quick get-a-way and all of the boxes are set on the road away from the house. Now almost getting bitten by a dog...yup, that happened several times.


i fecking love this..

Mom said...

Sure makes the mailbox attached to my house next to the front door look boring. Of course it is much easier to get the mail from mine.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love those! Very interesting!

Jennie said...

Wow, that's quite the variety! Mine's black and boring.

madretz said...

what a crack up! heehee...who knew rural mailboxes could be so funny.

kenju said...

Those are all pitiful. If I had to pick a favorite, I guess it would be the fallen tree.

Miss Healthypants said...

I love your North Idaho mailbox tours! *smiles* Thanks for sharing once again this year. :)